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Looks like a bug in Chrome to me. If you don't have too many pages like this to change then could you try using message passing to pass the page you want to open to the background page? Then use either window.open or chrome.tabs.create within the background page. Example code shown below:


chrome.runtime.sendMessage({greeting: "OpenPage", filename:"somepage.html",
querystring:"?aValue="+someVal}, function(response) {});

Then in your Background page


  function(request, sender, sendResponse) {  
 if (request.greeting == "OpenPage"){
  open_page(request.filename, request.querystring)


function open_page(filename, querystring){

var pageUrl = chrome.extension.getURL(filename)+querystring;

chrome.tabs.create({'url': pageUrl }, function(tab) {
  // Tab opened.

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