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Certificate issue on console host and windows service host

thank to everyone who paid attention.

I managed to find the solution to this problem. In the service installer I had chosen the Network Service for the Log on account. So, what I needed to do was just give the appropriate permission to my certificate which in my case it was Network Service account.

You can assign right permission through below steps:

Open mmc -> Add/Remove snap-ins -> Certificate -> Add -> In my case Local Machine -> Folder where your certificate is -> Right click on certificate -> All Tasks -> Manage Private Keys -> and the rest of the permission assigning steps.

Edit: You should know that if you are using X509Certificate2 class to import your certificate to the store. If your situation is like that your windows service logs on as Network Service remember that this flag


should be set to allow the certificate private key accessible over the Network Service user.

I hope it help

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