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PHP (HTML5) based Windows Software
Your choosing the wrong language. PHP, HTML, JS, CSS and SQLLite are separate technologies. I'd suggest writing the app in another language capable of producing an executable like C / C++ (and one that can plug into to SQLITE fairly easy).

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How to handle basic, advanced, add on, and pro feature in Saas based software?
AFAIK, you should be handling these internally in your application so that the features like notification, workflow are marked as application features and for each tenant, there will be a mapping between the tenant id and the feature so that the tenant has access only to the features that he is subscribed to. So, when a tenant or his user logs in to the system, we identify the features and the contents that he can access and then show them to the user. This is called as a tenant licensing system. Also, whenever a feature is consumed, your code should be recording the tenant that consumed that feature and by how much and when and there can be cost associated with units of usage measurements. For more detailed discussion, please refer here Though these are all explained in C#, there shou

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is there software for jar file copy protection, or licensing software
Copy protection can't prevent your file to be copied but you can make it fail when it is run on unlicensed machines. Selection of a copy protection mechanism is a matter of budget and time. There are many companies with many products. You can go with not yet cracked technologies like iLok etc. This is applicable for very high revenue cases. But if your target audience is less than 1000 people then a simple in-house solution might work. Consequence of a complex method is typically many calls to support line and unhappy customers. Things got a lot easier after clients are all connected to internet. You can make some simple parts to run on server which a cracker would never dive into for a replacement. Or the app might download the contents from server after installation. Latter is what I d

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check if file in folder already exist based on conditional statment
$folder1="c:folder1" $folder2="c:folder2" $dest="c: estfolder" $folder1Files=dir $folder1 $folder2Files=dir $folder2 $newestFileFolder2=$folder2Files | sort LastWriteTime | select -expand LastWriteTime -Last 1 $equalFiles=diff $folder1Files $folder2Files -Property Name,Length -ExcludeDifferent -IncludeEqual -PassThru | select Name,LastWriteTime,FullName foreach ($file in $equalFiles){ #If the file present in Folder1 is newer then "all" the files in Folder2: do nothing if ($file.LastWriteTime -lt $newestFileFolder2){ #If the file in the Folder1 is newer then "some" of the file on the Folder2: copy the newer files to Folder3. if ((dir "$folder2$($file.Name)").LastWriteTime -gt $file.LastWriteTime){ copy "$folder2$($file.Name)" $dest -Force -recurse -includ

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Get software's information in WiX from software
The WiX.chm documents all the standard binder variables at the bottom of the topic titled Linker (light). It does not appear the those pieces of information are available. However, it might be something you could work with the WiX toolset community with to get the code added.

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InnoDB table errors: Doesn't exist/exist. Orphaned tables? Invisible database in mysql command clients
Ok nevermind. I finally fixed it. After adding the lines [mysqld] innodb_file_per_table to my.cnf, I dropped the whole database. Of course I dumped it earlier and recreated + restored the database. No problems here.

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Update if exist, insert row if not exist in MySQL
Try with ON DUPLICATE KEY like $sql = "INSERT INTO `table2` (Col2, Col3) VALUES ('val1', 'val2') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE Col2='val1', Col3='val2'"; EDIT : INSERT INTO table2 (ColB , ColC) (SELECT ColB.b,ColC.b FROM table1 b LEFT JOIN table3 c ON c.IDA = b.IDA LEFT JOIN table2 a ON a.IDB = c.IDB WHERE IDB = 111 ) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE ColB = ColB.b ColC = ColC.b And Try to avoid mysql_* statements due to the entire ext/mysql PHP extension, which provides all functions named with the prefix mysql_*, is officially deprecated as of PHP v5.5.0 and will be removed in the future. There are two other MySQL extensions that you can better Use: MySQLi and PDO_MySQL, either of which can be used instead of ext/mysql.

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SQL Server has MERGE http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb522522(v=sql.105).aspx that you can use as an UPSERT. Here's an example copied from the docs (Example A): MERGE dbo.FactBuyingHabits AS Target USING (SELECT CustomerID, ProductID, PurchaseDate FROM dbo.Purchases) AS Source ON (Target.ProductID = Source.ProductID AND Target.CustomerID = Source.CustomerID) WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET Target.LastPurchaseDate = Source.PurchaseDate WHEN NOT MATCHED BY TARGET THEN INSERT (CustomerID, ProductID, LastPurchaseDate) VALUES (Source.CustomerID, Source.ProductID, Source.PurchaseDate) OUTPUT $action, Inserted.*, Deleted.*;

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How can I get all the software link?
Because you only download the first page of content. Just use a loop to donwload all pages: import urllib import urlparse from bs4 import BeautifulSoup for i in xrange(3): url = "http://www.downloadcrew.com/?act=search&page=%d&cat=51" % i pageHtml = urllib.urlopen(url) soup = BeautifulSoup(pageHtml) for a in soup.select("div.productListingTitle a[href]"): try: print (a["href"]).encode("utf-8","replace") except: print "no link" if you do'nt know the count of pages, you can import urllib import urlparse from bs4 import BeautifulSoup i = 0 while 1: url = "http://www.downloadcrew.com/?act=search&page=%d&cat=51" % i pageHtml = urllib.urlopen(url) soup = BeautifulSoup(pageHtml) has_more = 0 for a

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The relationship between SAS software and SID
Both are possible. If your deployment package includes those products, then you might have them installed, even if they are not available per your license (SID file). That depends on what was selected at installation, and when the original deployment package was created. You (or whomever manages installations) could look at the deployment package in SAS Deployment Manager to find out. To answer the question I think you're asking, you could certainly have one deployment package that includes the modules, and use the appropriate SID file to only activate the desired products on the desired machine(s) while still using the same deployment package. You could also install with a SID file that does not contain them and then run a new SID that does contain them later, so long as your deploym

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Best software installation kit for Mac OS X?
It might be rich, but it is not the OS X "style" - I have not seen any installer do that in ages. If you would like to do a tutorial or orientation, I would launch that after the installation business has been completed. BTW, full screen etc are also discouraged on Windows.

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Testing software on windows 8
Use non-OEM version. As a person that is actively involved with development of paravirtualized drivers for Windows VMs and their certification with MS I think your IT department is not doing a good job.

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tfs preview and software licenses
I'm going to assume you're using the hosted build controller. If so, you can't install software on those machines as they use standard base images and are reset after each build. Any builds where you want/need custom software installed are best done using your own build server, either with an on premise machine or an IAAS VM in Azure. For reference the software included on the hosted build servers is listed here.

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Internationalizing java software
Have a read of this trail as it should answer most of your questions. For web applications we use the standard facilities offered by JavaEE. That essentially means passing a message bundle into a JSF page and then using mark up that looks like this #{msg.hello} in the page. "msg" is the name of the message bundle and "hello" is the key that will be used to look up the translated string. The translations are all held in properties files which have a standardized format and naming convention. The process works in much the same way for client applications although I don't feel it's quite as smooth As I understand it professional translators have software that will load properties files and assist them in producing the translations. Adding comments to your properties files is useful so th

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C++ software architecture and design
The inner class in C++ is not like it is in Pascal. It's just paled in the "namespace" of the outer class, but no other thing is changed. It sees only its own members, and the instance is unrelated to the outer one. If you want the relation, you must pass an instance of the outer somehow, say in the constructor. Then you can access members through that pointer or reference.

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PhpBB's automod like software for php
The reason that a system doesn't exist outside of phpBB is because it's an incredibly poor way to manage modifications. Your question does not make it clear what you want to gain from this, but since it is your own code, you should definitely not look to copy something so awful. For “patching” code If you want the ability to apply updates to your code, then you should look at handling it through version control. For instance, you could develop and test in a local git repository, and once you are happy, push the changes to the server. You have many options here from a basic update script to a fully-fledged Continuous Integration solution. phpBB have implemented a solution for patching code on your live site via a Web interface, which has many issues with security, verifiability and m

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Implementing SSE 4.2's CRC32C in software
Here are both software and hardware versions of CRC-32C. The software version is optimized to process eight bytes at a time. The hardware version is optimized to run three crc32q instructions effectively in parallel on a single core, since the throughput of that instruction is one cycle, but the latency is three cycles. /* crc32c.c -- compute CRC-32C using the Intel crc32 instruction * Copyright (C) 2013 Mark Adler * Version 1.1 1 Aug 2013 Mark Adler */ /* This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose, including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it f

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Installing a software using Makefile
You need to compile to an object file using the -c switch for gcc. This performs compilation but does not link your program, meaning that you can have a reference (such as the someFunctionDefinedInX) which is not yet resolved. Later, when you need to perform final compilation and link in that reference, use gcc myFirstUnlinkedObj.o mySecondUnlinkedObj.o. This will look at all of the object files, find all of the undefined references, and look them up in the other object (or source, if any) files. It then links them all together in your final executable. You can find a good explanation of what an object file is in this question. A makefile which could perform these steps for you could look like this (minus your install target): x-as-func.o: gcc -c x-as-func.c my-exe-file: x-as-fu

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Can I tell which software generated a PDF file?
You can try opening the file in Adobe Read and look at the properties. You can find this in: File -> Properties in Adobe Reader after you open the pdf file.

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Card emulation via software NFC
2) Card emulation by software should definitely be possible, but not exposed in current Android APIs. You will have to dig deeper into the libnfc-nxp (and possibly below). This might be a difficult one though. This feature is offered on Inside Secure's chips, as shown in their OpenNFC reference implementation. The only question is whether it requires a CLF firmware change. If not, then you can hack it into a software image. The caveats are, however, that you will lack the following features : - security (an Android app is not as secure as a smartcard) - fast and predictable response times (well, depends how you code it probably) - card emulation running when phone is off I believe SEOS is based on ISO14443-4 and not Mifare. This means you would need a secure element to run it. 1) Not

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Blogging software using Bootstrap on .NET?
Have you had a look at Orchard? It's a great .NET CMS, written in ASP.NET MVC 4. The development is active and the community is growing. It's also very pleasant to work with as far as theming goes. I authored a basic blog theme based on Bootstrap myself which you can download for free in the Orchard Gallery. There is also a plain Bootstrap Theme, which got updated just 12 days ago. I have never worked with BlogEngine.NET, but having worked with SharePoint for quite a while, I try to avoid WebForms at all cost.

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PLC Program Reference Software
I was wondering, because ages ago I developed PLC software and even then (end of the 80s) our programming software had a pretty decent cross reference generator on board, so with access to whatever programming console your PLC vendor uses you can probably generate cross reference listings and annotated versions of the software. But especially with older machines the quest for a programming console can be nearly impossible. As a plan B option, but one that still beats " unstructured" digitizing, and if the code is really basic ladder, without too much " function blocks" as our PLC vendor calls them, the Soapbox Snap open source ladder editor might be a tool you could use to document your code? As it's open source written in a popular up to date language (C#) it can probably even be exten

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Software sales errors
You need to declare the variable Sales. For example: int Sales = 99; The loss-of-precision errors are because you are assigning float values to int variables. While this is sometimes treated as a warning, it usually indicates an error and requires either declaring the proper variable types or using an explicit cast. Possibly you should declare the variables to be float. Alternatively, do all the calculations in integer cent values and avoid potential round-off errors. Not that you asked about this, but Java naming conventions are for variables to be camel case and start with a lower-case letter: sales instead of Sales (and totalSales instead of TotalSales, if you had such a variable name).

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Making a software setup for Mac OS
OS X applications are usually distributed as self contained app bundles that don't require an installer. It seems that Mono provides a package maker that help to create .app bundles from Mono projects: http://www.mono-project.com/MonoMacPackager

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Is This a Software Design Pattern?
This is a good thing because you can filter the inputs and outputs in a standard way. You can do validation and additional processing. You can also validate inputs so that the inner/virtual method can rely on certain conditions to be true. I usually use the suffix "Core" (GetBarCore).

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UDK Learning Help For A Software Engineer‏
In Unreal Development Kit as a Software Engineer you should know C++ , UnrealScript and Kismet. UDK Videos: Intro: UDK.com 3D Buzz Video Tutorials. UDK Kismet : 3dbuzz.com/training/view/unreal-development-kit/kismet. UnrealScript: 3dbuzz.com (unreal-tournament-2003-2004 unrealscript ). Books in Order of Importance 2013 : UnrealScript: Unreal Development Kit Programming with UnrealScript (Must Read Books)(Reading Order 4° ). UnrealScript: Unreal Development Kit Programming Cookbook (Reading Order 3° ). UDK Kismet : Mastering UDK Game Development (Reading Order 2° ). UDK Kismet : Unreal Development Kit Programming Game Design Cookbook (Reading Order 1° ). Documentation : UDK.com General programming with native code and UnrealScript. Total time 1 or 2 Year.

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WPF 4+ software rendering still an issue?
This list is still accurate. This is covered on MSDN's page regarding Graphics Rendering Tiers. The second labeled as "The following features and capabilities are not hardware accelerated:" lists the specific criteria that can cause non-accellerated rendering in WPF. This includes: TileBrush Content rendered via RenderTargetBitmap Any printed output Surfaces exceeding the graphics hardware's maximum texture size Layered windows on Windows XP.

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Software auto gen document on Eclipse
Use oxygen as stefan already said, it's free and you can get it here: http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/download.html Generate documentation from source code Doxygen is the de facto standard tool for generating documentation from annotated C++ sources, but it also supports other popular programming languages such as C, Objective-C, C#, PHP, Java, Python, IDL (Corba, Microsoft, and UNO/OpenOffice flavors), Fortran, VHDL, Tcl, and to some extent D. Doxygen can help you in three ways: It can generate an on-line documentation browser (in HTML) and/or an off-line reference manual (in ) from a set of documented source files. There is also support for generating output in RTF (MS-Word), PostScript, hyperlinked PDF, compressed HTML, and Unix man pages. The doc

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Analytics software for responsive website
We've used Mixpanel and Heap. Heap is newer but you don't have to be as precise when you mark up your pages. It just captures all the browser events and you have to dig in a bit to figure out which ones signify interesting events. Mixpanel takes a bit more markup behind the scenes. I don't think it has some of the equivalent reports that ClickTale does (like the heatmap).

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Updating own software in Program Files
He says its "extremely bad practice" to fiddle with your system so that normal users can write in "Program Files". If your program is in "Program Files" it's installed with System Admin rights. So updates need also be installed with System Admin rights. You can configure InnoSetup to request admin-rights so you can write to "Program Files" but if the 3rd party component does not do this its best to install everything in an other directory. i.e. C:Your_Program That way your 3rd party component can write there.

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iPod software version too high?
Regardless of the iOS version, you can not build to an iOS version higher than that of the SDK you have installed. Update your Xcode to the version that comes with the SDK that matches the iOS version you wish to build to.

Categories : IOS

How to make networked software aware of itself?
Bonjour by Apple might be what you're looking for. It allows your application to broadcast your service over the local network so that the PC will automatically discover it. You can find more information here.

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How to check the version of our software from a browser?
In MaVRoSCy's comment above: "only in IE this is possible with some ActiveX help, except if you run a dedicated local server just to serve this functionality". This actually fits perfectly, because each client computer already has a Windows Service running in the background at all times. A simple HTTP server can be added into this client service listening on a universal non-common port number such as 16580. This HTTP server can handle requests like /currentversion which returns the current application version. The javascript on the web page (hosted elsewhere but viewed on that client's browser) calls to obtain the latest version.

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Pyglet: Unstable fps when using Vsync... and no other software
Ok, I think I understand what is happening. In order to understand the behavior, I wrote to a file the time and frame rate everytime I drew a frame. I also used a "GPU task manager" to get information on the GPU load at a specific time (GPU-Z). When I have a lot of applications running in the back ground, my application runs fine and the GPU load is around 25%. When I do not have a lot of applications running in the back ground, my application is constantly out of sync, the CPU load is higher and the GPU load is around not steady. I made the observations on 2 different implementations of my code, and monitored GPU + CPU activity for 15 minutes each time. At first, I assumed that the CPU was taking all of the load... but it seems I was wrong.

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Prevent other software from opening my files?
On Linux, you would do this using kernel hooks/apis (iNotify) to decrypt the scripts before access, and encrypt them again afterwards. The difficult part is to figure out the calling program, because you may only decrypt if the calling program is the one you want the file to read, and not a text-editor for example. Probably the same is possible on Windows.

Categories : Windows

JVM creation failed in gephi software
JVM creation failed is due to "too much of memory" (https://github.com/gephi/gephi/wiki/Troubleshooting). I experience the same thing, having 4gb on my computer don't know why I can't have 1400 for gephi. For me 900 is the maximum that can work. I am trying SNAP at the moment, not sure if this works for you.

Categories : Misc

i want to develope a https proxy software
You seem to mix two concepts. CONNECT verb is used to tell the proxy that an OPAQUE tunnel must be built. In this case the proxy just forwards the data received from one side to the other side. You don't need any SSL in this case. If you want to act as a proxy, i.e. receive client requests, parse them, do other things, then connect to the server for the resource, then you don't need to handle CONNECT verb - you instead process GET, HEAD, POST etc requests. Update: I have written a small article that describes two types of proxies.

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Software that embed version of MSIE?
To check if it was in compat-mode I've tried detecting the user agent, and it was talking about Trident: 6.0, this version of Trident is only in IE10, so the browser was IE10. To force the page to rendere in the IE10 way I've added this header: <?php header("X-UA-Compatible: IE=edge,chrome=1"); ?>

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How to add menu button on the software keyboard
For starters, you will get a lot of people telling you here that this is a bad idea, and an old UI pattern. They are right... Here is my answer on a related question - and also lots of other opinions on the topic (some quite amusing): Show options menu button on Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.1) I particularly enjoy Compatibility Menu of Shame reference from @nicopico's answer. Please consider if you really want it - only use in extreme cases, like maybe your client is insisting. Otherwise avoid this pattern. You can set your build target to a version before ICS (i.e. up to and including API 13 / HoneyComb 3.2). <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="7" android:targetSdkVersion="13" /> That will get the system to use a compatibility mode setting that inserts an overflow icon i

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Multi language software to run on two platforms
That may refer to Font. make sure you have fonts available in windows. This is a link to a unicode to un-unicode converter. it may be useful

Categories : Java

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