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windows mobile application development Windows 7 Operating System
I dont understand the question. I had to do nothing special as I installed Visual Studio 2008 and then the Windows Mobile 6 SDK. I assume, you already connected the WM device to your Win7 station. So you should have WMDC already installed. Otherwise install Windows Mobile Device Center from the MS site. Secondly install VS2008 (not express version, it does not support WM development). Then download and install Windows Mobile 6 (professionell) SDK and install. That is all, nothing special. I did it without any hassle on my Win7/64 PC. Should be the same for Win7/32. If you need further assistance be more specific in your description.

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How to use OpenCL on the Windows XP operating system?
Probably the support for HD 4800 (beta OpenCL) on the latest drivers has fallen. The Java-jocl version does not work either for HD 4870 for latest dirvers. But there isn't a problem for the HD 5800 series. Similar lack of support can be seen for Intel's HD 3000 series (no problem for HD 4000 series) for the latest drivers.

Categories : C

jquery safari issue on windows operating system
This is a workaround, because Safari under win OS doesn't allow to trigger native click event on input type file which is hidden from user: instead of display:none use this: #input_type_file{position:absolute;left:-9999px} http://jsfiddle.net/mumqg/

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Can I use Local Sockets on a Windows Operating System? - C++ / Boost
If I understood that correctly, boost::asio::local::stream_protocol is POSIX specific. Windows itself is no POSIX conform environment, but there are POSIX enviroments for Windows out there, namely Cygwin. But you will not be able to distribute these applications without distributing the environment as well. In some cases, especially when Unix is your primary target platform, and you are offering a Windows version out of generosity, this may be acceptable. Otherwise you should think about ways of getting around the functionalities which are explicitly marked as non-portable.

Categories : C++

How to install mysql server and xampp server both in same operating system
You must need to change the port. In xampp server there has a mysql and use port 3307. If you want to install mysql server on that machine then need to change the port of mysql of xampp server. As a result conflict booth mysql server and xampp server.

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how to install node-mongodb-native with nodejs in windows
Mongoose has a dependency on the npm package monogodb. If you look at the npm page for mongodb here, https://npmjs.org/package/mongodb, you'll find the homepage form the package is http://mongodb.github.com/node-mongodb-native/ That page is node-mongodb-native. So, there's nothing you need to do special to get it, as doing npm install mongoose is enough to install the native package.

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Cannot start MongoDB: System error 1067 in Windows
The error came from an unclean shutdown detected. Please visit http://dochub.mongodb.org/core/repair for recovery instructions. a few steps will fix it (as it's written in the link above): 1) remove the file /data/db/mongod.lock 2) run mongod.exe --repair 3) start the mongod service net start MongoDB

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Operating sytem to install openstack
I guess Ubuntu is the best option. I tried it with Fedora but there were some issues. So, I moved back to Ubuntu. Though you might want to try RHEL too. But if you want the easiest route, Ubuntu is the way to go.

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Get operating system info with PHP
When you go to a website, your browser sends a request to the web server including a lot of information. This information might look something like this: GET /questions/18070154/get-operating-system-info-with-php HTTP/1.1 Host: stackoverflow.com User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_8_4) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/28.0.1500.95 Safari/537.36 Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8 Accept-Language: en-us,en;q=0.5 Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate,sdch Accept-Charset: ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.7 Keep-Alive: 300 Connection: keep-alive Cookie: <cookie data removed> Pragma: no-cache Cache-Control: no-cache These information are all used by the web server to determine how to handle the requ

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two-byte operating system does not what I want
hlt does not reboot; that's not what it's for. It pauses the processor until an interrupt arrives, and since you've disabled interrupts, it will just sit there doing nothing forever. As to why the emulator consumes 100% CPU, that's probably due to the way the emulator is implemented. On (some versions of) Linux, hlt is used to idle the processor until the next timeslice, so of course it doesn't make the processor busy-wait. :-)

Categories : Assembly

CLI Linux Operating System
Debian, Arch, and Slackware all come with text-based installers, and although like all modern distros they all install the X Window System by default, they also all give sufficiently fine-grained control over the installation process that you can easily deselect the packages for X, the window manager, and any other GUI software and thus create a purely CLI-driven system.

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why Glut can be operating system independent?
The actual rendering is separated from and tied into the platform-specific windowing API's. http://www.cs.uregina.ca/Links/class-info/315/WWW/Lab1/#GL_ARCH

Categories : Opengl

How can I use JVM Client Mode on x64 operating system?
AFAIK the 64bit version of the Oracle JVM only supports the server mode at the moment (my guess is we'll never see a client version). This FAQ would see to support that. I don't think the Open JDK project has a 64bit client version either but it's been a while since I checked: this post confirms my suspicion. It seems the server VM is as good as or better than any dedicated client VM would be.

Categories : Java

get the operating system of an Amazon image via Fog
Here's a solution if you have the Kernel ID using http://thecloudmarket.com. Pass the Kernel ID to a variable in ruby. ker_id = imagesSet url = [] url_0 = "http://thecloudmarket.com/image/" url_1 = "ker_id" url_2 = "#/definition" new_url = url_0 + url_1 _ url_2 There are many ways to forge this url just made it easy to read. Then use nokogiri to parse the webpage and put the image name back into your script. I didn't see another notifiers in the documentation.

Categories : Ruby

System.Windows.Controls.WebBrowser, System.Windows.Threading.Dispatcher, and a windows service
Maybe the Webbrowser Control needs Desktop Interaction for rendering the content: My feeling say that using WPF controls and in particular particulary the Webbrowser-Control (=Wrapper around the IE ActiveX control) isn't the best idea.. There are other rendering engines that might be better suited for this task: Use chrome as browser in C#?

Categories : Wpf

Oracle Dump Compatibility against Operating System
Export files are designed to go across platforms so that should not create any problems. You'd run into exactly the same issues that you would importing any other export file-- making sure that you're using the correct version of the export and import utilities, specifying how to handle cases where objects already exist, dealing with data issues if the export was not done in a consistent mode, etc.

Categories : Windows

How to write VLC plugin that can interact with the operating system
Looks like you would like to create a control interface module. Those are written in C/C++ within the VLC context and in turn need to be (re-) compiled for each platform you would like to target. Have a look at the audioscrobbler module to see how to interact with the current input stream and how to retrieve metadata such as file name, etc. Since those modules are in C, opening sockets and transmitting data is not a big deal. The biggest caveat is probably that you need a complex compilation environment if you would like to target the Windows platform. Have a look at the compilation HOWTO's on the wiki http://wiki.videolan.org/Compile_VLC/ since this is probably what you would like to try prior to doing any coding. Thinking about it, you can probably achieve a similarly featured extensio

Categories : C++

Exception: Operating System error code 3
The file needs to be accessable on the server. The file path is relative to the server, not your PC. Also, if you are trying to use a share or a mapped drive it will not work. You need to use the UNC path. UNC Name Examples \teelaadmin$ (to reach C:WINNT) \teelaadmin$system32 (to reach C:WINNTsystem32) \teela emp (to reach C: emp)

Categories : Java

Read Operating System messages - stand-by
That is a very low level Operating System functionality. Java has no chance of noticing this happening. In fact, since your applications would be running on Ring 3, there's no chance of detecting this regardless of the programming language. Your application would need to run on the more privileged rings, where device drivers and the kernel runs, in order to respond to sleep states.

Categories : Java

Is Go developed enough to use it to make the core of an operating system?
Of course you can develop an OS in almost any (Turing complete) language. Usually there's some small assembly layer required, though. And usually one must implement some parts of the OS using only a restricted subset of the language in question. Examples: JavaOS. Singularity. (Applies with some limits only.) What concerns Go, there used to be a usable (toy) Go kernel implementation, but it is now obsoleted already for a long time. From rsc's post: In the repository history there is a toy kernel called "tiny". If you run hg log -k tiny you'll find it. It doesn't build anymore with the current version of Go but it illustrates what might be done. It had the whole package runtime, including the garbage collector, in the kernel. Russ

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Are fields of a type the same in different Language Operating System
No, the names of members are not dependent on the language settings of the operating system. When you declare a class like this: public class Foo { public string Name { get; set; } } ... it's not like the compiler automatically translates that into Nom in French etc. On the other hand, the names of non-public members can change between different versions of the library - the whole point of them being non-public is that you're not meant to use them, which means the library author is entirely at liberty to change them later. That's the aspect of your code which is brittle - not the internationalization aspect.

Categories : C#

Operating System Debugging using KGDB tool
You can start from its manual. You can also check this other guide.

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How to edit an operating system file with python 3.x?
1) I made some fixes to your pasted code in an edit. I personally don't like reading / writing to the same file at the same time (especially under Windows), so here's a suggested alternate version. I also forgot about raw_input versus input so used How do I use raw_input in Python 3.1's suggestion try: input = raw_input except NameError: pass f1 = open('C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts', 'r') data = f1.read() f1.close() f2 = open('C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts', 'w') usrinput1 = str(input('Enter A name in quotes:')) for line in data.split(" "): if line.find("localhost") != -1: f2.write(line + " " + usrinput1 + " ") else: f2.write(line + " ") f2.close() 2) Note that being logged in as a user with administrator privileges isn't sufficient. You need to do runas

Categories : Python

Detect if a file has been blocked by the operating system
In Windows, this feature is implemented using an Alternative Data Stream with a Zone Identifier. (see Hanselman's explanation here). You just need to detect a Zone Identifier of 3 or 4, which indicate the file is blocked. To interact with the data stream, you can use the Windows API CreateFile function and pass in :Zone.Identifier with the file name (as shown in this question) or, better yet, just use this library off of CodeProject to do it for you.

Categories : C#

Run commands after restart to default operating system
The restart computer task sequence step will only continue the task sequence if you boot back into the boot media, says their documentation. However, after the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr step, the machine will reboot, and you can use this reboot to install packages and also run command line steps. For an example, see here

Categories : Misc

What is the proper way to launch a metro app if it is terminated by the operating system?
Turns out you need to use the SuspensionManager http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/hh986968.aspx Takes care of both issues.

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SQL Server Operating system error 5: "5(Access is denied.)"
SQL Server database engine service account must have permissions to read/write in the new folder. Check out this To fix, I did the following: Added the Administrators Group to the file security permissions with full control for the Data file (S:) and the Log File (T:). Attached the database and it works fine.

Categories : SQL

how to run 2 mysql servivce on 1 machine of win7 Operating system?
Chances are you missed a setting and both instances are trying to access the same data files. Please use this manual page as a checklist.

Categories : Mysql

propagate operating system variable in apache server
I'm assuming you are on linux, and if you aren't I'm just posting this here for record (my search was fruitless, I'm on CentOS 6.5) From what I understand, there's no way to provide apache any direct access to the environment variables including variables from the environment of the user that started the apache process and global environment variables you've specified within /etc/profile.d startup scripts. Since I'm using bash, I have a variables.bashrc file that I source from my ~/.bashrc. This variables.bashrc declares my user environment variables. Within my apache startup script (/etc/init.d/httpd) I have added a line . /path/to/variables.bashrc that sources the same variables as my user has access to. This makes these environment variables available to apache. Apache may rec

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Dealing with static libraries when porting C code from one operating system to another
Yes, you do need to compile any library again when you switch from Windows to GNU/Linux. As for how to do that, you don't need automake to build GSL. You should read the file INSTALL that comes inside the tarball (the file gsl-1.16.tar.gz) very carefully. In a nutshell, you run the commands $ ./configure $ make inside the directory that you unpacked from the tarball.

Categories : C

Segmentation Fault 139 (core dumped) C++ after changing operating system
I am surprised this program even compiles: you are declaring arrays of size that cannot be determined during compile time, such as below. Could you tell which compiler you are using? int records = dataformat[1] + 2; double data[records];

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How can I determine if the operating system a Python script is running on is Unix-like?
The Pythonic way to do it is not to care what platform you are on. If there are multiple different facilities to accomplish something depending on the platform, then abstract them behind a function or class, which should try a facility and move on to another if that facility is not available on the current platform.

Categories : Python

Preserve spaces in html links for operating system call arguments
Spaces are not valid characters in URLs. From the URL Standard: The URL code points are ASCII alphanumeric, "!", "$", "&", "'", "(", ")", "*", "+", ",", "-", ".", "/", ":", ";", "=", "?", "@", "_", "~", and code points in the ranges U+00A0 to U+D7FF, U+E000 to U+FDCF, U+FDF0 to U+FFEF, U+10000 to U+1FFFD, U+20000 to U+2FFFD, U+30000 to U+3FFFD, U+40000 to U+4FFFD, U+50000 to U+5FFFD, U+60000 to U+6FFFD, U+70000 to U+7FFFD, U+80000 to U+8FFFD, U+90000 to U+9FFFD, U+A0000 to U+AFFFD, U+B0000 to U+BFFFD, U+C0000 to U+CFFFD, U+D0000 to U+DFFFD, U+E1000 to U+EFFFD, U+F0000 to U+FFFFD, U+100000 to U+10FFFD. You'll need to handle %20 appropriately on the server side.

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A first chance exception of type 'System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException' occurred in System.Windows.ni.dll
Have you tried it without the async? Also, the example in the documentation uses EventArgs rather than RoutedEventArgs, but I'm not sure that should cause the exception you're seeing.

Categories : C#

Segmentation Fault in gSoap,The inferior stopped because it received a signal from the Operating System
The result field in your structure is a pointer to int. In your code, you first initialize it to 0, then attempt to assign a value through that pointer. But on most systems, that will fail, because the memory at address 0 hasn't been allocated to your program. The fix is to ensure that result points to valid memory before attempting to assign through that pointer. Exactly how that should happen depends on how that structure is going to be used in your code. One way would be to declare an int variable outside of your function (probably at file scope), then take its address and assign it to result: int my_result; // This should be declared OUTSIDE of a function! int __ns3__PersonRequest(soap *, _ns1__PersonRequest *ns1__PersonRequest, _ns1__PersonRequestResponse *ns1__PersonRequestRes

Categories : C++

'System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException' occurred in System.Windows.ni.dll
Here is a working proof: File --> New Project --> New Databound Application (wp8) and here is the code: <Grid x:Name="ContentPanel" Grid.Row="1" Margin="12,0,12,0"> <ListBox x:Name="ContactResultsData" Tap="ContactResults_Tap_1" ItemsSource="{Binding Items}" Height="600" Loaded="ContactResultsData_Loaded_1" Margin="10,0"> <ListBox.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" Margin="0, 20, 0, 0"> <Border BorderThickness="2" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Center" BorderBrush="{StaticResource PhoneAccentBrush}" Margin="5, 0, 0, 0"> <Image Width="48" Height="4

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Why does this Windows batch file behave differently when operating on a local vs. network path?
CMD can't start from a UNC path without registry hack. Your problem seems a little strange. I would recommend to use just the UNC paths for copying. set deployment_path=d:deployment SETLOCAL ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION set project_path=\servershare copy %deployment_path%sppg.exe %project_path%sppg.exe /y this is no problem at all. try it. I also recommend to never use %cd% because it can't securly rely what is its content. and for the exe file: just give it's full qualified path. %project_path% cxc.exe ...

Categories : Batch File

How to Install Matplotlib Basemap Module on Windows 7 with WinPython (or any Python stack install)?
I use windows. And my installation failed with official guidance, too. Finally I installed Basemap using the following method. Although I am not sure if it will go right for you, I just offer mine. First of all, you must have pip in your computer. (It is much easier to install, compared with Basemap and other things. And it can be used to install many useful packages.) Then go this great link: http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/ And download the file named "basemap‑1.0.8‑cp27‑none‑win_amd64.whl". Remove the .whl file to directory "C:Python27". (Maybe you installed your python in different disk, then change it accordingly.) Open terminal. (Use cmd or Git Bash or something else.) Use command: pip install basemap‑1.0.8‑cp27‑none‑win_amd64.whl

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Find Computer Name,Operating System name of a given IP address or MAC address In java
import java.util.Map; public class EnvMap { public static void main (String[] args) { Map<String, String> env = System.getenv(); for (String envName : env.keySet()) { System.out.format("%s=%s%n", envName, env.get(envName)); } } } I guess you need the following properties: COMPUTERNAME OS regarding MAC Addrss and IP Address you have 2 options: use InetAddress ip; try { ip = InetAddress.getLocalHost(); System.out.println("Current IP address : " + ip.getHostAddress()); } catch (UnknownHostException e) { e.e.printStackTrace(); } or use ipconfig/ifconfig output but I'll leave the choice it to you

Categories : Java

Windows Forms: "System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid." coming from System stack
Reason: The common reason for this error is that you are passing invalid value as parameter to your function. My assumption is that you are calling your method something like this ApplyCellStyleToEditingControl(getStyleFromSomeWhere); Now in the above example getStyleFromSomeWhere is invalid thus throwing the exception Solution: The best solution here is that when ever you get this exception (and you get email) you send the parameter to yourself as well. This way you can diagnose what are the values of parameter when the exception occurred and diagnose the root cause.

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