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Azure Could Computing high availoability vs NEO4J high availability?
The short answer is probably yes. Windows Azure provide you infrastructure that allow you to build high availability system, it won't make any system high available by magic. As NEO4J is state-full, each node (with only one node Azure don't give you any SLA, you instance will be down) will need to share some state and the way to do it will be dependent on how NEO4J is working. So you will need to rely on NEO4J mechanism to do it. I don't know how NEO4J is working but you won't be able to skip designing an high available architecture around NEO4J using Windows Azure infra. Cloud may be a magic buzz word that can make things append on management level, but when we are on hard real world level Harry magic wand doesn't exist.

Categories : Neo4j

quicksand sorting price values low to high / high to low
val() gives you a string, so > and < comparisons are lexographical (not numeric). Try wrapping the values in parseInt() or parseFloat(). Make sure to add appropriate error handling as well.

Categories : Jquery

Varnish High DB Connections In High Traffic
Mostly spiking backend connections has little to do with your varnish configuration but alot to do with the cachability of your site. Are there cookies that prevents you from caching efficiently? You can chose to strip them or remove all but chosen ones, there are examples for both on the varnish site. Do a varnishstat and check your hit rates during peaks. Is it a good cache hitratio? Is it the same as during low load? If it's the same or higher in low load it's easy to work on improving it at any time. Do a varnishtop -i txurl to see what requests are the most frequently sent to backend servers. Maybe it's some URLs that are just not cached due to faulty headers? Maybe some pages can be cached longer? Maybe some parts of the pages can be cached with ESI? Make sure your varnish is not

Categories : Mysql

When to use low < high or low + 1 < high for loop invariant
If your invariant is that the target must lie in low <= i <= high, then you use while (low < high); if your invariant is that the target must lie in low <= i < high then you use while (low + 1 < high). [Thanks to David Eisenstat for confirming this.]

Categories : Algorithm

How to import a modern.ie vm into Hyper-V
Don't select the Virtual Machines directory - go back one level. The folder you want should contain a file called config.xml. Alternately, forget about importing the VM configuration. You can create a new VM and just attach the VHD file to it.

Categories : Misc

How to get hyper link ID by using div class?
you can do $('.fancybox a') It should cover all instances Here is a fiddle of it at work http://jsfiddle.net/N4EwH/ $('.fancybox a').click(function(){alert('clicked');}); Make sure you fix the syntax errors in your html. That might cause the issue. See my fiddle for the changes. (you missed the closing quotation marks)

Categories : Jquery

How can I fix my Microphone In while running Hyper-V?
I had a similar problem with audio playback couple years ago (Windows Server 2008). The problem was that my system did not support Second Level Address Translation (SLAT). Therefore the Hyper-V layer needs to work harder and discard the CPU page tables when swapping running OS. That causes jitter in anything that requires real-time processing. I believe that Windows 8 requires SLAT to enable Hyper-V (see this). You probably have a different problem then. Perhaps there is a better driver available for your audio hardware?

Categories : Windows

Hyper link to email address
Use a mailto link: <TextBlock Margin="0,5,0,0" > <Hyperlink RequestNavigate="HandleRequestNavigate" Foreground="{StaticResource EnableColorSolid}" NavigateUri="mailto:info@kramerel.com"> info@kramerel.com </Hyperlink> </TextBlock>

Categories : C#

how to use session in hyper link selection
Your problem is that you are redirecting to another page before setting the Session value, thus Session is always null. This code is the problem: if ((TextBox1.Text == password) && (dr.HasRows)) { Response.Redirect("1stTymStuCategorySelection.aspx"); Move this Response.Redirect further down in the code logic (i.e. after you set the Session value).

Categories : C#

How to add hyper link text to TextConsoleViewer?
here an example of program how to how to hypertext.. the code is large so i can't post it here so i posting the link please refer this: http://www.java2v.com/Open-Source/Java-Document/IDE-Eclipse/ui/org/eclipse/ui/console/TextConsoleViewer.java.htm

Categories : Java

How to pass boots args to a Hyper-V VM
AFAIK the only way to do this with Hyper-V is to mount the vhd and edit the file. or, use a virtual floppy (which I don't think will have any effect in your case). This can be done through wmi. Hyper-V does not have an equivalent to the PV vm of xenserver. Where many of these xenserver pv arguments are simple configuration of a boot file in the settings of the vm, as the vm gets boot strapped from the parent kernel. if you could do this with a xenserver HVM style Linux vm, then there might be a similar equivalent in Hyper-V.

Categories : Misc

Android Java Hyper Link for IF Else
How about using an enumeration with all the information you want stored in it. Like so: public enum Answer { ANSWER1("TEXT HERE", "http://link.to.some/page") ANSWER2("TEXT HERE!", "http://link.to.some/other/page") private String answer; private String link; private Answer (String text, String link) { this.answer = text; this.link = link; } // plus getter and setter if you like }

Categories : Java

Alternatives to Hyper-V to run the Windows Phone emulator
The Windows Phone 8 emulator is a special Hyper-V image. It cannot run on other virtualization technology. Without the emulator, the only alternative option would be to use an actual device.

Categories : Visual Studio 2012

navigation from one jsp to another jsp using db result column as a hyper link
If I understand your requirement properly then probably you need to dynamically create your URL to which the user will be redirected and use that URL for hyper linking that particular column at the time of rendering your entire resultSet on your jsp page. You may find difficulties for dynamically generating your redirection URL based on some ID parameters of your resultSet. For this you can use something similar to the below code snippet: String uid = <some value from your resultSet for that particular record> String schemeProtocol = request.getScheme(); String serverName = request.getServerName(); int portNumber = request.getServerPort(); String contextPath = request.getContextPath(); String redirectionURL = schemeProtocol + "://" + serverName + ":" + portNumber + contextPat

Categories : Jsp

intel virtualisation enabled on bios but hyper v not running
The answer was not exactly obvious. After reading everywhere about intel trust execution needing to be disabled, I decided to attempt to disable anything to do wit bitlocer. On my specific hybrid, there was a setting labelled "secure boot mode", there were a few options here but I tried to just disable it. Hey presto that was the sucker. I hope this helps someone else. Edit:: Above answer was actually incorrect. If you change the bios setting on my laptop, then shutdown and start up. nothing happens. if you then restart the computer a whole load of hardware fails, butttt intel VT works finally lol. It must have been dumb luck it worked before. But the shutdown/restart combo works predictably. Unfortunately it totally knocks out some of my other hardware (touchscreen, key lights) renderin

Categories : Visual Studio

catch hyper link clicking with javascript(or jquery)?
Add a custom data attribute to each message you click. I'm not sure how your displaying messages, but for this example we'll use a span: <span class="message">Some Message</span> And the JS: $(".message").click(function() { $(this).data("visited", true); }); Then you can check spans to see if they've been visited. If you still want to do the AJAX call, you can simply add an AJAX event inside the click handler as well.

Categories : Javascript

asp.net grid view hyper link pass values to new window
There are a host of options in the jQuery field: jQueryUI's dialog Wijmo's Dialog SimpleModal If you'd already using jQuery, jQueryUI's option may be a good fit. Wijmo is also jQueryUI compatible/friendly (use the same theme CSS class names and patterns), so it's also a good fit. So it kind of depends on what you want. Something very simple - maybe jQueryUI. Flashy/pretty -- SimpleModal. More complex but jQueryUI-friendly - Wijmo.

Categories : Asp Net

Remote PowerShell script doesn't apply Hyper-V Snapshot
The article clearly states that: One thing to be aware of is that this operation will fail if the virtual machine is running when you try to apply the snapshot – the virtual machine needs to be turned off or put into a saved state first. ApplyVirtualSystemSnapshot doesn't work remotely with running VM's

Categories : Powershell

C# webbrowser applition,how to click hyper link inside TextArea
Content on textarea can be extracted by using InnerHtml property. Then you can use HTMLAgilityPack to find a link and navigate it HtmlElement textArea = webBrowser1.Document.All["textareaid"]; if (textArea != null) { HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument doc = new HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument(); doc.Load(textArea.InnerText); foreach(HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlNode link in doc.DocumentElement.SelectNodes("//a[@href"]) { HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlAttribute att = link["href"]; webBrowser1.Navigate(att.Value); } }

Categories : C#

Worklight: Clicking on hyper link within turns screen blank
I believe you already asked a similar question? Inner browser in Worklight App using JQuery Mobile Try using Cordova's InAppBrowser. Clicking 'back' should then return you to the application.

Categories : Iphone

How to change the login hyper link to logout when successfully logged in
you can have a boolean property in the code behind say Logged you can make the Logged property static and do the following <% if(! MasterPageCodeBehindClass.Logged)) { /// your logout link } else { ///render your login link } %>

Categories : C#

Code Sample for Reading Values from Hyper-V KVP component on Linux (aka KVP Data Exchange)
Key details from a blog entry I wrote covering the problem. (I could not find the answer elsewhere): First, make sure you have the KVP service installed. KVP data is transferred to the Linux file system through the collaboration of a kernel driver and a user mode daemon. The [KVP driver code], hv_kvp.c, is compiled into the hv_util kernel module Source). Since the driver is part of the Linux kernel code, it is provided by default with recent versions of common Linux distributions. E.g. [root@centos6-4-hv ~]# cat /etc/*-release CentOS release 6.4 (Final) CentOS release 6.4 (Final) CentOS release 6.4 (Final) [root@centos6-4-hv ~]# modinfo -F filename hv_utils /lib/modules/2.6.32-358.el6.i686/kernel/drivers/hv/hv_utils.ko However, it is the usermode daemon, hv_kvp_daemon, that copies

Categories : Misc

Ubuntu: How to upgrade ubuntu 11 to ubuntu 13?
Ubuntu 11.04 is apparently not "supported" anymore... it was not a LTS (Long Term Support) release (http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/10/ubuntu-11-04-support-ends-today) There seems to be an option of "updating" things on "old-releases" (but they are not actively maintained/updated anymore), by editing your source repositories location: http://askubuntu.com/questions/101479/are-existing-updates-available-after-end-of-support. However, if you want to update to a 2013 version, probably the best you can do is to backup your data and configurations and install a new version from scratch. Pay attention to the fact that non-LTS versions stop being supported after around 2 years.

Categories : Ubuntu

What platform (server installed on ubuntu vs ubuntu server) to prefer for website development?
There seems to be a lot of confusion in your post. Based on your lack of experience with GNU/Linux, I would suggest you use desktop Ubuntu. The difference between Ubuntu server and Ubuntu desktop is that the server edition is targetted to experienced users, so you get a very minimal distribution. No GUI, nothing preinstalled except the bare minimum. As for your comment about Apache/Glassfish, the two aren't comparable. Apache is the name of the open source community which looks after a lot of products. Very often people call Apache's httpd just "apache", which is a web server. Glassfish is a Java EE application server (Oracle's reference implementation) so probably a good place to start with Java EE.

Categories : Apache

Ubuntu/Python- How to call ubuntu commands and 3rd party applications through Python
Take a look at os.path for directory navigation. To execute a shell command use os.system. The example you posted could go something along the lines of: os.chdir(os.path.expanduser('~/Documents/XDF_Thumbnails_Sci')) for file in os.listdir('.'): if os.path.splitext(file)[1] == ".feedme": os.system("~/galfit %s" % file)

Categories : Python

Hyper-V Web Server in Windows Server 2012 Not Accessible Externally
I was using the wrong port. Because I have another web server running using up port 443 I had arbitrarily chose to use port 445 for the new web server and I found out that that is a reserved port. So I switched to port 8080 and opened up the port on the windows firewall and now it's working perfectly!

Categories : Iis

Same android cmake git project compiles well on one Ubuntu machine but does not compile on another Ubuntu machine even the entire project is the same
whoa! Solved! It was really a weird behaviour from cmake: I had three files conf.c that must be merged into a static library. When cmake run the AR program to create the library, it executed a command that was like: ar cr dir1/source1.c dir1/source2.c ... dft/conf.c rdft/conf.c ar r reodft/conf.c dir2/source3.c so, maybe due to the huge number of object files that were to be linked, cmake splitted ar commands in two command, BUT second command overwrited one of the two file conf.c that were added with the first command, so symbols defined with the first ar command were lost! This is clearly a bug in ar because even if the source file is the same, maybe the content may vary, thus symbols are not to be deleted. Thanks to all! Your suggestions brought me to the right solution!

Categories : Android

Difference between ubuntu and ARM Ubuntu
ARM Ubuntu according http://www.ubuntu.com/download/arm is for ARM-based systems only. It supports Calxeda ECX-1000 and Marvell Armadaxp (12.04 LTS only) production boards. Ubuntu update will not happen automatically. It checks if there is new updates automatically but never will update without yours permission. Security updates can be enabled to be updated automatically. For this you need to install unattended-upgrades: sudo apt-get install unattended-upgrades sudo dpkg-reconfigure unattended-upgrades If you want to have home server - install Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS. It's reliable and the most important free. It will do all your detailed operations like file sharing and more.

Categories : Ubuntu

Cannot access ubuntu server from other machines other than the machine which is hosting the virtual machine which is my ubuntu server
First of all make sure in the setting of the virtual machine that it is in Bridged Adaptor type connectivity. Give a static ip to the virtual machine using sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask the above is an example. You got what I mean. 3.Third, Try pinging the virtual machine with the base machine running the vbox to make sure they are connected. ping ipaddress-basemachine 4 . Now if everything is working fine from there then connect with this virtual machine with other base machine using Remote Desktop Viewer or any other similar application. Specify, the ip-address of the vbox and username, password. It will be able to connect with it now. 5 . If it still is not able to then try to check the firewall rules on both the virtual box machine and the base machine

Categories : Linux

Div at least as high as other div
Try this: $('#rightdiv').css('min-height', $('#leftdiv').height()); Fiddles: http://jsfiddle.net/25dSw/ http://jsfiddle.net/25dSw/1/

Categories : Javascript

Buy Low Sell High
If I've understood correctly, this is hard to do efficiently because the choice depends upon the past. It's not elegant but this code gives the output you require, library("xts") close <- c(0, -0.5, -0.75, -1, -0.75, -1.5, -2, -2.5, -3, -3.5, -3, -2.5, -2, -1, 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 2.5, 2, 0) data <- xts(close, Sys.Date()-23:1) colnames(data) <- "close" sig.buy <- c(F,F,F) sig.short <- c(F,F,F) for(i in 1:length(data)) { if(data$close[i] <= -1) sig.buy[1] <- T if(data$close[i] <= -2) sig.buy[2] <- T if(data$close[i] <= -3) sig.buy[3] <- T if(sig.buy[1] && data$close[i] >= 0) sig.buy[1] <- F if(sig.buy[2] && data$close[i] >= 0) sig.buy[2] <- F if(sig.buy[3] && data$close[i] >= 0) sig.buy[3] &

Categories : R

Getting average low and high bids in SQL
As You are saying you need to find out the Min of Avg and Max of Avg, Now what you are doing is group on one column this means Avg(Bid) will return only one value. And the thing that you are doing will make sense only if it is done with two column, For example you wanna know the min of Averages per day. You need to identify one more column on which base you want to find out max and min of Avg. See in my example i am using Date as second column. the query will go like. Select Max(MAx_Bid),Min(Min_Bid),Min(Avg_Bid),Max(Avg_Bid) FROM (SELECT AVG(bid) Avg_Bid,MIN(bid) Mix_Bid,MAX(bid) max_bid FROM bidding WHERE bid_id=:bid_id GROUP BY bid_id,Days_Date(Dummy column))A

Categories : SQL

high chart sample
The bullet concept will work for this, though it will take some work to get styling like that. There are plenty of useful options for styling such a chart though without relying on the physical gauge metaphor. A quick variation on the bullet chart approach that puts them into a single chart and removes the banding: http://jsfiddle.net/jlbriggs/kwtZr/41/ It relies on a custom extension to produce the 'line' marker type: Highcharts.Renderer.prototype.symbols.line = ... {{ edit in response to comments below: updated example with some additional formatting options and clean up: http://jsfiddle.net/jlbriggs/kwtZr/55/ be wary of using multiple colors unless the colors truly mean something. Using additional color to highlight items that require attention is a good use of color. Using

Categories : Highcharts

Using memcached on a high end web application
first of all, memcached does not persist your data to the disk, so relying on it to keep your data is not a good practice memcached helps to scale your php application by minimizing the load from your db by serving results from queries or even better minimizing the load off the web server by storing the entire html if you can (there are actually many good use cases for memcached) consider the follwing flow: 1. client browsing to your page 2. php application requests the data from memcached by a key (the key can be the sql query, the url ... it depends) 3. if memcached has the data use it 4. if not the php application should query the data from mysql 5. after the data is retrieved save it in memcached so next request it will be available in 2 to handle updates, make sure to define ttl to

Categories : PHP

SSE, interleave low and high words
No, because there are no SSE shuffles that have two sources and a distinct destination. However, you can do it if r is the same as a, with shufpd. If you need to preserve the value of a: movapd r, a shufpd r, b, 1 On recent µarches, the movapd is free and handled in rename[*], so this effectively is a “single instruction", from the point of view of the execution core. If AVX is available, you can use vshufpd. [*] It’s possible to saturate this capability of rename, in which case the extra reg-reg moves will behave like normal port 0|1|5 operations—fortunately, real world code almost always has some bubbles on one of those ports, so the move tends to still be “free”.

Categories : Performance

High CPU Usage by Tomcat
There is not sufficient information / evidence to explain what is going on. This could be a direct result of having an excessive number of request threads, or it could underlying problem in your webapp that is exacerbated by the number of threads. The only (possible) clue I can pull out of this is that (maybe) the high TakeQueue value means something is doing a lot of internal request forwarding. I suggest: Reduce the number of threads by a factor of 10 or more to see if that makes any difference. It is a bad thing to have a huge number of threads active at the same time. As in ... bad for system performance. Use visualvm to try tp work out what the worker threads are doing. See if you can spot errors or unusual behaviour in the tomcat logs, and the request logs. (Turn the logging

Categories : Java

Retina/High-res Images
why is it not a good idea to include just the bigger image, and size that to half the size so you only have one image which which, on non-retina images, will just become smaller (with the same amount of detail in the image) It's not a good idea because for the cases where people don't have high-res/retina mobile devices, you've just wasted ~40% of the images bandwidth. Depending on the volume of traffic, the cost of that additional bandwidth will add up very quickly.

Categories : CSS

mongodb high cpu usage
Here's a summary of a few things to look into: 1. Observed a large number of connections and cursors (13k): - fix: make sure your connection pool is appropriate. For reporting, and your current request rate, you only need a few connections at most. Also, I'm guessing you have a m1small instance, which means you only have 1 core. 2. Review queries and indexes: - run your queries with explain(), to observe how the queries are executed. The right model normally results in queries only pulling very few documents and utilization of an index. 3. Memory (compact and readahead setting): - make the best use of memory. 1.6GB is low. Check how much free memory you have, and compare it to what is reported as resident. A couple of common causes of low resident memory is due to fragmentation. I

Categories : Ruby On Rails

CPU usage goes high when read
If you're seeing memory pressure during reads, you're probably reading too many rows at once. Tracing the request can give more visibility into what's going on: http://www.datastax.com/dev/blog/tracing-in-cassandra-1-2

Categories : Cassandra

High reliability of a web service
The only real solution to ensure completion of a request that I can think of is to add a wrapper to the third-party web service so that it DOES have a retry mechanism. Any other solution including HA will have a point of failure. Consider that if the Amazon SQS service fails, you will still have a third party web service that will request information from the down service and fail.

Categories : Web Services

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