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How to port a linux driver , which is compiled in 2.6 kernel ,without compiling in other new version of kernel

now it's not possible:

  • usually, a "driver" is a binary kernel-module

  • porting will involve code-changes to the kernel module. if you change the code, you need to compile it, in order to get a binary.

  • since kernel modules run in kernel space, it is crucial that they are robust. since parts of the kernel-API change every now and then, trying to use a module compiled for kernel-X with another kernel-Y, might either not load because of missing symbols (if you are lucky) or lead to a kernel panic because semantics have changed.

  • btw, all this is not really related to 2.6.x vs 3.y, but holds true for any kernel version

but then: of course in theory it is possible to "write" a kernel-module as binary code in your favourite hex-editor, without resorting to compilers and such. this would allow you to "port" a driver from one kernel to another without recompilation. i guess this is not for humans though...

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