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gae security - is hacking app engine application as hard as hacking google?
Why AppEngine : The Reliability, Performance, and Security of Google's Infrastructure says The same security, privacy and data protection policies we have for Google's applications applies to all App Engine applications. We take security very seriously and have measures in place to protect your code and application data. Whether that will improve your situation depends on the source of your troubles. Changing your hosting service will not remedy flaws in your application that allow abuse of authority.

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Hacking Prevention
Is it possible for a user to change this variable. Probably, but more importantly, you essentially can't trust any information sent to you from the client. "Trust, but verify" I believe was the phrase... So in addition to anything you do client-side for convenience or UI, you must double-check it server-side. Specifically in your case, you said you have: function initialize() { quantity = parseInt(document.getElementById('shipping_quantity').value); } As written, that seems to either rely on a global quantity variable or, worse, create one via The Horror of Implicit Globals. In either case, yes, it's trivially easy for the user to change it. They can open the JavaScript console and type: window.quantity = 42; and press Enter. You can defend against that and make it slightl

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MobileSubstrate game hacking on iphone
The game may in fact store all of the user data on server. This is more prominent in games which feature in-app purchases. Unfortunately there is little that can be done in that case. If you'd like to test it further consider this method, for example: %hook CCPlayer -(int)gold { return 1000; //amount of gold. } %end

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Preventing Android variable from hacking
Use ProGuard: http://developer.android.com/tools/help/proguard.html For a more general overview of the best practices regarding security, check out this: https://source.android.com/devices/tech/security/index.html

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Hacking help-style info into completion method
Here is how you do it. What we're going to do is generate the PS1 (shell prompt) and your current words to repair the broken new line. We could stick the contents of $actualPS1 inside our echo statment directly, but I figured this method was much more legible. ... *) actualPS1=$(eval echo "$PS1") echo -en " Whatever line of text you want. " echo -en "${actualPS1}${COMP_WORDS[@]}" return 0 ;; esac ... That will print a line of text for your specific case and then give the console back to you properly. There is no need to specify what COMPREPLY should be. Note that you could basically add this completion to anything that can't be completed by normal means as a helpful reminder to the end user. One method that could potentially use this would be echo itself!

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Stack-based overflow code from Hacking: The Art of Exploitation
A lot will depend on what specific OS the code was intended to exploit. Without knowing this, any discussion has to be somewhat generic [and a guess on my part]. One possibility is that there was something significant in the "bunch of printfs" you've left out... If there's really nothing clever happening there, I would guess that the vulnerability it's trying to exploit is within the execl(..) call and/or the OS when effectively passed a long (600 byte) command-line parameter. Somewhere in there [I'm guessing] a subroutine will be setting up the environment for the new process, and along the way will be copying the 600-byte string passed in as a parameter (buffer) into what may well be a small(ish) fixed size buffer on the stack of the new process, and [presumably] overwrites the retur

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wso2 carbon hacking - eclipse development environment set up steps
After importing, you need to set the classpath. for that,buildpath-->configure buildpath, you will see libraries are listed under M2_REPO,folder. So, you might need to create a variable called M2_REPO,its path has to point your local m2-repository; eg: Name: M2_REPO path: C:/Users/TOSH/m2-repo/repository

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