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Display Flash Banner in Hippo Cms Site
I don't think a System.out in this case will reach the console, better to use a logger or set a breakpoint and check the value. What you could do is put the path on the request. In your jsp you can then put the tags for displaying the flash. Actually you probably want to put the url on the path not the repository path. Or you can use the hst:link tag.

Categories : Java

Flash - How come I do not receive a security warning to allow cross-site requests?
The cross domain issues are specifically for data that your SWF is retrieving from other domains. So if you're sending data (via a HTTP POST/GET), then this is not a problem. Also, unless you're using the debug player, you won't see the security exception that occurs. There are also various things that will not trigger the exception: like downloading and displaying an image from another domain. However, if you then try to access the bitmap data of that image, you'll get the security exception (unless the crossdomain.xml permits it). So it can depend on what you're retrieving and what you're doing w/the data you fetch. If you're still curious, you should further explain what type of data you're retrieving and what you do with it. As usual, it's better to explain that with code than with

Categories : Actionscript

Frame Load Interrupted: Safari won't download a linked zip file from my Flash site
You could also let ActionScript do the downloading. If you add the following code you get a dialog box that lets you select a location to download your file and downloads it. btn_name.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,downloadFile); function downloadFile (evtObj:Event):void { var Location:URLRequest = new URLRequest(); Location.url = "http://www.example.com/image.jpg"; var fr:FileReference = new FileReference(); fr.download(request); }

Categories : Actionscript

Flash AS3 Loading XML from server (from Flash Pro AND Flash Builder)
For anyone else having this problem, I was talking to people from beanstalk and it seems that I was just doing it wrong. I was trying to use the repository for version control and hosting the assets when really subversion repositories should only be used for backing up your files and versioning. I went with Amazon S3 which is basically exactly what I was looking for, a spot "in the internet" where I could drop my swf, xml, image, sound files and have a path generated for my games to reference. It ended up looking something like this: _xmlPath = "https://s3.amazonaws.com/xmlFiles/1234235/explosion_guy.xml";

Categories : Xml

Galaxy S4 Can't Debug in Flash Pro or Flash Builder. Always connects as "Media Device"
Have you installed the usb divers for you device? http://developer.samsung.com/android/tools-sdks/Samsung-Andorid-USB-Driver-for-Windows I had the same problem then I changed mine from a media device(MTP) to a Camera(PTP) which fixed it for me

Categories : Actionscript

How can I access my Text Field from Flash with ActionScript in Flash Builder 3.0?
I think puppy is a class you have written. Just like Goat or Dog. And you are trying to call a non static function on the class. example: var mrSnible:Dog = new Dog(); mrSnible.description.text = "An hilarious dog"; //this works Dog.desription.text = "this is going to return an error"; //this won't

Categories : Actionscript

Flask: getting random repeated flash messages when flash() is in @app.before_request
You can access the list of waiting messages via flashes = session.get('_flashes', []). You can view the code on Github On the note of why you're getting a few messages flashing, it's because you're making multiple requests (but probably don't know it). Your web-browser is probably asking for favicon.ico which is a request, so causes a flash, etc. If you're running in debug mode, your console window will show all the requests being handled. For example loading a simple flask example in Chrome causes this to show: - - [21/Jun/2013 16:35:05] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 - - - [21/Jun/2013 16:35:05] "GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1" 404 - One is my request to view the homepage, the other is Chrome asking for the favicon (and it being told it doesn't exist).

Categories : Python

Store Flash Player privacy settings in Flash cookies
Flash cookies are used through SharedObject. Flash has its own way of storing its privacy settings through the popup, when camera or microphone is to be published. If you are refering to your own internal privacy protocol, research about SharedObjects. Its quite easy. Don't forget to flush() :D

Categories : Actionscript

Does Azure Point-to-Site or Site-to-Site VPN support cloud services?
I haven't tried personally, but you should be able to do just that by joining your cloud service to a virtual network. See this article for details on how to do this: http://convective.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/windows-azure-cloud-services-and-virtual-networks/.

Categories : Azure

Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert flash.text::TextField@1182e101 to flash.display.MovieClip
Looks like Dialogue is not a textField. Is Dialogue a MovieClip with a textfield inside? If so, give the textField inside an instance name like tf. Then set the text like: Dialogue.tf.text = 'some text';

Categories : Actionscript

Autoplay flash in ie8 when using a html5 to flash player fallback
Found the answer b clicking on one of the links to the left! get embeded flash to autoPlay so basically i replaced my &poster = in the embed in the flashvars with &autoPlay=true"

Categories : Jquery

Possible to step through/breakpoints as3 in flash buider when compiling with flash pro?
This should work. I use the same setup almost all the time. How did you create your project? I usually create the fla, then in FB I select new->flash pro project and point it to the fla file. Now if I add a breakpoint in FB and I test the movie with ctrl(cmd)+shift+enter, the movie is published in Flash and is stopped at the first breakpoint.

Categories : Actionscript

could not find implicit value for parameter flash: play.api.mvc.Flash
You have masked the implicit request with the _ wildcard. As far as I understand Scala, when you use the wildcard, it means, ignore this whatever it is. Meaning, you cannot use it further in your code. But the flash scope needs access to the request, that's why it isn't working. This should work : def index = IsAuthenticated { username => implicit request => ... }

Categories : Scala

How to import actionscript 3 flash game into flash builder?
There are numerous options, such as: Flash Pro If your game has already been created in Flash Pro, you could simply target AIR for Android from Flash Pro's publish settings: ADT Command Line Packager Likewise, you could simply use the ADT command line packager to build your SWF to an Android distributable. Flash Builder Otherwise from Flash Builder, you can create a new ActionScript mobile project: Select Android, or other target platforms: Place code and packages relative to the src/ folder, same as you would relative to your FLA: Your entire Flash app could be published as a SWC, then instantiated from Flash Builder, or individual assets may be exported as SWCs: Likewise you can programmatically embed SWF assets in ActionScript classes using the em

Categories : Actionscript

Connect azure web site to on-premise database over site-to-site vpn
Azure Web Sites do not support the Azure Virtual Network (as of 8/22/2013); http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/manage/services/web-sites/choose-web-app-service/ You will need to create a cloud service deployment instead if you would like to use Virtual Network and access the on-premises database. Once that is done and your firewall is properly configured, it is like you say just a connection string.

Categories : Database

Creating great circles map with R
I see that you index your loop with i but dont include that anywhere inside the loop. I imagine that you want to loop over the rows of your data. So change the index range to 1:nrow(data), and include the index for the row you want do draw for each i. for( i in 1:nrow(data)){ inter <- gcIntermediate(c(data$LONG[i], data$LAT[i]), c(lon_me, lat_me), n=50, addStartEnd=TRUE) ... }

Categories : R

Great Plains query to get GL codes
The GP back end is not the most stright forward to query as every company is in a unique database. select ACTINDX , ACTNUMBR_1 , ACTNUMBR_2 , ACTNUMBR_3 , ACTNUMBR_4 , ACTNUMBR_5 , ACTALIAS , MNACSGMT , ACCTTYPE , ACTDESCR from GL00100 The above code will give you the GL account listing in addition the the ACTINDX (OID). I'd recommend starting with the following links as a starting resource for more complex queries: http://www.gp-dynamics.com/dynamics-gp-tips-and-tricks.asp http://victoriayudin.com/gp-tables/

Categories : SQL

QML: Communicating with great grandparents through signals
In secondPage.qml you have access to your background element directly because children have access to any of its parents in the hierarchy. Another possibility is to declare a signal in your secondPage component, and then to connect the signal from this component to a signal in your great-grandparent in the onLoaded handler of your Loader. It makes it easier and cleaner if you want your component to be re-usable multiple times in your app without assu,ing what is parent is.

Categories : Qt

Great Circle Destination formula for Python
I'm pretty sure there's no such thing in the standard library. I'm pretty sure there'd be a python GIS library that have similar functions, but there are many different ways to do this calculation depending on which model of the earth you uses (e.g. spherical earth or ellipsoid earth or something more complex), so you probably would want to check out the source code of the Perl module and translate that to python. If you want to implement it yourself, you might want to look in this page for a formula for Destination point given distance and bearing from start point: http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/latlong.html It shouldn't be too difficult to translate that formula to python: R = ... Radius of earth ... def great_circle_destination(lon1, lat1, bearing, dist): lat2 = math.asi

Categories : Python

What makes Spring a great framework (features)?
To understand edge of Spring framework over others, you first have to learn Java EE (specifically JSP and Servlets). Earlier EJB was used to create Enterprise Java EE applications, but today 2/3rd of Enterprise applications are created in Spring. If you know both of them (EJB and Spring), then you can compare and understand the edge easily.

Categories : Spring

The Great Tree list recursion program
assuming you have a simple tree of 3 nodes B <--- A ---> C walk down the left and right sides, get the pointers for each node, then have B -> C B <- C Since your tree is binary, it will be composed of 3 node "subtrees" that can recursively use this strategy.

Categories : Algorithm

jQuery UI selectable dblclick not firing in IE9 (works great in FF)
Well, I did look in a lot of places before making the above post. Laughably, one of the first posts I looked at contained the answer and I just didn't pick up on it. I basically added: cancel: '.ui-selected' within .selectable({ as directed here: How to enable dblclick event on elements which was binded with JQuery UI Selectable plugin?

Categories : Jquery

Webgl and three.js running great on chrome but HORRIBLE on firefox
Maybe your graphics card is in our blacklist. There is usually a note about this towards the bottom of about:support. Cards can be blacklisted for various reasons, missing drivers / features, occasional crashes ... see: http://www.sitepoint.com/firefox-enable-webgl-blacklisted-graphics-card/ To enable WebGL, set webgl.force-enabled to true. To enable Layers Acceleration, set layers.acceleration.force-enabled to true To enable Direct2D in Windows Vista/7, set gfx.direct2d.force-enabled to true

Categories : Performance

Finding the great circle distance between three points using the Google Maps API v3
The following code uses Googles geometry library to calculate distances between points.The locations are stored in this case in an array, but can be obtained from textboxes etc. The distances are given in metres . <script type="text/javascript" src="//maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?libraries=geometry&sensor=false"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> var coords = [ [35.733972, -5.881999], [35.734077, -5.881033], [35.736898, -5.877771], ]; function calcDistance() { var first = new google.maps.LatLng(coords[0][0],coords[0][1]); var second = new google.maps.LatLng(coords[1][0],coords[1][1]); var third = new google.maps.LatLng(coords[2][0],coords[2][1]); var distance1 = google.maps.geometry.spherical.computeDistanceBetween(first, second)

Categories : Google Maps

Why does changing the block and grid sizes have such great impact on runtime?
Neither of the grid/block configuration is recommended. The first one is not scale-able because the number of threads per block is limited for the GPU therefore it will eventually fail for larger image size. The second one is a poor choice because there is only 1 thread per block which is not recommended as the GPU occupancy would be very low. You can verify it through the GPU Occupancy Calculator included with the CUDA Toolkit. The recommended block size should be a multiple of GPU warp size (16 or 32) depending on the GPU. A general and scale-able approach for 2D grid and block size in your case would be something like this: const dim3 blockSize(16, 16, 1); const dim3 gridSize((numCols + blockSize.x - 1)/blockSize.x, (numRows + blockSize.y - 1)/blockSize.y , 1); You can change the bl

Categories : C++

Fast python GIS library that supports Great Circle Distance and polygon
UPDATE Moving on now to finishing out the other 576 functions in that library not including the two polygon functions that are finished, the three sphere distance algorithms that are done, and two new ones, an angle_box_2d and angle_contains_ray_2d. Also, I switched to the C version so that externs are not needed, simplifies the work. Put the old C++ version in directory old_c++, so its still there. Tested performance, it is identical as listed at the bottom of the answer. UPDATE 2 So just a quick update, I haven't finished the whole library yet (I'm only about 15% of the way through), but I've added these untested functions, in case you need them right away, on github, to add to the old point in polygon and sphere distance algorithms. angle_box_2d angle_contains_ray_2d angle_deg_

Categories : Python

drawing great circle arc with Basemap knowing starting point and a bearing
I think there's no equivalent function for your needs. You could however, derive the lon/lat-values of the end point mathematically (knowing the northpole-referenced bearing) and assign these to the drawgreatcircle()- function.

Categories : Python

Convert Flash into HTML5, keep using Flash if browser does not support HTML5
I think it is because your js file never loads. It loads after you append it to the document. Try it like this: try { new Audio(); var js = document.createElement("script"); js.type = "text/javascript"; js.src = "https://www.gstatic.com/swiffy/v5.2/runtime.js"; document.head.appendChild(js); // Add it to the head. } catch (er) { alert(er); <!-- displayFlash('abc.swf', 420, 450); //--> document.write("<object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase="http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6,0,0,0" width="420" height="450" align="middle"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><param name="movie" value="../../images/thap_deluxe.swf"><param name="wm

Categories : HTML

import google spreadsheet to site page and apply site styles to a table tag
My guess was right, this code working — spreadsheet inserting «one in one» and can apply different style: <script> $(document).ready(function() { $('#result').load('-google spreadsheet html import link- #tblMain'); }); </script> All much easier than I expected:)

Categories : Jquery

Subdomain Points to Subfolder and need .Htaccess to Redirect to a Wordpress Multi-Site Sub-Site
Well, depending on your provider, you can point your subdomain towards the same directory of your top level domain, i.e.: example.com -> /public_html/ this.example.com -> /public_html/ But your question is not clear about what you are trying to do. Is it a subdomains network or is it a subfolders network? If subdomains, try to change the directory your subdomain points to as in the example above, and create the blog inside wp-admin/network/ If subfolders, then you don't need the subdomain, unless you really want to redirect it to a subfolder just like an easier to remember shortcut, in that case you don't need a RewriteRule, WP takes care of the virtual subfolder.

Categories : Wordpress

Unauthorized Access when running `azure site log tail` for a recreated site
Since the website was created by another person, I suggest you reset its credentials. Open the Windows Azure Management Portal. Go to the website's dashboard. Click on "Reset your deployment credentials" and reset the username and password. Click on "Reset your publish profile credentials". Click on "Download the publish profile" and configure the command-line tools with the new profile, username and password.

Categories : Node Js

PostgreSQL: Full text search multitenant site, plus only parts of site
The normal approach would be to create: one full text index: CREATE INDEX idx1 ON dw1_posts USING gin(to_tsvector('english', approved_text)); a simple index on the site_id: CREATE INDEX idx2 on dw1_posts(page_id); another simple index on the page_id: CREATE INDEX idx3 on dw1_posts(site_id); Then it's the SQL planner's business to decide which ones to use if any, and in what order depending on the queries and the distribution of values in the columns. There is no point in trying to outsmart the planner before you've actually witnessed slow queries.

Categories : Postgresql

how to add error document for local site (where index is not in doc root) and live site both in one .htaccess file
In a single htaccess, you can't do this since it works identical to a <Directory> container. Additionally, the ErrorDocument directive doesn't have and conditionals. What you need to do is create a second htaccess file with only an error document directive, which will override the one declared in the document root. Everything else in the document root's htaccess file should still apply.

Categories : Apache

redirect users from desktop site to mobile site based on URL
I think I understand what you are saying: // Make a mobile detect object $detect = new Mobile_Detect(); // Check the device if($detect->isMobile()){ // Here is where you put the page you have // i.e. http://desktopsite.com/specific-page; $location = "http://desktopsite.com/specific-page;"; // We need to swap the url in that $location variable $location = str_replace("http://desktopsite","http://m.mobilesite",$location); // Then to a classic redirect header("Location: {$location}"); }

Categories : PHP

Accessing .ASPX page on password protected site from within same site
If you want you can remove authentication for just one page as follows. <location path="mypage.aspx"> <system.web> <authorization> <allow users="*"/> </authorization> </system.web> </location>

Categories : Asp Net

Redirect loop in full site to mobile site using session
From what I could get from github page you should be able to make it work like this: index.php session_start(); if ($_GET['fullscreen'] == 'yes') { $_SESSION['fullscreen'] = 1; } else if ($_GET['fullscreen'] == 'no') { $_SESSION['fullscreen'] = 0; } if (false == isset($_SESSION['fullscreen']) && ($_SESSION['fullscreen'] == 0)) { // If session['fullscreen'] has not been set (maybe first visit // or the user does not what in fullscree // check the device and do redirect require_once 'Mobile_Detect.php'; $detect = new Mobile_Detect(); // Any mobile device (phones or tablets). if ( $detect->isMobile() ) { } ... } // Other code here When visiting from mobile, if the user wants the full version, provide an anchor to url with GET pa

Categories : PHP

sending post/get request to another site without leaving current site
use simplexml_load_file <?php $xml = simplexml_load_file($your url); print_r($xml); ?> simply you got a array response.

Categories : PHP

CodeIgniter backend site to extend to support frontend site
I will suggest this link for complete solition http://philsturgeon.co.uk/blog/2009/07/Create-an-Admin-panel-with-CodeIgniter On this site 3 methods are given choose which fits your requirements

Categories : PHP

how to better link some sharepoint site(live site) using camelop php tools
It seems as if you made all necessary steps, there is a new guide available here http://www.bendsoft.com/documentation/camelot-php-tools/2_0/installation/ The steps are as follows Install the .NET Connector Install and configure the Integration Toolkit Test with PHP Tools What most users forget is to restart the Camelot SharePoint Integration Service in services.msc after changing it's setup. You can also have a look at this youtube movie, the first two minutes should cover this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDtvcTnTbeM If this doesn't resolve your issues contact the support of Bendsoft, support@bendsoft.com and someone will help you!

Categories : PHP

Is Puppet the right tool for pull-deploying .NET site from TFS with site shut down
For the client infrastructure, I'd shrink-wrap the product with a Windows Installer MSI. The TFS cloud build sever has Windows Installer XML on it and you can use that to build your installer. Deliver the installer to the client and have it do all the work. Just like downloading TFS from MSDN and installing it on an on premises server. You can also publish the MSI on a website and use an autoupdate pattern running on the client to pull it down and execute it.

Categories : Dotnet

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