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is it possible to extract substrings from schema 1.1 attributes with xpath/regex? if so, how?

What you describe lies outside the capabilities of XSD 1.0 or 1.1 key/keyref constraints: they can check that a given value which occurs in the document as a keyref also occurs in the document as a key, but functions like substring-before and substring-after are not available in XSD identity constraints.

If the value_source attribute were split into two attributes, you'd have no particular problem using identity constraints to solve your problem. Given the XML structure you've got, however, if you're in XSD 1.1 your only realistic option is to use assertions to impose the constraints you have in mind.

[Addition] You don't say where document keeps the key values to which the parts of the value_source attribute value must correspond, so a complete working example will necessarily be a bit of a work of fiction. But let us assume that param elements can occur anywhere in the document, and the individual dot-delimited parts of their @source_value attribute must match the @id value on a source element occurring as a child of value_sources, which in turn occurs as a child of other-stuff, which it itself a child of the root element.

In the declaration of the complex type used on the root element, then, you'd add an assertion of something like the following form:

<xs:assert test="
    every $param in .//param
    (every $sourceref in tokenize($param/@value_source,'.')
    (some $sourcedecl in ./other-stuff/value_sources/source
    ($sourcedecl/@id = $sourceref)))
    " />

The key point to remember is that XSD 1.1 assertions can only point downward, into the element whose type contains the assertions. So you can't put the assertion on the param element. You have to put it on some element which is guaranteed to contain both the param element and the elements or attributes whose values the param/@value_source is constrained to match. If, as you say, you know how to write the key constraints for the case where the value_source doesn't have to be tokenized, then you should have no problem figuring out how to point to the relevant values here.

Note, however, that XSD 1.1 implementations are not required to support all of XPath 2.0 in assertions; they are allowed to support only a smaller subset of XPath. Saxon and Xerces, however, both seem to handle the assertion given above without trouble.

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