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Invoke static method in Java Debugger Interface (JDI)
ClassType extends ReferenceType which should give you what you want. See ClassType.invokeMethod.

Categories : Java

PyScripter and PEP 8 settings
i also use PyScripter but i use PyLint externally to check my code, which helps me to add the documentations and other little issues to be solved later rather than the PyScripter to show me red lines all the time.

Categories : Python

different between pyscripter and python shell?
When you execute it in pyscripter, I assume you wrote import numpy as np a = np.array([0,1,2,3]) a in main. The function will return None (default return value of a function without a return), which is why you see nothing in the pyscripter interpreter. Try return a instead and you should see it.

Categories : Python

Getting PyScripter Portable to work with IPython
I don't think that this is possible as PyScripter does this based on a specified Python engine. For portable installation these settings are used and this is also what Portable Python shortcut PyScripter-Portable.exe does to set up the environment and configure Python engine to be used.

Categories : Python

How to change the version of python that pyscripter uses
The easiest way I know (on Windows) is, having used the installer executable, I select from the Start menu's PyScripter folder whichever version of Python I want to run. You can modify the PYTHONPATH (under Pyscripter>>Tools, for instance) You can modify your External Python Interpreter with Pyscripter>>Modify Tools>>Python &Interpreter>>Modify You can modify the default Python engine used with Pyscripter>>Options>>IDE Options>>Python Interpreter>>Python Engine Type

Categories : Misc

logging does not work when called from function in Pyscripter
UPDATE: I was executing the test function from pyscripter, and it was not working hence I thought there was a problem with the function. I tested the function in the python command line and it worked as well. running via command line: http://i.tinyuploads.com/ldape1.png running via function in pyscripter: http://i.tinyuploads.com/vCBS0m.png The function via pyScripter did not write to file, therefore I am assuming the problem lies with pyScripter and not with the function as previously thought. Solution: It turns out Pyscripter has an 'External Run' option, choosing this made the logging work correctly!

Categories : Python

Adding auto complete for OpenCV in PyScripter
I don't know whether it is the correct solution to this problem or not but this is what I tried and it was successful: Go to Tools ---> Options ---> IDE Options Then in the Code Completion part add cv2 to Special Packages This enabled the auto-complete for opencv in the editor!

Categories : Opencv

How to change pyscripter to use Python installed in non-standard directory
I don't know if this is the best way to do it, but those are the two ways I did it: WAY 1 (The best of two) Go to PyScripter>>Tools>>Options...>>Custom Parameters... and add the following values 1. PythonDir = C:Program FilesCustomPythonInstallation 2. PythonExe = C:Program FilesCustomPythonInstallationpython.exe 3. PythonVer = 3.3.3 Note: Adapt the Name = Value pairs above to your case. And close the window with OK button. Now select PyScripter>>Run>>Python Engine>>Remote and your are ready to go. WAY 2 (The more temporary solution) Go to PyScripter>>Run>>Configure External Run... set the "Application:" field to your python.exe file Close the window with OK button. Make sure you run your scripts with PyScripter>>Run>>External Run (Alt+F9) I hope this h

Categories : Misc

Pyscripter - ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application
I'm guessing that the version of Python that PyScripter is running is different than the one you get in EPD/Canopy (Python is compiled C code, so the version matters). There's another question about controlling the version of Python used with PyScripter.

Categories : Misc

GNAT GPS Debugger - Could not initialize the debugger
At first it sorta sounds like a path problem, but if you're able to run a debugger tutorial that's probably not the case. The behavior you're seeing if the program isn't compiled with the debug (-g) flag doesn't quite match my experience, but let's go ahead and check/set the debug flag anyway. Select Project/Edit Project_Properties Click the Switches tab. Click the Gnatmake tab. Check "Debug information". Note that a -g now shows up in the text box at the bottom of the tab page. Click OK on the dialog. Recompile your code so that it uses the changed option. Select Build/Clean/Clean All, and OK any dialog that pops up. Then do your build (you can just press F4).

Categories : Debugging

what's the difference of invoke-virtual and invoke-direct in android
From http://source.android.com/devices/tech/dalvik/dex-format.html, a direct method is "any of static, private, or constructor". However, static methods get their own invoke-static opcode, so invoke-direct is used for constructors and private methods.

Categories : Android

Silverlight + RIA Services: How to return from one invoke operation before another invoke operation completes?
You are probably seeing locking on the session state. Check here for instructions on how to turn off locking: http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/idof/archive/2010/09/27/asp-net-compatible-wcf-services-concurrency-problem.aspx

Categories : Asp Net

Differences between Invoke-Expression and Invoke-Expression -Command
They're functionally equivalent. -Command is the only parameter the cmdlet takes that isn't in the CommonParameters set and the first one (by default, since it's the only one) when used positionally. All you're doing with the second example is being explicit with naming your parameter, instead of relying upon position. That's a good habit to get into. Verbose, but future-proof and it makes your intention crystal clear.

Categories : Powershell

is there any IE javascript debugger?
There is. If you hit F-12 in later versions of IE, you'll get IE's dev tools. They're nowhere near as good as what's in Chrome or FF, but you can check ajax requests, inspect the dom, inspect and set breakpoints in JavaScript code, and even emulate previous versions of IE.

Categories : Javascript

Create a Debugger using C
Debuggers depend on some special capability of the hardware, which must be exposed by the operating system (if any). The basic idea is that the hardware is configured to transfer control to a debugger stub either after every instruction of the target program, or after certain types of instructions such system calls, or those meeting a hardware breakpoint condition. Typically this would look like an interrupt, supervisor exception, or the like - very platform-specific detail. As mentioned in comments, on Linux, you use the ptrace functionality of the kernel to interact with the debugger support provided by the hardware and the kernel, abstracting away a lot of the hardware-unique detail and managing the permission issues. Typically you must either be the same user id as the process bein

Categories : C

Lag when not attached to debugger
Turns out the debugger was not the problem. Being connected to power was the problem. My device, Galaxy Note 2 behaves differently when connected to power. Connecting the USB cable also connected power and so the problem would not occur. The Solution was to switch my debugging connection from USB to TCPIP (over wifi). Now the problem is occurring with or without the debugger.

Categories : Android

Is there any JavaScript debugger for IE < 8?
You can use Firebug Lite. Simply include the following code in your master page: <script type="text/javascript" src="https://getfirebug.com/firebug-lite.js"></script>

Categories : Internet Explorer

Debugger jumping all over the place
Debugging optimized code may "jump around", as some functions become inlined. The most telling thing is that local variables usually get optimized away, giving a message to that effect when trying to read them. If the jumping seems to make very little sense, though, then it's more likely you have the wrong PDB (which maps to line numbers) or source (which has the line numbers).

Categories : Asp Net

How to create a perl debugger
Make a copy of /usr/lib/perl/perl5db.pl in some other directory, change it to your heart's content, and debug your scripts with perl -I/dir/that/contains/your/perl5db.pl/copy/ -d your_script.pl The -I<dir> switch will get perl to look in the directory you choose to find libraries before it looks in its default directories.

Categories : Linux

PHP Debugger Live Preview
Here are some websites that might suit you: compileonline writecodeonline viper-7

Categories : PHP

JavaScript: is it possible to alias the 'debugger'?
debugger is a keyword and it's not possible to delegate it's special meaning to a variable (you will find a similar question about aliases here). You can wrap debugger with a function: d = function() { debugger; }; and invoke it using d(). It will shorten the syntax, but you will have to always travel one level up in the call stack to get to the code that you are actually trying to debug. In my opinion you should simply set up a snippet (or a "live template") in your editor/IDE that will replace key combination d + TAB with debugger;. Snippets in Sublime Live templates in WebStorm Code templates in NetBeans

Categories : Javascript

Any suggestions for the c++ debugger for notepad++?
As far as I know there isn't a debugger for c++ on notepad++. You might wanna check out some IDE's like Eclipse with CDT, or you can try Microsoft's Visual Studio if you are using Windows.

Categories : C++

python -m details in debugger
Copied from comments to preserve the answer as an answer, (Comments are not permanently displayed): PEP 338 -- Executing modules as scripts – iMom0 1 hour ago The doc about -m flag: docs.python.org/2/using/cmdline.html#cmdoption-m – zhangyangyu 1 hour ago ah. main.py. That's what I was missing. Thanks. – numb3rs1x 1 hour ago

Categories : Python

QtCreator no debugger set up (Windows)
Go to Extras -> Properties -> Compile & Run Section. See on tab Compiler if there is a compiler selected. If not select an compiler and set the corresponding debugger. Else you eventually have to manually add a compiler and locate your path to your debugger (MSVC and CDB for example).

Categories : Qt

Remote debugger over SSH tunnel
Ok, I have now found a simple solution to this. I installed OpenVPN server on a VMWare virtual machine on my development box. So I now have tree machines. My development machine The server in need of debugging A new OpenVPN server (virtual) I then opened up port 443 in my firewall towards the OpenVPN machine and next I installed the OpenVPN client on both the server in need of debugging and on my development machine and connected both to the OpenVPN server. I had to configure OpenVPN so that I had 2 different users (one for each client) and I also had to enable cross-user communication on the VPN. I just had to add the IP submet of the VPN to the allowed private network list. One last bit was to add an entry in the C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts file pointing the server name to the

Categories : Networking

GWT Debugger loses control
To debug your app, it needs to run in DevMode (code runs as Java in the JVM, and communicates with the browser through the plugin you installed there). To trigger DevMode in the browser, the URL needs to contain gwt.codesvr in the query string with the value being the host and port the DevMode app is listening on. -startupUrl passed to DevMode only makes it easier to get the URLs right, as DevMode will then append the appropriate gwt.codesvr to the URL and you can just copy/paste the resulting URL to your browser (or ask DevMode to directly open that URL in your browser). If you have several HTML host pages and move between them, then for a seamless experience you have to propagate the gwt.codesvr part of the URL to the other page. See http://www.gwtproject.org/doc/latest/DevGuideCompi

Categories : Debugging

Try understand rails through debugger
If you're on ruby 2.0 (and this is not expected behaviour) you should try pry-byebug instead of pry-debugger -- ruby 2.0 changed some debugging API and the debugger gem (which pry-debugger relies on) sometimes acts strangely.

Categories : Ruby On Rails

dilemma with an opcode in a debugger
Unless I'm mistaken, that comparison you're wondering about is comparing EDI (which is 0) with the the second argument, a string pointer. It's checking to see if the string is null. Here's your MessageBoxExA: 750AFCD6 /$ 8BFF MOV EDI,EDI ; ID_X user32.MessageBoxExA 750AFCD8 |. 55 PUSH EBP 750AFCD9 |. 8BEC MOV EBP,ESP 750AFCDB |. 6A FF PUSH -1 ; /Arg6 = -1 750AFCDD |. FF75 18 PUSH DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+18] ; |Arg5 750AFCE0 |. FF75 14 PUSH DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+14] ; |Arg4 750AFCE3 |. FF75 10 PUSH DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+10] ; |Arg3 750AFCE6 |. FF75 0C PUSH DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+0C] ; |Arg2 750AFCE9 |. FF75 08 PUSH D

Categories : Assembly

How to use werkzeug debugger in dotcloud?
Some things to think about before enabling the werkzeug debugger: When you enable the werkzeug debugger, anyone triggering an exception will be able to access your code and your data (including database passwords and other sensitive credentials). Be careful and don’t leave it enabled longer than necessary, or add an extra protection layer to bar unauthorized users! Once you’re done with the debugging, restore your old wsgi.py file and push your code again (you can leave werkzeug in your requirements.txt if you like; that does not matter). Here's what you can do to set it up: 1) add the following to your wsgi.py # The following lines enable the werkzeug debugger import django.views.debug def null_technical_500_response(request, exc_type, exc_value, tb): raise exc_type, exc_va

Categories : Django

Facebook debugger is seeing code that isn't there
Maria-Helena I just hit this issue as well and discovered that facebook's scraper was appearing as a inbound JSON request. Since that particular route was set up to handle both JSON and HTML responses, FB was getting a big gnarly JSON blob instead of the actual web page. Not sure if this solves your exact problem, but hopefully sparks some fresh ideas!

Categories : Facebook

Why does jQuery stop debugger?
I think what you are looking for is Array.prototype.push.apply( results, newContext.querySelectorAll( 'div') ); The push method you are looking for is a prototype method of Array type. or as a short hand [].push.apply( results, newContext.querySelectorAll( 'div') );

Categories : Javascript

Using breakpoints with remote debugger
First question: PDB files do not contain breakpoints info, they just have program information that enable debugging (matching statements with source code lines, etc ...) Second: Yes, that's the point of the remote debugger, so you can debug a remote process using your local visual studio.

Categories : Dotnet

Why am I not able to print the value of this variable in the debugger?
You should use po [self position] Dot syntax doesn't work well with GDB. Upgrading to LLDB/LLVM is a good idea as well. You can also: NSLog(@"%@", self.position); In your code. Or create a breakpoint and edit it, add this is an expression: expr (void)NSLog(@"%@", self.position) See this link for more info: http://www.raywenderlich.com/28289/debugging-ios-apps-in-xcode-4-5

Categories : IOS

Is it possible to determine if the current thread is the "debugger"?
You cannot find out if your process is being stopped in the debugger basically because your code is not being executed. As for special cases of expression value evaluation in debugger (Visual Studio) - the following happens: the active-in-debugger thread of your process is being hijacked by the debugger and then some code generated by Visual Studio expression evaluator gets executed by your thread. After the evaluation is complete, your thread is stopped again and its state is left unchanged as it was before evaluation. This process is called "funceval". Theoretically, you could somehow analyse call stack trace in your function to find out if it is being called through funceval, but I suspect this is hardly possible due to unmanaged nature of the CLR debugger. You can read more about fun

Categories : C#

Exception after installing ASP.NET Route Debugger
roliu pointed me in the right direction and i figured it out. the route debugger has a web.config file which references the v2.0.0.0 version of system.web.webpages.razor and v4.0.0.0 of mvc. i changed all refereces of razor v2 to razor v3 and changes mvc 4 to mvc 5.

Categories : Asp Net

Determine where PHP is exiting using code, not debugger
You don't need to add declare(ticks) to all your files. one entry point would be enough: <?php function my_tick() { echo 'tick'; } register_tick_function('my_tick'); declare (ticks=1) { include("lib.php"); echo "1"; test(); } and lib.php: <?php echo "2"; function test(){ echo "3"; } and as you are looking for a code-based solution i assume your sources do provide single entry point.

Categories : PHP

Trouble and frustration with the Android debugger
The line will always be printed in the logcat. Just hit run until it stops breaking, and check the logfile. It gives the complete stack trace there. Ok, I'm going to be the geeezer jerk for a minute. A debugger is a crutch. Your first reaction as a programmer should always be to check the log file. The log file will generally give context, and you won't always be able to run a debugger (you're running on an interrupt, the code is running on a remote machine you don't have access to, the code is running a language that doesn't have exceptions, the crash is a hard crash and brings down the computer, etc). Checking the debugger should be step 3 or 4, not step 1.

Categories : Android

Can you access `this` using the built-in NodeJS debugger?
Yes you can access to the values from this, and any another value that are accessible from the scope where the debugger stopped, but you should start the debugger repl, typing that command in the same debugger, and then type there the value that you would like to watch (this.constructor.name). To leave the debugger's repl, press ctrl + c and you will get back to the debugger prompt. Remind you that you constructor will have a name if it is a named function if not it will be empty string, for example var Processor = function Processor() {}; instead of var Processor = function () {};,

Categories : Node Js

How program can check if it is run under debugger on Solaris x86?
Here is one way. If the following command display a non empty string, the process which process id is pid is traced: pflags pid | grep flttrace On older Solaris releases, pflags is in /usr/proc/bin.

Categories : Debugging

openFrameworks: Math killing debugger?
You shouldn't see a crash if this happens, or rather, a crash shouldn't be caused by/related to this warning. There are two ways to build your app with debug information on Mac OS X / iOS: "DWARF" and "DWARF with dSYM". (these are options in your Xcode project Build Settings) "DWARF" means that the debug information exists in your .o (object) files. It is not copied into the final executable binary for your app. Your app binary has pointers back to the debug information in the object files. This helps to speed up the link & run cycle. But for it to work, your object files need to be located in the same place as when your built your app. Copying your app to another computer would likely break this. Removing your build intermediates would result in the same problem. The "DWARF"

Categories : Misc

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