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Wordpress blog hitting several CPU process on hostgator server than the limit, causing 500 server error

Your problem is most likely related to the underpowered or over-provisioned HostGator shared servers. Since their purchase by EIG last year, they've migrated customers to new hardware, and from my experience (I host 40+ WP blogs with them) this new hardware or provisioning rules has created poor performance for any site that relies on MySQL such as WordPress.

Shared hosting is always a gamble as you rely on the hosting provider to manage the number of accounts, and the performance as a whole. I've hosted with HG for years and they've been great, but since late 2013 the performance has been atrocious.

Caching is only a band-aid, as the core problem is MySQL performance and the over-crowding of the server.

Find another (non EIG) shared web host, or upgrade to a VPS to give you more control/protection from other customers.

Also, it's worth noting that Google XML Sitemaps plugin is a well known resource hog, and is explicitly not allowed by high performance WP hosts like WPEngine: http://wpengine.com/support/disallowed-plugins/

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