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How do I push a local repo to Bitbucket using SourceTree without creating a repo on bitbucket first?

As this video illustrates, creating a repo online first is the usual way to go.

The SourceTree Release Notes do mention for SourceTree 1.5+:

Support creating new repositories under team / organisation accounts in Bitbucket.

So while there is no "publishing" feature, you could create your online repo from SourceTree.

The blog post "SourceTree for Windows 1.2 is here" (Sept 2013) also mention:

Now you can configure your Bitbucket, Stash and GitHub accounts in SourceTree and instantly see all your repositories on those services. Easily clone them, open the project on the web, and even create new repositories on the remote service without ever leaving SourceTree.
You’ll find it in the menu under View > Show Hosted Repositories, or using the new button at the bottom right of the bookmarks panel.


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