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Installing ADB drivers / Getting Windows 8.1 laptop to recognise Oneplus One

I had a similar problem. I found that I had to install the latest Microsoft MTP drivers and then found that my USB 3.0 driver was from the wrong company. I checked my book for the motherboard and it said the USB hardware was for x company. The manufacturer of the motherboard had a web site that was having me download the wrong USB drivers. So, I went to the x company that was in my MOBO book and they had drivers to download. Problem solved. Also you have to select I'll find the divers not let Microsoft find them. Here's a web site that has the correct procedure. http://www.howtogeek.com/195607/how-to-get-your-android-device-to-show-up-in-file-explorer-if-it-isnt/?PageSpeed=noscript

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