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Telerik radgrid paging in webshop, breaks when changing product amount on last page

The guys at Telerik helped me, the problem was that I was going through all items and not just the one where the amount changed.

Updated tbQuantity_TextChanged

protected void tbQuantity_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs
        if (!_readMode)
            RadNumericTextBox tbQuantity = (RadNumericTextBox)sender;
            GridDataItem dataItem =

            var shopItemID = (int)dataItem.GetDataKeyValue("ID");
            var shopItem = _sessionHelper.CurrentCart.CartItems.Find(x
=> x.ID == shopItemID);

            if (!shopItem.IsExternal)
                _sessionHelper.CurrentCart.CartItems.Find(x => x.ID ==
shopItemID).Quantity = Convert.ToInt32(tbQuantity.Text);
                _sessionHelper.CurrentCart.CartItems.Find(x => x.ID ==
shopItemID).TotalPrice = _sessionHelper.CurrentCart.GetItemCost(shopItemID,
                _shopItemHolder = _sessionHelper.CurrentCart;


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