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serialize : deserialize data structure to/from JSON

You can use the build-in JSON Object in Browser, unless you want to support the old IE version take a look at this link: Convert array to JSON.

You don't need to send a single question in serialized JSON-String, you can also synchronize the whole question array or a part of it with your data base. Try this in your case.

// create question objects
var q1 = {question:"your question 1"};
var q2 = {question:"your question 2"};
// creat question array
var questionList = new Array();
// add question to List
var yourJsonString = JSON.stringify(questionList);
console.log("jsonstring of questions: " + yourJsonString);

var newList = JSON.parse(yourJsonString);
// loop through the parsed Array Object
for (var i in newList) {
   // use tmp to get the question object
   var tmp = newList[i];
   // do what ever you want

and you will get some output like this

jsonstring of questions: [{"question":"your question
1"},{"question":"your question 2"}]
your question 1
your question 2

more info to the build-in JSON Object can be found under


In this example, the JQuery.parseJSON() are not needed. Surely you can use JQuery, if you want to. more about JQuery.parseJSON() can be found unter https://api.jquery.com/jQuery.parseJSON/ . I don't see the necessity to use JQuery.parseJSON() in your case.

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