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how to use MediaTek MT7118 WiMAX USB Card with Tp Link Wireless Router?

if i understand your question correctly, you want to share your wi-max through your router from your computer. while, if thats it, then you need 3 things

  1. a router (preferably wireless)
  2. an ethernet cable
  3. a program called connectify me

first of of< google and download the software connectify me. pretty straight forward with that. after the software has installed and restarted. connect your wi-max to your pc and make sure your internet is working. go to connectify me and use the following setting under "internet to share" use the wi-max adaptor under "share over" use the lan adaptor. check your network settings for the name of your adaptor under "sharing mode" use ethernet when you have done all this above, click on start hotspot. it should see and connect your router. and if your router has wireless functions, then you can connect your mobile devices to the router as well to share the internet from the wi-max

hope this helps.

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