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haproxy with miltiple backend
           ROUTING BY SUB-Domain

     frontend http-in
          bind *:80
          acl app_ap hdr_end(host) -i apxxx.domain.com 
          acl app_dc hdr_end(host) -i dcxxx.domain.com

           use_backend ap_bk_https if app_ap
           use_backend dc_bk_https if app_dc

 Now all request from apxxx.domain.com and dcxxx.domain.com will be
redirected to your respected backends.

 /*************** OLD ANSWER ************************///
        Basically what you want is to route by domain name.
        Here's an example which does exactly what you want. Have a look at
it. Its simple .


 /**  OLD ANSWER ENDS ************/

I hope this will solve your problem.

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