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InAppbrowser window.open plugin for Cordova 3.5 not working


We were getting different results when the project was built on different machines. We found that the issue was caused by an untracked file:

[cordova project folder]/plugins/android.json (or other OS :

We found each machine had a different plugin order. When we started tracking the file and fixed the plugin order then the problem went away. You may want to remove the plugin on all machines then add it again.

I'm not sure why the order matters, you would think it shouldn't but it does.

Adding the file, syncing repositories and rebuilding fixed the issue.

Try using _system instead of _blank.


Also, for iOS I had to use something like this:

 <a onclick="window.open('http://google.ca', '_system')"

But on Android I had to use :

<a onclick="navigator.app.loadUrl('http://google.com',
{openExternal : true})" >Android</a>

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