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Can't push my committed branch to my cloned github fork, and I can't find my github fork

I'm not sure which one of those I did first

The more likely scenario is that you cloned your repo locally and used Egit to create a new branch (which is a great habit, kudos for doing that if you are new to git :) )

I am not familiar with EGit but it seems like it doesn't know where to push :

  • Push to upstream : push your local branch to the remote, updating the remote branch set as the upstream of your local branch.
  • Push branch : push your local branch to the remote, if there is no upstream set, create a new remote branch which will be your new upstream-branch for your local branch.

As for your last point : if it is not displayed at that URL, it means it does not exist anymore :


A solution would be to just refork it and update your remote URL.


After forking the main project, you will just have to change your remote URL :

git remote set-url origin {your_fork_url}

Don't forget to rebase your work to the latest origin/master after that. You should now be able to push your branch without any issue.

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