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How to mount crashed windows harddrive partition when using linux live cd ubuntu.

After you show us your disks with:


You'll see a bunch of disk paths that will start with /dev/sd where the is going to be a letter. Ubuntu gives letters in alphabetical order to each drive so if you have two physical drives, you will see an sda and sdb.

Now, you should be able to identify your partition, the one you want to mount, given that it will tell you the size and format type (and name). So once you find that drive (a, b, c...) you need to also find the partition number which is the number after the lower case letter.

With this info, you want to create a mounting point on your drive (you need to tell ubuntu where you want to place the partition) and you do that by creating a directory (for this example, lets call it mounting_folder):

mkdir /media/mounting_folder

Last part is mounting it. Assuming it's ntfs which is likely, you can mount your drive by running:

sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sd<X><number>

You should now be able to access your files and folders and move them around as you please.

Good luck!

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