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How to Commit and Push Android App/Project to Pre-existing Empty Bitbucket Repository with Android Studio?

The solution in full can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBEbJUEDWZQ

I typed up how to setup the plugin and how pull from a non-empty repo (feel free to use parent directory of your own choosing, I just felt this lead to a clean setup), the video has how to push to an empty repo

  1. Setting up BitBucket plugin

    1. Download BitBucket Plugin for IDEA/Android Studio
      1. At the time of writing (2014/06/25) the official plugin does not support IDEA13 which the current version of Android Studio (0.6.1) uses. However, there is an unofficial version that works (get the latest version)
    2. Open Android Studio
    3. On main menu click 'Configure' and then 'Plugins'
      1. Click 'Install plugin from disk', navigate to the plugin .zip file location, select it, and hit OK.
    4. Restart Android Studio when prompted
  2. Pull BitBucket repository onto local computer repository

    1. If Android Studio is not already running, start it
    2. From the 'Quick Start' menu, select 'Check out from Version Control'
    3. For 'Parent directory' click "..." on the right and navigate to C:Users [username] epos
      1. If 'repos' does not exist, create a new folder by clicking the 'New Folder' button (or hotkey Alt+Insert) and name the new folder 'repos'
    4. In the 'Checkout from' dropdown select 'BitBucket' and enter BitBucket credentials if prompted
    5. From the 'Repository list:' dropdown, you should see your desired repo. Select it, and click 'OK'

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