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Copy all content from a word table cell into the end of a word document

This worked for me:

if (headerText.StartsWith(tableHeaders[j]))
    // get file name
    string filename = getFilename(targetDir, file, j + 1);

    //Create a new document
     Document newDocument = application.Documents.Add(ref missing, ref
missing, ref missing, ref missing);

    var copyFrom = table.Cell(row + 1, 1).Range;
    int start = newDocument.Content.End - 1;
    int end = newDocument.Content.End;
    var copyTo = newDocument.Range(start, end);

    copyFrom.MoveEnd(WdUnits.wdCharacter, -1);
    copyTo.FormattedText = copyFrom.FormattedText;

    // save file

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