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IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.2 javadoc and tabs

1) Just resize the window with your mouse. It will retain the size the next time it opens. You can also click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and adjust the font size. Again, it will retain the size on subsequent use.

2) I'm assuming you make the change to the "Use Tab Character" option on the "Tabs and Indents" tab for all file types and saved the Code Style. After that, you need to run the Reformat Code action (Ctrl+Alt+L or Code > Reformat Code from the menu or Reformat Code from the context menu (i.e. right-click) in The Project Tool window or Navigation Bar). IDEA retains the previous formatting (so spaces in this case) until you run a reformat on the project (or a part of it).

If you have multiple projects already created, for each one, you will need to go into File > Settings > [Project Settings] > Code Style and set the Scheme (and then do a reformat). While the Scheme definition is saved IDE wide, the scheme to use is set per project (which makes sense since an Apache Open Source project you are working on may have different code style requirements than the projects you do at work vs the ones you do for fun).

Finally, you will also want to go into File > Other Settings > Default Settings > [Template Project Settings] > Code Style and make sure your saved code style scheme (with the use tab option) is set so that new projects use that scheme when they are created.

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