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Import Java source code as library in IntelliJ IDEA

If I understand correctly, then what you need is Maven, which is used for dependency management in Java projects.

You define your dependencies inside a pom.xml file. Here is an example of such pom file (see the < dependencies > tag ).

Generally, when you need to use a 3rd-party library, you look it up in the Maven Central Repository, from which Maven looksup by default when you specify a dependency, and copy the < dependency > element into you pom.xml file.

NOTE: I don't know why, but right now the Maven site is down. You'll have to check back later. In the meantime try looking for some tutorials on google.

If you need to import libraries which aren't in the Maven Repo, then you need to go to File>Project Structure>Libraries and click on the '+' symbol and add your .jar files from the your filesystem.

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You need to do this on every machine that needs to work on this project, and also include the jars in your final apk. I do not konw how to do the latter.

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