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Abstract parent class needs class variable of child class

Groovy and Java don't have any sort of inheritance of static class members. When you say this.collectionName in a groovy class called Domain, you are referencing Domain.collectionName, even if you're calling the method through a subclass like Test.collection().

Even so, you can achieve a similar effect with a bit of meta-programming magic. You can add the static methods at runtime, resolving the static properties through the correct class. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as the python equivalent. Here's a small example:

class DomainHelper {
    static collection(collectionName) {
        def db = Server.getDB()
        return db.getCollection(collectionName)
    static apply(domainClass) {
        domainClass.metaClass.'static'.collection =
class Test {
    static collectionName = "test"

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