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Inability to write import for Jama in java

In every Javadoc page, at the top, you have the name of the class, including its full path, which is what you should import.

For example, let's look at the well-known ArrayList class from the Java standard library. If you look at its Javadoc, you'll see:


By looking at the last line, you know you have to import java.util.ArrayList (generic type designators are not included in the import).

So now look at the Javadoc you gave us. It's a bit confusing, because ironically, the National Institute of Standards and Technology is not using the proper language conventions (the name of the package should have been gov.nist.jama or something like that, certainly not something that begins with a capital letter).

Nevertheless, the Javadoc states:


So your import should be Jama.Matrix.

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