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Locale aware edit control subclassing for decimal numbers ( format [sign] [xxx...] [decimal separator] [yy...] )

Taking into consideration locale-specific settings

You certainly can do everything yourself, however you have an option to use VarI4FromStr or similar API which does dirty stuff for you. You put string in, you get LONG out. Locale aware.

"Should accept only"

You don't specify how the control should enforce this exactly. What if the input string is not valid? Control should be still accepting it because, for example, string is just not yet valid and user is still typing. If you are validating the input in external handler, such as when OK button is pressed, then you don't even need to subclass. If you want to check input every time it changes, you don't need to subclass either since you have EN_CHANGE notifications on parent. You might want to subclass for other reasons though.

It is user-friendly to accept any input and then indicate validity somehow (such as underlining with red if invalid) either on text change or on input validation.

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