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Bing Map API vs Bing Map manual RouteRequest . Is the API inaccurate?

If you use actual coordinates manually, the driving time seems to be identical given rounding of seconds, see test link. I get 35 minutes and your floored result is 34 minutes.

Now, about the distance. In the test link you can see it's 26.7 miles, whereas your code gives a result of 42.898 (you added the 'miles' unit there yourself!). Now, if you convert your 26.7 miles to kilometers, you get 42.9695. I would thus claim the result of .getDistance() is actually kilometers, not miles.

By looking at Route api seems to confirm it:



Optional. The units to use for distance in the response.

One of the following values:

  • Mile or mi
  • Kilometer or km [default]

So the numbers you get are pretty much accurate IMO.

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