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Including a Module in a Controller when using a different folder structure for the Model?
1- You want your user model to be named User instead of the generated Account::User, you need to: replace in your controller and in all other files Account::User by User replace in your user model class Account::User < ActiveRecord::Base by class User < ActiveRecord::Base move your user model file from app/models/account/user.rb to app/models/user.rb restart your server/guard/zeus/console/etc... , this may be not necessary but sometime changes are not picked up and lead to weird problems EDIT: Your class names must correspond to the directory structure: User model must be located in file models/user.rb; Account::User model model must be located in file models/account/user.rb, if you do not follow this convention you will have a uninitialized constant error and that's what append

Categories : Ruby On Rails

Swagger Api Documentation - Model List
Came across this post in the Swagger Google Group, which lead me to this answer: { "myClass": { "id": "myClass", "properties": { "myList": { "type": "List", "items": { "type": "string" }, "allowableValues": { "valueType": "LIST", "values": [ "alpha", "bravo", "charlie" ] } } } } }

Categories : C#

Static structure - definitions, objects, members
It is only linkage specific - it will make your test structure have internal linkage (visible only in the current file). Edit: This is valid only for function and variable declarations - not for type definitions. //A.cpp static int localVar = 0; void foo(){ localVar = 1; /* Ok, it's in the same file */ } //B.cpp extern int localVar; void bar(){ /* Undefined reference - linker can't see localVar defined as static in other file. */ localVar = 2; } This is a static field. If you declare some field inside struct static it will be shared data member for all instances of that structure. struct test { static int a; }; // Now, all your test::a variables will point to the same memory location. // Because of that, we need to define it somewhere in order to reserve that

Categories : C++

How do I use the output of swagger-jaxrs-doclet to generate swagger documentation?
Just upload the apidocs or the dist folder (Based on which swagger-ui version you are using) on some local server and open from your browser. The javascript gets executed and you will see the output.

Categories : Java

separating Model folder, view folder and controller folder in codeigniter
I am not sure that you can move views and models to different locations but you can change the location of application folder to the location of your choice. You can move your application directory to different location and then open your index.php file and set the $system_folder and $application_folder variables with the new path values, preferably with a full path, e.g. '/www/MyUser/system'. Reference: http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-guide/installation/index.html Hope this is helpful.

Categories : Codeigniter

Copy entire directory to output folder maintaining the folder structure?
Try XCOPY instead of COPY; e.g. XCOPY "$(SolutionDir)ResourcesTemplate" "$(TargetDir)" /s /i /y More info on XCOPY here... http://www.computerhope.com/xcopyhlp.htm

Categories : Visual Studio

Swagger with Service Stack not working
You need to tell Swagger about the specific URL of the ServiceStack Swagger endpoint, rather than the base URL of your services. This endpoint is located at /resources under your base URL. So, instead of ../api for the discoveryUrl, use ../api/resources, like so, in your index.html file: window.swaggerUi = new SwaggerUi({ discoveryUrl: '../api/resources', ...

Categories : C#

Declaring Model Definitions for use with RESTful "new" in Angular
The angular.module API exposes four methods which provide subtly different implementations of this type of behaviour: module.value() module.factory() module.service() module.provider() This Google groups post gives a fairly clear rundown of the use cases for all of them. This snippet shows all of them in action in the context of a small angular app. I don't think I can add much to these links vis-a-vis the place for each of these functions with respect to each other. However, for your purpose it looks like you want to execute a 'model factory' function and receive the result of executing the function: for this purpose you probably want module.factory(): angular .module('appModels', []) .factory('item', function(){ return { name: '', price: 0

Categories : Javascript

how can I copy the files in path.txt to new folder with same folder structure?
You dont't need to read a list from a file. You could simply try this in command prompt: xcopy "full path to your folder" "full path destination folder" /e Below is what you get if you type xcopy /? in command prompt: Copies files and directory trees. XCOPY source [destination] [/A | /M] [/D[:date]] [/P] [/S [/E]] [/V] [/W] [/C] [/I] [/Q] [/F] [/L] [/G] [/H] [/R] [/T] [/U] [/K] [/N] [/O] [/X] [/Y] [/-Y] [/Z] [/EXCLUDE:file1[+file2][+file3]...] source Specifies the file(s) to copy. destination Specifies the location and/or name of new files. /A Copies only files with the archive attribute set, doesn't change the attribute. /M Copies only files with the arc

Categories : Batch File

Copy folder keeping folder structure in target
How about cp -R /var/test/abc/ /home/test/? Assuming abc contains only xyz. If this is not the case, first create abc/ in test/ and then use your copy command.

Categories : Linux

Backbone on JSON nested structure: use single Model to manipulate whole structure
Creating Backbone model with any nested structure is as simple as : var Package = Backbone.Model.extend(); var package = new Package({ "@ID": "a1a2a3a4", "Name": "Package Name", "Category_ID": { "@Product_Line_ID": "11", "#text": "11" }, "Effective_Start_Date": "2013-08-09", "Available_Start_Date": "2013-08-09", "Product_Name": "Web National Promotion", "Product_To_Product": [] // might have nested objects }); package.get("Name"); // Package Name package.get("Category_ID").get("#text"); // TypeError: no get method found But, the only advantage you would get out of this is using Backbone.Model APIs and Events on the direct attributes (@ID, Name, Category_ID, etc and not @Product_Line_ID, #text) of you

Categories : Json

AppleScript to compress a folder without folder structure?
Here's a quick modification that will create zip all of the files inside of itemPath and output them to zipFile: tell application "Finder" set x1 to (path to home folder as text) set theItem to x1 & "Documents:MyFolder" as alias set itemPath to quoted form of POSIX path of theItem set fileName to name of theItem set theFolder to POSIX path of (container of theItem as alias) set zipFile to quoted form of (theFolder & fileName & ".zip") do shell script "cd " & itemPath & ";zip -r " & zipFile & " *" end tell If you run this as is, it will create MyFolder.zip in Documents containing the contents of MyFolder. The trick going on here is the script is cd-ing into the folder first, and then recursively call zip on *, which represents all

Categories : Osx

The Python assignment operator, function definitions, and variable definitions
edit: a class solves all of this very easily, and much more cleanly. Having a separate variable for each zone, etc. makes everything a lot smoother. Thanks for the help, though guys. Much appreciated.

Categories : Python

Structure.ByValue object not working properly when used as a structure field
Don't use Structure.ByValue. JNA assumes by-value semantics to begin with for structure-typed fields; the Structure.ByValue tag actually triggers special handling which assumes (perhaps over-broadly) that it is dealing with a by-value function parameter or return value. Feel free to file an issue.

Categories : Java

Folder structure, C#
Without having followed what's been said here before, I think you're better off naming name spaces not after folders or even projects, but in such a way, that encompasses classes that belong together logically (from system/functional perspective). For example you may have several projects - each implementing a particular external API. Functionally similar, doing the same thing for your system, just different flavors. Say banking statement downloads. Your project structure may look something like this: Project BankA class BankADownloader Project BankB BankBDownloader HelperA ExtensionsB Project BankC ... It makes sense to use same namespace for all such projects, for example MySystem.StatementDownloaders I am giving an opinion using even broader example - multiple pr

Categories : C#

Folder structure in asp.net
Normally, you will see /App_Data (Standard) /App_Start (Standard - New) /App_Themes (Standard - Old) /Content (Standard - New) /Controls /Images /Scripts /MasterPages The rest are personal preferences. However, we normally keep authorized aspx pages in separate folder, so that we can use web.config to restrict access. Here is DotNetNuke 06.02.03's folder structure.

Categories : Asp Net

PhoneGap www folder structure
@Prakash You will definately need the "config.xml" and the "res" file. The "spec" file you can safely delete as I have done and my Phonegap apps still run fine. The "config.xml" file contains important configuration settings and the "res" file contains the "drawables" folders which house your splashscreens and icon files - so you really need those.

Categories : Android

How to compile and run with this folder structure
Lets say you have your code files in [someDirectory] | +-[lib] | | | +-someLib.jar | +-someOtherLib.jar | +-... | +--[src] | +-[net] | +-[name] | +-[one] | +-[two] | +-[main] | +-Main.java <- code you want to compile and execute then if your console is in someDirectory> you can compile it with someDirectory>javac -cp "lib*" src et ameone womainMain.java but this will produce Main.class file in same directory as Main.java so to execute code from net.name.one.two.main.Main class you would need to include src

Categories : Java

Can we have different folder structure for mvc application?
You need to copy the webPages section from the standard ViewsWeb.config to your new Views folders. This section configures the WebPages framework to use MVC's view base type & helpers. In the future, you should use MVC's built-in Add Area menu item, which will do this for you.

Categories : Asp Net Mvc

EC2 web application folder structure
There are two things at play here: The file system path The URL path If you're running an Amazon Linux image, your web content should be deployed inside /var/www/html -- as is the case with just about every reasonable Linux installation. If your index page is stored at /var/www/html/index.php, then your URL will be http://123.45.678.910/index.php. If you're trying to access http://123.45.678.910/var/www/restAPI/index.php, it means that you uploaded your file to /var/www/html/var/www/restAPI/index.php. Make sense?

Categories : Amazon

Folder structure with REST in PHP
I recommend you to use a framework for this, as it makes things a lot easier for you. It also provides you with a basic infrastructure (even some kind of folder structure if you want) and other best practices. Take a look at the Slim Framework which is a php micro framework that will help you to quickly write simple web applications and APIs. It provides you with all the basic features you'll need to develop a RESTful API (i.e. routing, templating). I also made a little sample application using the Slim Framework some time ago. This may help you get started.

Categories : PHP

Django's folder structure
You can put it wherever you think it makes the most sense. If you are ONLY going to have one Blog model and no functionality related it it, it could make sense to put it inside of your testapp, but I'm guessing it will have templates associated with it, url paths, views, so I think it should be its own app blog. The same goes for the user model. Also make sure you check out djangos built in User model

Categories : Django

Secure folder structure for php site
There is no defined structure for PHP projects. Application frameworks invariably use well-defined structures, but that is decided individually by each framework. In addition, the developer can easily work outside these structures (the price being that "automatic" features of the framework might no longer work in some cases). In order to prevent access to directories in your site you have to do one of the things you mentioned: either use web-server-level mechanisms such as .htaccess or move the directories outside the web root entirely. That said, in many cases there is no explicit need for such security: by strictly limiting the pieces of code that can produce immediate effects (typically down to just one front controller that boots up the application) and making sure that data is conta

Categories : PHP

Reorganise svn folder structure Tortoise
Firstly, you do not need to create an entirely new repo in order to reorganize your projects. Secondly, if you can, checkout the entirety of your Solution repo somewhere, and create and svn add the branches, tags, trunk folders. Do NOT commit them yet; you will svn move every other folder (the project folders) into trunk and then commit everything in one go. To illustrate, I created a SampleRepo, checked it out, then svn added and svn committed a few placeholder project folders: Then, I created the branches, tags, and trunk folders at the root of the repo checkout, then svn added them using TortoiseSVN: The repo checkout now looks like this: Now, I select all of the project folders, and right-drag them over to the trunk folder, selecting SVN Move versioned item(s) here: The

Categories : Svn

Complex folder structure using MVC 4 Views
You could write a custom view engine which allows you to override the default views locations: http://weblogs.asp.net/imranbaloch/archive/2011/06/27/view-engine-with-dynamic-view-location.aspx http://blog.thekfactor.info/posts/asp-net-mvc-custom-view-engines-using-the-razor-view-engine-as-the-base/

Categories : Asp Net Mvc

php procedural file and folder structure
Generally speaking yes, you should try to separate your files into folders according to their functionality. Please read the PSR-0 autoloading standard. I think it will help you to understand better why it's better to organize your code one way or another. https://github.com/php-fig/fig-standards/blob/master/accepted/PSR-0.md

Categories : PHP

Rails: Installing it without the folder structure?
After you install Rails normally via gem or RVM you can use isolated rails compoenents as you wish, just load them using require: #!/usr/bin/env ruby # sample ruby script that uses activerecord require 'rubygems' require 'active_record' ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection( etc, etc, etc ); class User < ActiveRecord::Base etc etc end User.all.each { |user| something }

Categories : Ruby On Rails

When designing for tablets what should be the res folder structure?
In all my tablet apps this is the structure I have, a drawable folder for xml created drawables,nine patch etc Then I have images for both Landscape and Potrait all meeting the ldpi,mdpi and hdpi. So the res folder has the following drawable drawable-land-ldpi drawable-land-mdpi drawable-land-hdpi drawable-port-ldpi drawable-port-mdpi drawable-port-hdpi

Categories : Android

How to set up folder structure in Visual Studio
They are called Solution Folders and they are not bound to the folder structure on the disk. If you open your solution file with a text editor, you can see how they reference the projects.

Categories : Visual Studio 2010

Yii multi-language folder structure
See the documentation. You can put it anywhere that suits you, and in the app config file, you can set the path where the messages component will look for message files: <?php return array( // ... 'messages' => array( 'basePath' => __DIR__ . '/../../messages', ), // ... );

Categories : PHP

XSL 2.0 Transform XML files while preserving folder structure
(a) the select=*.dita is actually a regular expression masquerading as a glob, and you should be able to use something like select=[A-Za-z0-9]{7,}.dita to be more selective. (b) the function document-uri() applied to a file returns the URI of the input file if known, and from this you should be able to construct the require output file name.

Categories : Xml

File and folder structure is changed in eclipse
Are you in the appropriate perspective ? It's been 3 or 4 years I haven't done JavaEE, but I think there is also a JavaEE perspective. Menu > Window > Open Perspective Finally, your problem seems to come from the view you have selected : Menu > Show View > Other > (General > Navigator) In the last picture, you are in the "Project Explorer" view and in the other one in the "Navigator" view.

Categories : Eclipse

Folder Structure in Codeigniter HMVC Extension
You can have multiple controllers in your module. So make a folder admin with admin controller in your module's controller folder. mymodule - controller - home.php - admin/admin_dashboard.php - model - model.php - view - home_view.php - admin/admin_view.php To access the modules echo Modules::run('mymodule/home/methodname'); echo Modules::run('mymodule/admin/admin_dashboard/methodname');

Categories : Codeigniter

301 redirect old site to new maintaining some folder structure but not all
The %{HTTP_HOST} var is the "Host" header from the request, which only contains the hostname, and no path info like /for-sale. Thus you match only against that and none of your rules will work because you're attempting to match against the URI path. So instead, all of your rules need to look like this: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^subdomain.example.com$ [NC] RewriteRule ^for-sale/(.*)$ /property-for-sale/search/$1 [R=301,L] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^subdomain.example.com$ [NC] RewriteRule ^for-sale-details/(.*)$ /property-for-sale/details/$1 [R=301,L] etc.

Categories : Htaccess

Get exact folder structure of embedded resources
If you're really needing to know the folder structures, you'll just have to keep things predictable. If you ensure that there are no periods in folder names and file names will only have 1 period, then you can safely parse your resource string into it's appropriate <namespace>.<path>.<filename> heirarchy. It depends on your requirements as well. If you just want all subfolders with Folder1, the rest of the folder structure parsing no longer matters as it's just matching the beginning resource string. Anything more complex, you will likely need to save the hierarchy information (perhaps generated in a build phase) in a format meaningful to you.

Categories : C#

List files in one folder structure which aren't in another
try this: for /r "D:Photos" %%a in (*.jpg) do set "$%%~na=1" for %%a in (C:OldPhone*.jpg) do if not defined $%%~na echo %%~a not in d:photos cmd has associative arrays, like awk. This doesn't work with file names containing =.

Categories : Powershell

Find out whether a whole folder structure exists (CMD Batch)
Wouldn't for /L %%a in (1,1,6) do md Folder%%a be easier, and create the directories whether or not they already exist? for /L %%a in (1,1,6) do md Folder%%a 2>nul should suppress messages for already-existing directories.

Categories : Windows

asp.net namespace doesn't match folder structure
Folder and filenames are ignored by the compiler. All it cares about is the contents of the files. .Net doesn't require folders to match namespaces. Class names are not required to match the filenames, either.

Categories : Asp Net

htaccess redirect of subfolders within a folder structure
mod_rewrite - change URL case Only that the second answer is the right one. Also, RewriteMap must be in the Server config or VirtualHost My solution for generic use: <VirtualHost *:80> ... <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteMap uppercase int:toupper RewriteRule ^/(en|he)(/.*)?$ /${uppercase:$1}$2 [L,R=301] </IfModule> ... </VirtualHost> So you can add languages separated by | For use with no access to server or virtual host configuration and for specific strings: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^en(/.*)?$ /EN$1 [L,R=301] </IfModule> Remember that in RewriteRule in per-directory (.htaccess is a per-directory setting) setting you omit the first slash on the match pattern. Checked on Apa

Categories : Htaccess

General advice and recommended folder structure - Sinatra
Sinatra is not opinionated when it comes to your file structure, you can place files however you like. When I first started I just dropped everything in the top level, but over time reading how people structure their code, reading over the source code of gems I've broken up my code into smaller .rb files that fulfill a specific function and places all of them under /lib, it's a convention carried over from rails perhaps but does not have any of the magic associated with it in rails. If you use scss or coffee script they depend on certain folders to exist, you will discover for yourself over time (and even then you can reconfigure them however you wish) and from this you will figure out what works best for you. if you write a restful api, check out grape - https://github.com/intridea/grape

Categories : Ruby On Rails

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