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Qt5 to Qt4 UI File Compatability
The files generated by uic in Qt 5 will have #include <QtWidgets/QFoo>, which of course doesn't work in Qt 4. Or are you talking about .ui files generated by Qt Designer / Creator? Those will instead work without changes (modulo using Qt 5-only or Qt 4-only classes, of course).

Categories : C++

How to set compatability off in ie8 using code
Your web development is done in a standard (W3C), so it only works in internet explorer 8 (obsolete). Use ie8 is not the same as using the compatibility view for ie8, the differences are very large, the engines are different and therefore the final views are also different. Do not waste time developing for older browsers, use standards, learn from w3c.

Categories : HTML

CocoonJS + Crafty compatability
I'm making an usable port and it works great! I'm updating my advances in https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/craftyjs/2Ftv0kYGbXg where I'm posting my prototypes. I think in 1 or 2 weeks I will finish this crafty version. Of course, Crafty won't work out of the box in CocoonJS for now (at least the official version). But after I finish, the cocoon enabled craftyjs will be available for anyone to download and test, and maybe I can get starwed's attention to make an integrated version. My experience with the hacked port: The performance is great! CraftyJS is so low level, it's almost like common JS anyway, so no speed concerns around that if you know what your'e doing. I think some work has to be done in the multi touch support though.

Categories : HTML

Compression Compatability between Java and C
Deflator, GZIP and ZIP library in Java all use the zlib library to do the actual compression so they should be exactly the same, not just compatible. Most likely GZIP and ZIP is more portable as Deflator is just the compressed data with a smaller header/footer

Categories : Java

CSS rendering wrong on IE7 & IE 10 compatability
Can this fix your problem? CSS: body { background-color: #28A31E; } EDIT: I'm not sure what wrong behavior do you mean. In G chrome, I see large white space below page. In IE10 I don't see sliders at all and page is very long, but it seems that is ok because of right panel...

Categories : Javascript

Resolution and Browser Compatability
Your biggest problem is that you set left: 25% and width: 800px. You're getting exactly what you asked for. The left side of that div is 25% across the page, and the width of it is 800 pixels wide. While this may work for a specific resolution, it will certainly look off-center to others. Leave your width set and set margin: 0 auto; This sets an auto margin for left/right, which will effectively center your div on the page.

Categories : HTML

IE7 float bug in IE10 Compatability mode
Try changing your div <div class="year-wrap 1"> for this one <div class="year-wrap 1" style="overflow: auto;"> or simply add this in the class year-wrap of your css overflow: auto;

Categories : CSS

form element Compatability issues
Use something like normalize.css to help strip browser defaults. You'll need to add rules to stylize everything in a consistent manner, but this will be a good first step.

Categories : HTML

Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery 2.0 compatability
Yes they are. The only problem that may arise if use them together is if you use jQuery UI along with Bootstrap. For that you have to use jQuery-UI-Boostrap

Categories : Jquery

tomcat jdbc and spring version compatability
These two stack overflow links will solve your problems. org.springframework.beans.factory.CannotLoadBeanClassException: Cannot find class Spring Web App - CannotLoadBeanClassException caused by Java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

Categories : Java

Ext.net textfield and lable are hidden in compatability mode in IE
I made change in to for window and use Hidden="true" HideMode="display". Now I can able to find perfect UI even in compatibility Mode of IE <ext:Window ID="Window" runat="server" Title="Title of Form" Icon="Email" Hidden="true" HideMode="display"> **<Items>** <ext:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server"> <Content> ........................ ...................... </Content> </ext:Panel> <ext:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server"> <Content> ........................ ...................... </Content> </ext:Panel> **</Items>** </ext:Window>

Categories : Asp Net

YouTube iframe embed code not working in IE7, or in IE Compatability Mode
We have run into the same problem, using the iframe coding suggested by YouTube. It looks like a security setting. But there is a solution given on YouTube. If you select the "Enable Privacy-enhanced mode" check-box, you get a slightly different YouTube host, which seems to support compatibility mode: <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/VFNFDPpkTJs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Categories : Internet Explorer

Sql Server - changing column from UniqueIdentifier to varchar(128) - backwards compatability?
I've tried performed the below steps and I didn't see any issues, so i think you can go ahead and change the column datatype: Created the table with the column type as unique identifier. Created the stored procedure to insert a value into that table through NewID() function. Execute the stored procedure, and data was inserted without any issue. Now, I changed the column type to varchar and again executed the stored procedure. Procedure ran fine without any issue, and data was inserted. So, the answer is Yes, you can change the column data type.

Categories : Sql Server

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