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Problem to plot 3D surface with R‏
Try this to see why I don't think this data is well suited for wireframe: cloud(Z~X+Y, data=FI02, xlab="X", ylab="Y", main="Surface elevation", type="l", screen=list(z=-60, x=-60))

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jquery ajax response append to sclect tag (state-district wise)
Here is a similar thread with a 406 HTTP Status response Spring JSON request getting 406 (not Acceptable) In general it means that the content type your browser(chrome) is requesting cannot be delivered by the server. The chrome browser indicates its desired content type in the Http Accept header. So there are several things you could check: Check in chrome's developer if the http Accept header is different in the request and fix that accordingly. If not, it is probably the response which cannot be generated. The link suggests that the Jackson JSON Mapper could not be registered or that the library is not on your classpath.

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kruskal.test shows "All group levels must be finite" error. What is the problem?
It should work if you run data$Grp <- as.factor(data$Grp) Then (as before): kruskal.test(data$Val, data$Grp) This is because Grp is a character not a factor and is.finite applied to an object of character class is always false (see ?is.finite).

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