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In IE10+Win7 a ASP.NET ImageButton only works in Compatibility Mode

I would do a few things to see why it doesn't work. First thing I would do would be use the "F12 Developer Tools" and use that to see what may be happening. Sometimes it might be showing that something is being blocked. This way you can see if it is being fired or not. If you are unable to find anything useful in that, try resetting your Internet Explorer. You would do this by selecting internet options, click the advance key, and reset. I have run into issues where IE was just messed up from me constantly debugging. I would also check to see if it works on Firefox and Chrome. As for you code, the image button looks fine. To me, this is going to be a issue with your actual browser and not your code. You could also try uninstalling IE 10 and see if it works without compatibility mode in IE 9. Good luck!

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