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How to handle time zone issue without storing date time as TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE

If you have the names of the time zones, you can use a query similar to the following to adjust alter timestamps:

  e.last_updated_date AS cst_last_updated_date,
  (FROM_TZ(e.last_updated_date, 'US/Central') AT TIME ZONE 'US/Eastern') AS
FROM events_tbl e;

In my experience this will automatically account for DST based on the locale.

If you're working with DATES and not TIMESTAMPS, you can also do the following:

  CAST (e.last_updated_date AS TIMESTAMP) AS cst_last_updated_date,
  (FROM_TZ(CAST (e.last_updated_date AS TIMESTAMP), 'US/Central') AT TIME
ZONE 'US/Eastern') AS est_last_updated_date
from events_tbl e;

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