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How can I use ADT on both my Mac and Linux Dev Machines
Try syncing only the actual code files you create, not the project itself (i/e file1.java if you're writing in java, file2.cpp if in C++, etc). You might have to monkey around with adding new files, but that should be as simple as importing/exporting. You're going to have all kinds of trouble syncing paths for 2 different machines... Otherwise try a free source control like assembla

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Code Sample for Reading Values from Hyper-V KVP component on Linux (aka KVP Data Exchange)
Key details from a blog entry I wrote covering the problem. (I could not find the answer elsewhere): First, make sure you have the KVP service installed. KVP data is transferred to the Linux file system through the collaboration of a kernel driver and a user mode daemon. The [KVP driver code], hv_kvp.c, is compiled into the hv_util kernel module Source). Since the driver is part of the Linux kernel code, it is provided by default with recent versions of common Linux distributions. E.g. [root@centos6-4-hv ~]# cat /etc/*-release CentOS release 6.4 (Final) CentOS release 6.4 (Final) CentOS release 6.4 (Final) [root@centos6-4-hv ~]# modinfo -F filename hv_utils /lib/modules/2.6.32-358.el6.i686/kernel/drivers/hv/hv_utils.ko However, it is the usermode daemon, hv_kvp_daemon, that copies

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Mounting NFS Folder on to a Remote Machine (Both machines are on Red Hat Linux)
Mounting with "mount" command is not permanent only until the next reboot. If you need a permanent mount you have to edit "/etc/fstab" i.e. usanfsdo1:/home/files /home/mount/files nfs rw 0 0

Categories : Linux

Resources for setting up socket communication on separate Linux machines , C++
You may want to check out tcpclient and tcpserver at the links below. Basically, these handle all the sockets and networking, and you can focus on the core logic of your program. Then, you would simply run your client program under tcpclient. This will open a connection to the server. Output from your program's stdout will be piped to the socket and sent to the server, and incoming input into the socket will be piped into the program's stdin. Likewise, you would run your server program under tcpserver. This will listen on a port for incoming connections. After a connection is made, input to the socket will pipe to your program's stdin, and your programs output from stdout will be piped out through the socket. See: http://cr.yp.to/ucspi-tcp/tcpclient.html http://cr.yp.to/ucs

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How to trigger a certain shell script on multiple Linux machines simultaneously?
If you're using bash as your shell, you should include a tag for it. (Note the relatively low number of 'followers' for your tags.) Assuming a modern Linux/Unix shell, the answer to you question is to append the & character to the line that makes the connection to the remote machine. & means 'run this process in the background'. So something like #!/bin/bash # master script ssh host1 "/path/to/remote/script/runMe" & ssh host2 "/path/to/remote/script/runMe" & ssh host3 "/path/to/remote/script/runMe" & ssh host4 "/path/to/remote/script/runMe" & Sounds like what you are looking for. Capturing log information and monitoring the status of the remote "runMe"s is in the realm of consultation engagments or at least 100 hrs of experimentation on your part. Good luck

Categories : Linux

Azure VM pricing - Is it better to have 80 single core machines or 10 8-core machines?
Billing According to Windows Azure Virtual Machines Pricing Details, Virtual Machines are charged by the minute (of wall clock time). Prices are listed as hourly rates (60 minutes) and are billed based on total number of minutes when the VMs run for a partial hour. In July 2013, 1 Small VM (1 virtual core) costs $0.09/hr; 8 Small VMs (8 virtual cores) cost $0.72/hr; 1 Extra Large VM (8 virtual cores) cost $0.72/hr (same as 8 Small VMs). VM Sizes and Performance The VMs sizes differ not only in number of cores and RAM, but also on network I/O performance, ranging from 100 Mbps for Small to 800 Mbps for Extra Large. Extra Small VMs are rather limited in CPU and I/O power and are inadequate for workloads such as you described. For single-threaded, I/O bound applications such as describe

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How to get hyper link ID by using div class?
you can do $('.fancybox a') It should cover all instances Here is a fiddle of it at work http://jsfiddle.net/N4EwH/ $('.fancybox a').click(function(){alert('clicked');}); Make sure you fix the syntax errors in your html. That might cause the issue. See my fiddle for the changes. (you missed the closing quotation marks)

Categories : Jquery

How to import a modern.ie vm into Hyper-V
Don't select the Virtual Machines directory - go back one level. The folder you want should contain a file called config.xml. Alternately, forget about importing the VM configuration. You can create a new VM and just attach the VHD file to it.

Categories : Misc

How can I fix my Microphone In while running Hyper-V?
I had a similar problem with audio playback couple years ago (Windows Server 2008). The problem was that my system did not support Second Level Address Translation (SLAT). Therefore the Hyper-V layer needs to work harder and discard the CPU page tables when swapping running OS. That causes jitter in anything that requires real-time processing. I believe that Windows 8 requires SLAT to enable Hyper-V (see this). You probably have a different problem then. Perhaps there is a better driver available for your audio hardware?

Categories : Windows

how to use session in hyper link selection
Your problem is that you are redirecting to another page before setting the Session value, thus Session is always null. This code is the problem: if ((TextBox1.Text == password) && (dr.HasRows)) { Response.Redirect("1stTymStuCategorySelection.aspx"); Move this Response.Redirect further down in the code logic (i.e. after you set the Session value).

Categories : C#

Hyper link to email address
Use a mailto link: <TextBlock Margin="0,5,0,0" > <Hyperlink RequestNavigate="HandleRequestNavigate" Foreground="{StaticResource EnableColorSolid}" NavigateUri="mailto:info@kramerel.com"> info@kramerel.com </Hyperlink> </TextBlock>

Categories : C#

How to pass boots args to a Hyper-V VM
AFAIK the only way to do this with Hyper-V is to mount the vhd and edit the file. or, use a virtual floppy (which I don't think will have any effect in your case). This can be done through wmi. Hyper-V does not have an equivalent to the PV vm of xenserver. Where many of these xenserver pv arguments are simple configuration of a boot file in the settings of the vm, as the vm gets boot strapped from the parent kernel. if you could do this with a xenserver HVM style Linux vm, then there might be a similar equivalent in Hyper-V.

Categories : Misc

How to add hyper link text to TextConsoleViewer?
here an example of program how to how to hypertext.. the code is large so i can't post it here so i posting the link please refer this: http://www.java2v.com/Open-Source/Java-Document/IDE-Eclipse/ui/org/eclipse/ui/console/TextConsoleViewer.java.htm

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Android Java Hyper Link for IF Else
How about using an enumeration with all the information you want stored in it. Like so: public enum Answer { ANSWER1("TEXT HERE", "http://link.to.some/page") ANSWER2("TEXT HERE!", "http://link.to.some/other/page") private String answer; private String link; private Answer (String text, String link) { this.answer = text; this.link = link; } // plus getter and setter if you like }

Categories : Java

Alternatives to Hyper-V to run the Windows Phone emulator
The Windows Phone 8 emulator is a special Hyper-V image. It cannot run on other virtualization technology. Without the emulator, the only alternative option would be to use an actual device.

Categories : Visual Studio 2012

navigation from one jsp to another jsp using db result column as a hyper link
If I understand your requirement properly then probably you need to dynamically create your URL to which the user will be redirected and use that URL for hyper linking that particular column at the time of rendering your entire resultSet on your jsp page. You may find difficulties for dynamically generating your redirection URL based on some ID parameters of your resultSet. For this you can use something similar to the below code snippet: String uid = <some value from your resultSet for that particular record> String schemeProtocol = request.getScheme(); String serverName = request.getServerName(); int portNumber = request.getServerPort(); String contextPath = request.getContextPath(); String redirectionURL = schemeProtocol + "://" + serverName + ":" + portNumber + contextPat

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catch hyper link clicking with javascript(or jquery)?
Add a custom data attribute to each message you click. I'm not sure how your displaying messages, but for this example we'll use a span: <span class="message">Some Message</span> And the JS: $(".message").click(function() { $(this).data("visited", true); }); Then you can check spans to see if they've been visited. If you still want to do the AJAX call, you can simply add an AJAX event inside the click handler as well.

Categories : Javascript

intel virtualisation enabled on bios but hyper v not running
The answer was not exactly obvious. After reading everywhere about intel trust execution needing to be disabled, I decided to attempt to disable anything to do wit bitlocer. On my specific hybrid, there was a setting labelled "secure boot mode", there were a few options here but I tried to just disable it. Hey presto that was the sucker. I hope this helps someone else. Edit:: Above answer was actually incorrect. If you change the bios setting on my laptop, then shutdown and start up. nothing happens. if you then restart the computer a whole load of hardware fails, butttt intel VT works finally lol. It must have been dumb luck it worked before. But the shutdown/restart combo works predictably. Unfortunately it totally knocks out some of my other hardware (touchscreen, key lights) renderin

Categories : Visual Studio

C# webbrowser applition,how to click hyper link inside TextArea
Content on textarea can be extracted by using InnerHtml property. Then you can use HTMLAgilityPack to find a link and navigate it HtmlElement textArea = webBrowser1.Document.All["textareaid"]; if (textArea != null) { HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument doc = new HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument(); doc.Load(textArea.InnerText); foreach(HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlNode link in doc.DocumentElement.SelectNodes("//a[@href"]) { HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlAttribute att = link["href"]; webBrowser1.Navigate(att.Value); } }

Categories : C#

How to change the login hyper link to logout when successfully logged in
you can have a boolean property in the code behind say Logged you can make the Logged property static and do the following <% if(! MasterPageCodeBehindClass.Logged)) { /// your logout link } else { ///render your login link } %>

Categories : C#

asp.net grid view hyper link pass values to new window
There are a host of options in the jQuery field: jQueryUI's dialog Wijmo's Dialog SimpleModal If you'd already using jQuery, jQueryUI's option may be a good fit. Wijmo is also jQueryUI compatible/friendly (use the same theme CSS class names and patterns), so it's also a good fit. So it kind of depends on what you want. Something very simple - maybe jQueryUI. Flashy/pretty -- SimpleModal. More complex but jQueryUI-friendly - Wijmo.

Categories : Asp Net

Remote PowerShell script doesn't apply Hyper-V Snapshot
The article clearly states that: One thing to be aware of is that this operation will fail if the virtual machine is running when you try to apply the snapshot – the virtual machine needs to be turned off or put into a saved state first. ApplyVirtualSystemSnapshot doesn't work remotely with running VM's

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Worklight: Clicking on hyper link within turns screen blank
I believe you already asked a similar question? Inner browser in Worklight App using JQuery Mobile Try using Cordova's InAppBrowser. Clicking 'back' should then return you to the application.

Categories : Iphone

x:set not working the same on 2 different machines?
I'll throw up my workaround incase anyone else has this issue in the future. No matter what I did, I couldn't figure out why some machines were just refusing to recognise/implement the string() xpath function, so I worked around the problem by changing my code to the following: <c:set var="test2"> <x:out select="$extraSideNavLinks/sideNavLinks/@perm"/> </c:set> This worked consistently on all machines.

Categories : Java

Map apache path to different machines, which is the best way?
You can do this routing using mod_proxy module of Apache. Something like this: ProxyPass /webservice http://server1/webservice ProxyPass /test/webservice http://server2/webservice

Categories : Apache

Colour on a image changes on different on machines
This is likely to be more to do with your screen rather than a coding issue. You will find that all screens display images slightly differently. In fact, the image you have posted will look different to me now, than it does on either of your machines. Often the difference is slight. This can be to do with different display technologies (LCD, CRT etc) or just the slight differences in manufacture.

Categories : HTML

RSA Encryption and Decryption on Different Machines
It seems that you don't fully understand of how public key encryption works. Both partners have to generate their own public/private key pair. Afterwards, you share the public keys (that is, M1 sends its public key to M2 and vice versa). In reality, there is the problem of key distribution and authentication, i.e. how do I know that a public key that says it belongs to John really belongs to John? But for your small example, you can ignore this at first. Once both machines have the partner's public keys, you encrypt a message going from M1 to M2 using M2's public key. M2 then decrypts it using its private key. Apply the same idea for the reverse direction. That way, you never have to share any of the prime factors or the private keys (as you correctly noticed, doing that would completel

Categories : C++

PHP: script works on some machines only
Can't say for certain but it may have to do with you using short tags which is typically disabled by default. Try using <?php instead of just <?. Also your queries may be case sensitive on Linux servers but not on windows servers.

Categories : PHP

Why do I get different timestamps in python on different machines
An unix timestamp is an offset value between a point in time line and the epoch, it's nothing to do with timezone. When it's converted to a human readable string like '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S' that doesn't include any timezone information, python assumes that you want to use local timezone setting. When you run this datetime.strptime(install['click_date'],'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S') you get a datetime object, which doesn't contain any timezone information and can be only explained as local time. If you run it on an UTC server the object is explained as '2013-07-07 00:33:02 UTC', if on your PST server it is '2013-07-07 00:33:02 PST', they are different points in time line therefore they have different unix timestamp values. To make it treat install['click_date'] as UTC time, timezone offset needs to

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Git, and moving between development machines
"I am happy to overwrite these changes, but I'm not sure how to do it." git reset --hard git pull origin master You can use git in your new computer exactly the same way as you do in your old computer. "Ideally I'd like to be able to exclude some files from being tracked..." Create .gitignore in the same directory and put the names of the files to exclude in it. If you're using windows, How to create .gitignore file

Categories : GIT

Fonts and their sizes on different machines
You can't, because the rendering depends on several factors: The font itself: some computers may not have the font you requested, or the font may have the same name, but be different in its substance. You can avoid this by embedding custom fonts in your deployable package. The screen resolution: fonts are rendered accordingly to the screen resolution in DPI. On screens with higher density, fonts will be bigger (in pixel size), because they'd otherwise be unreadable. Think, for example, of Apple's retina displays, whose resolution is close to 400dpi, compared to a normal screen, with a 72dpi resolution. A string which is 72px high will take 1 inch on the normal screen, being perfectly readable, while will only occupy 0.18 in, being hardly readable. The user has the right to customize the

Categories : Java

Vagrant: different provisioner for different machines
You were on the right track with I have also tried using smartos.vm.provision instead of config Try this simple Vagrantfile out $smartos_script = <<-SHELL touch /opt/foo SHELL $centos_script = <<-SHELL touch /opt/bar SHELL # Vagrantfile API/syntax version. Don't touch unless you know what you're doing! VAGRANTFILE_API_VERSION = "2" Vagrant.configure(VAGRANTFILE_API_VERSION) do |config| config.vm.define :smartos do |smartos| smartos.vm.box = "smartos" smartos.vm.box_url = 'http://dlc-int.openindiana.org/aszeszo/vagrant/smartos-base1310-64-virtualbox-20130806.box' smartos.vm.provision :shell do |shell| shell.inline = $smartos_script end end config.vm.define :centos do |centos| centos.vm.box = "centos" centos.vm.box_url = 'http:

Categories : Ruby

Using the iphlpapi.dll in .Net to Add new IP Addresses on x64 machines
As noted, AddIPAddress and all of iphlpapi.dll show and control the dynamic configuration, which doesn't get persisted. You can set the static persisted configuration, which would show up in the TCP/IP settings dialogs, using netsh - run netsh interface ipv4 set /? to see how. It's programmatically accessible via the INetCfg interface, but I think some of it is undocumented. The WMI interfaces are wrappers which mix stuff from both sources, which is why I recommend against using them (as you've noticed, they won't configure disconnected NICs).

Categories : C#

JGroups does not work on different machines
If it works on the same machine, your code is fine. Very likely the problem is with discovery - nodes do not find each other. Look at your configured stack and check what discovery protocol you are using. If you are using TCPPING (http://www.jgroups.org/javadoc/org/jgroups/protocols/TCPPING.html) you need to reconfigure the IP addresses of the nodes. Most likely, it will be MPING (http://www.jgroups.org/javadoc/org/jgroups/protocols/MPING.html) which uses multicast to discover nodes. Make sure multicast messages are being sent inbetween these nodes. Typically, firewalls drop this multicast communication (you can temporarily turn off firewall to test). Also, check that your network components are not dropping multicast communication.

Categories : Java

keep 2 mysql dbs identical on two machines
These answers assume that standard replication is not an option for you, for whatever reason: The following options are existing methods for manual data-sync that are well known, and would be good when combined when wrapped into a scripting language like bash etc. for a cronjob as needed with some logic to specify specific tables as needed, guarantee it is safe to run them in light of load, etc. on a production box. Option 1: pt-table-sync The pt-table-sync tool from the Percona MySQL toolkit allows for master-master, master-slave sync on demand in an existing replication scheme. Or you can use it to sync two servers that do not have any relationship. Docs here from Percona Following the example, for one way sync'ing. pt-table-sync --execute h=sourcehost1,u=msandbox,p=msandbox h=d

Categories : PHP

Integrating an API that uses SSL to connect machines
The standard SSL port is 443, but if you're using a library that parses URLs correctly, it will connect to that port automatically if it sees https:// at the beginning. You can use a custom port by providing it after the hostname (separated by a :), such as https://websitename.com:8443/, if you had an SSL service running on port 8443 instead of 443.

Categories : C#

C# Winforms Custom Form Looks Different On Different Machines
There are a couple of likely causes for this: You are using two different OSes. 8 and XP render the same controls completely different. You are using different visual styles (Aero on one, Classic on the other). You did not anchor your controls. Anchoring allows controls on the form to dynamically layout depending on the size of the window.

Categories : C#

Authorize users at a machines level?
Correct me if I misunderstand, but you are asking to only allow visitors on specific machines to access your website? Jumping right into a solution here. The first question is how do you know which machines are "manager's" machines? Do you have a list of their IP addresses? Do you have some other ID on them? If you have their IP addresses, then IP Whitelist them, and block all other ip addresses. If you do not have their IP address, then you are limited. There is no machine ID that can be accessed through a web browser, so you'll need to create your own ID by setting a long lived cookie and a registration process. Since you already have a login process, this next part is fairly easy. You've used this solution before. When you sign in to google mail and click "remember me" and don't nee

Categories : Ruby On Rails

C# com interopt failure on american machines
Well, I happens to be that i have faulty declared a DateTime in one of my declarations of a static class... private DateTime myDateTime = Convert.ToDateTime("15/09/2013 12:00:00"); And ofcourse, on a EU system, this will work, but on an American (or even others) this gives an error because there is no 15th month... This gets triggered even before the constructor of my com-accessible class and that's why the error couldn't be handled. Dumb mistake, but proves that sometimes errors look very complex while they are very simple.

Categories : C#

How to connect to a servlet when both machines are on the same wifi?
This is certainly doable if you do not have any firewall rules blocking such access on the host machine. As 'Eng.Found' pointed out, try using the IP address that is assigned to the Server. If tries to connect to the dev machine itself, it certainly is not the IP address of the Server. To detail it further, First make sure you can access the servlet via localhost on the Server itself. If yes, then get the ip address of the Server and ping it from your dev machine/another device. If you can ping it then you have access to the machine. Else you might have to make sure that some firewall rule(s) is not blocking it. Ping however cannot be associated with ports so you can use a command like 'netstat' on the Server's console to get a list of all ports its listening to (if desired).

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