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File is getting saved in UTF16 format. What might be the issue?

I'm guessing you have done something like:

string xml;
using(var sw = new StringWriter()) {
    xmlSerializer.Serialize(sw, obj);
    xml = sw.ToString();

in which case yes, the xml will internally declare utf-16, because it has correctly determined that it is writing to something that is inherently utf-16. There are probably ways to work around this in the writer (XmlWriterSettings.Encoding, for example), but a better approach would be either:

  • to write/serialize directly to the file, for example via a StreamWriter onto the file
  • to write/serialize to a MemoryStream rather than a StringWriter, since MemoryStream has no inherent utf-16 encoding

The encoding of a file is not quite the same thing as the declared encoding in the xml; if the xml as a string says utf-16, that won't magically change just because you write the string as utf-8

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