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Is it possible to share library projects between projects when using Android Studio and gradle?

Couldn't you use git with submodules? e.g. In your .gitmodules file, you may add this:

[submodule "volley"]
path = volley
url = https://path/to/volley/repository 

You can set the url to Volley's official repository, or to your own in-house version of volley. Other projects can be setup the same way and point to the same volley repository.

I think this way, other users can call git clone and all the dependent projects will be downloaded within the main project folder and they don't have to worry about downloading the library projects separately.

For Volley though, I would just compile it into a JAR file and stick it into the /libs folder of the main project. That is, if you don't need to modify its source.

[Update] For library projects that you don't need to modify its source, you can try using Android Studio to compile them into AAR files for sharing. AAR file is like a JAR file to Android, so you can add them to your /lib source folder, or publish them to your local/intranet maven repository. If you choose the maven route, add your local/intranet repository in build.gradle, and reference the library project that you've published.

Hopefully in the future more Library projects owner will build their projects into AAR file and publish them to Maven Central Repository, so we can just reference them directly from the build.gradle file.

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