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Displaying Hidden Information using external JS

You spelled function incorrectly in your script.

Also in your html remove the ; in the onclick attribute. seems to have cleaned up the errors for me.

 function validateForm() {
        var name = document.getElementById('txtName').value;
        var nameLength = name.length;
        if (nameLength < 6) {
            document.getElementById("txtNameError").style.visibility =


<td><button onclick="validateForm();">Register</button></td>

should be <td><button onclick="validateForm()">Register</button></td>

Additionally I re-wrote the setup using jQuery for easier checks on the html elements however if you require them to be in javascript I can look into re writing it again, check out my updated jsfiddle here: http://jsfiddle.net/dhershman/365r5tg5/1/

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