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How to handle Outlook's "Outlook is using an old copy of your data file (.ost). Exit outlook and blablabla" error at an API level using VBScript?
You could try to avoid the use of outlook.ost at all. Turn off cached mode (for Exchange) or turn off any Send/Receive settings for folders. Close Outlook and rename outlook.ost to .old. Open Outlook and check too see if outlook.ost is not created again.

Categories : Api

Managing Outlook meeting requests programmatically (incl. attendees) with ical
Multiple attendees can be specified by including multiple "ATTENDEE" properties within the calendar component. http://www.kanzaki.com/docs/ical/attendee.html You're almost there you just have to add in your list of attendee's (you're only adding the primary at the moment) as long as you add them in with the exchange email address it'll automatically add them into outlook and populate everyones calendar. If you don't use exchange you'll need to send the ical out to all attendee's too

Categories : PHP

Date format changing on VBA export from Outlook to Excel
it's because you are returning a string and vba will assume US format if possible-perhaps use Dim sTemp as string sTemp = GetLastVerb(msg) if isdate(stemp) then rng.Value = cdate(sTemp) else rng.value = sTemp end if

Categories : Excel

How to add events to Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar programmatically?
Google Calendar seems to be the best choice, as you can use the Google Calendar API. For an example written in Java, look here. Just make sure to note the GCal API usage limits. Outlook doesn't seem to have some sort of an API, but maybe you can make use of or modify something like the Jpst or java-libpst.

Categories : Java

Changing UIView size programmatically
If I understand correctly, you want to change the size of self.myview. However at no point you are setting the frame of it. Instead you are trying to call sendFrame: on the view controller and some search field. I'm surprised, that the former one didn't give you a compiler error. Try: CGRect newFrame = self.myview.frame; newFrame.size.width = 200; newFrame.size.height = 200; [self.myview setFrame:newFrame];

Categories : Iphone

Changing the main launcher activity programmatically
Instead of playing around with the intent filters, I suggest you create a blank Activity, with no UI, and register it as your launcher. This Activity's sole role is to choose the correct actual Activity you wanna show, launch it as a new task, and then quit silently.

Categories : Android

Changing Core data for Magento programmatically
So this is not a direct answer. Best practices are going to be to back up your database, and system, and restore to a development environment files and database. Edit the two entries for each store in the core_config_data table to change the url from the live site to the dev site url. Then develop your new or modified theme on the dev site and deploy the files to the live server when you are ready to push your changes. There could be an alternative way to do this. You could make a new store in on your Magento install See How to Make Multiple Stores and then copy the theme folder to your development them name directory. And finally configure the new/dev store to use your dev theme. Both of these are viable options. Trying to trick Magento to serve one theme to your IP and another to

Categories : Magento

Changing proxy settings programmatically in Windows for DSL connections
Here is a utility sample class that does it. You use it like this: static void Main(string[] args) { // read direct proxy server (return null if there isn't) of the connection named "MyConn" string server = ProxyUtilities.GetDirectProxyServer("MyConn"); // set a direct proxy server (set to null to disable) to the connection named "MyConn" ProxyUtilities.SetDirectProxyServer("MyConn", "myproxy:8080"); } And the utility class: public static class ProxyUtilities { public static string GetDirectProxyServer(string connectionName) { List<INTERNET_PER_CONN_OPTION> options = new List<INTERNET_PER_CONN_OPTION>(); INTERNET_PER_CONN_OPTION option = new INTERNET_PER_CONN_OPTION(); option.dwOption = INTERNET_PER_CONN_PROXY_SERVER;

Categories : C#

changing menu item programmatically is not working in android
Since you did not provide any other code, I can't say much about it. However, whenever you want to change the menu, you should call invalidateOptionsMenu(). What that does is it invalidates the menu, which in turn forces it to be recreated. During its recreation, one of the callbacks is onPrepareOptionsMenu(Menu menu). This is where you can make the change to your menu. Example: // This is where I want to change the menu. Can be anywhere in your activity. invalidateOptionsMenu(); Then override this method // Override this method to do what you want when the menu is recreated @Override public boolean onPrepareOptionsMenu(Menu menu) { menu.findItem(R.id.pencil).setVisible(false); return super.onPrepareOptionsMenu(menu); }

Categories : Android

Color changing in Custom Progress Wheel at runtime in android programmatically
Inside ProgressWheel.java (com.todddavies.components.progressbar.ProgressWheel), add a method: public void refreshTheWheel() { setupPaints(); } I click on a button, the progress starts progressing. that progress bar circle already one color. After the progress complete 100%, I want it to start again, that time , i need to change the color to be red runtimely When you need to change the color: // Progress is 100% if (progress == 360) { // Change the color mProgressWheel.setBarColor(Color.RED); // Refresh mProgressWheel.refreshTheWheel(); // Reset progress progress = 0; mProgressWheel.setProgress(0); // You can also use: // mProgressWheel.resetCount(); } Note: Please make sure that editing/adding to this library is allowed. Edit: See

Categories : Android

VS "Send Query to Outlook" does not work if VS is running as administrator and outlook is not
Disable UAC on your system. If you do this then all processes launched by a member of the Administrators group on your system will be run with full administrative rights by default (like XP and previous).

Categories : Windows

Programmatically changing backup file path of a Back Up Database task on SSIS
You may want to try this solution. Drag and drop a Foreach Loop Container and define a collection with paths where the backup files will be saved In the Variable Mappings tab define a variable which will hold a location for a backup file Place a Back Up Database Task inside of the Foreach Loop Container. Go to the Properties of the Back Up Database Task, open the Expressions window. Choose a DestinationAutoFolderPath and in the expression window use the previously define variable. Done.

Categories : Sql Server

Outlook 2007 Add-In Does Not Load on Outlook 2013
Is it not showing any error when you set the environment variable "VSTO_SUPPRESSDISPLAYALERTS" with value "0"? Did you also checked if it is in disabled items list in File => Options => Add-Ins => Manage choose disabled items?

Categories : C#

Outlook add-in using redemption in 32 and 64 bit Outlook version
The correct dll will be loaded by the COM system, not your code. As long as both versions are correctly installed and registered in the registry, your code will work without any modifications. Note however that you will not be able to install the 64 bit version of the dll on a 32 bit machine. You might want to look into using RedemptionLoader - you will skip COM registration completely, and RedemptionLoader will load the right dll for you based on the process bitness.

Categories : Misc

VB.NET WebBrowser Control Programmatically Filling Form After Changing User-Agent (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.)
Do you realize .All("btnK") returns a collection? So, you are doing .InvokeMember("click") on a Collection :). You cannot do that, you can only do .InvokeMember("click") on an element for obvious reasons! Try this: wb.Document.All("btnK").Item(0).InvokeMember("click") The .Item(0) returns the first element in the collection returned by .All("btnK"), and since there will only probably be one item returned, since there is only one on the page, you want to do the InvokeMember on the first item, being .Item(0). May I ask what it is you are developing? Since you're a new user, please up-vote and/or accept if this answered your question.

Categories : Vb.Net

How to programmatically see if user has paid for my app when changing from paid to free
There are several postsbelow here on StackOverflow concerning this topic. The short answer is that there's no fool-proof way to do it. Some possibilities: Check for some prexisting object exclusively from the Pro Version(db, pref, etc) This won't work for new devices, only if it's a simple upgrade on an existing install Use the old Pro app itself as the "key" to unlock(check PackageManager) Suffers from the same problem as above, and even uglier Create a unique id for each Pro customer, save it server-side and check on startup Necessitates internet access for validation, not very secure, users hate data collection A hybrid of more than one method would probably work best, but it depends highly on the implementation. No matter what you come up with, there will be some i

Categories : Android

Outlook Addin: Jumplists && only one addin instance even with multiple outlook instances
What jumplist are you referring too? How do you want to customize it? & 3. Only one Outlook.exe instance should be running at once. When a new Outlook window opens, it adds to the Application.Explorers collection

Categories : C#

How to open outlook mail (.oft) format in outlook template when used in in jsp?
If you are using Tomcat, you can explicit the mime-type for this file in <tomcat-root>/conf/web.xml : <mime-mapping> <extension>oft</extension> <mime-type>application/vnd.ms-outlook</mime-type> </mime-mapping> Searching more, I've not found any official documentation about the above configuration as if you can set it in <application-root>/WEB-INF/web.xml, you can try a custom Filter : @WebFilter(urlPatterns = "*.oft") public class MimeTypeFilter implements Filter { public void doFilter(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response, FilterChain chain) throws ServletException, IOException { response.setContentType("application/vnd.ms-outlook"); chain.doFilter(request, response); } public void init

Categories : Jsp

Add UISearchBar programmatically to a programmatically added UITableView in a normal ViewController
Is your object implementing the delegate methods in UISearchDisplayDelegate? In other words, you have to define what happens when text is entered in the search bar, it does not happen automatically for you.

Categories : Objective C

Dynamically changing background color of specific text without changing other attributes
Give your selected span a specific namespaced classname like <span class="gs-text-selected"> or whatever, then write CSS that targets that. You might have to add !important to your styles if you get cascade issues, but be careful with !important.

Categories : Javascript

Changing HiddenField value in codebehind no changing in Javascript function in order to use showModalDialog
Watch the casing on your Parameters variable. Also try using RegisterStartupScript instead of RegisterClientScriptBlock. The difference is the former will put your javascript at the bottom of the page while the latter puts it at the top. This will cause the script to run before the document it fully loaded. ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(Page, Page.GetType, DateTime.Now.ToString, "<script type='text/javascript'> ShowWindow(); </script>", False)

Categories : Javascript

Changing absolute positioned text div through jQuery, without changing it's position
I would start with this: #block_contact { position: relative; } Any absolutely positioned child elements will start from the top-left corner of #block_contact, instead of the top-left corner of the window. Try it and see if it fixes anything, I don't have any other ideas.

Categories : Jquery

Changing line width of CGContext while changing the image colour?
You set the line width with CGContextSetLineWidth(context, width). The reason why you're seeing no effect from this is because you aren't stroking anything. Line width applies to the line painted by stroking. You're filling, not stroking, and a fill has no line to give width to. If you want to put a border around the rectangle, you need to stroke it. That's what draws a line all the way around the perimeter of some shape. You have three options: Call CGContextSetLineWidth, then CGContextStrokeRect. Call CGContextStrokeRectWithWidth. Call CGContextSetLineWidth, then CGContextAddRect (to add the rectangle to the current path), then CGContextDrawPath with kCGPathFillStroke. (Or call AddRect before SetLineWidth if you prefer—they only need to both happen before DrawPath.) Note that a

Categories : IOS

Weird behavior when changing line separator and then changing it back
The problem you're having is that your input ends with END . Ruby sees the END, and there's still a left in the buffer. You do successfully set the input record separator back to , so that character is immediately consumed by the second gets. You therefore have two easy options: Set the input record separator to END (use double quotes in order to have the newline character work): $/ = "END " Clear the buffer with an extra call to gets: $/ = 'END' answer = gets gets # Consume extra ` ` I consider option 1 clearer. This shows it working on my system using option 1: $ ruby multiline_input_test.rb this is a multiline awesome input string FTW!! END "this is a multiline awesome input string FTW!! END " test "t

Categories : Ruby

Changing the order of creation of instances is changing their behaviour Python
In Python, declare instance variables within the constructor What you're actually doing is declaring class variables. If you want instance variables in Python, you will need to declare them them in your constructor: class Delish: # This is a class variable. # All instances can refer to this as self.foo foo = 42 def __init__(self,array): self.ing = [] # This is an instance variable self.rmax = [] self.rmin = [] self.lmax = [] self.lmin = [] self.answer = 0 self.ing = list(array) self.rightmax() self.rightmin() self.leftmax() self.leftmin() self.calculate()

Categories : Python

Default MVC4 Template changing dbcontext without changing database name
The context and the database don't always have to be the same name. You can define the name of your database in your connection string by using Initial Catalog=DbNameGoesHere. This way you can rename your context all you want and the database name is always the same.

Categories : C#

Changing a cell in a row of a DataGrid(WPF) is changing cells in rows below
Try using this: <DataGrid Name="SimpleDataGrid" ScrollViewer.CanContentScroll="False" ... /> for scrolls in terms of physical units. It DataGrid CanContentScroll it is enabled by default. For more information see MSDN.

Categories : C#

C++ Pointer: changing the contents without changing the address?
The pointer IS the object, so if you do new Object() you create a new one, but the functions with the prevoius pointer will not see it. If you want to change the content, you can do this, because all other objects which know the pointer will reference the values that your object contains. It's a bit similar to a global variable. So you can pass around the pointer and all functions will see your changes as soon as they acces the object.

Categories : C++

Changing URL without changing Actual Path to Redirect
ASP.NET MVC 4 provide a toolbox way to write your application. The URL that you see in the browser comes from Routing that do the hard work to convert url to app routes and app routes to url. 1) The default ASP.NET MVC 4 Template project comes with a file at App_Start folder named RouteConfig, where you must config the routes for the app. 2) The routes has precedence order, so, put this route before the default one: routes.MapRoute( name: "RouteForPageId", url: "{pageId}/{action}", //controller = "Home" and action = "Index" are the default value, //change for the Controller and action that you have //pageId is the parameter from the action that will return the page defaults: new { controller = "Home", action = "In

Categories : Asp Net Mvc

Outlook Add-In, right Eventhandler
You can assume that the email will be unread, so you should be able to use Items.Find/FindNext to look for the unread messages. Or you can store the date of the last processed e-mail and, again, use Items.Find/FindNext to search for messages with CreationTime greater than some value.

Categories : C#

Automate Outlook from COM+
You need to clarify a bit here. You say you want to automate Outlook, but not take a dependency on it. That's just weird unless you're abstracting the concept of an email client, which does not seem to be your motivation. Assuming you do take a dependency on the interop assembly, you could check for broken/invalid references before your application actually uses that reference. See here.

Categories : C#

VBScript to get information from Outlook (without any AD!)
That information is only accessing through the Exchange Web Services (EWS) API. Use the Namespace.Stores collection You can only access that information through the file system Same as 2, but you will need to check the Store.ExchangeStoreType property to be olAdditionalExchangeMailbox (=4).

Categories : Vbscript

Get data from Outlook to Database
I have build a solution like that, I use it daily to read and file mail as part of my daily workflow. But as others have hinted you need to be specific about what you need help with. If (TypeOf olItem Is Outlook.MailItem) Then Dim olMailItem As Outlook.MailItem = TryCast(olItem, Outlook.MailItem) If olMailItem.Permission = Outlook.OlPermission.olUnrestricted Then strBody = olMailItem.HTMLBody 'file:///C:/AttSave/header.png Else strBody = "Rights Protected fix if I'm not in debugger" End If For Each olAttach In olMailItem.Attachments If olAttach.Type <> Outlook.OlAttachmentType.olOLE Then olAttach.SaveAsFile("c:AttSave" & o

Categories : Visual Studio 2010

Access Outlook folder through C#
I was checking the example you provided , This example requires: A folder named TestFileSave at the root of the C directory. Before you excute the code, you have to create it manully or in code , if you create it in code you may get security issues , so it's better you manually creat it or use another drive instead of C. And plesae be so kind enough to provide us with the exception if you get any error becuase that will make us easy to help you

Categories : C#

How can I integrate outlook 365 with sendgrid
I believe I have found the information you are after. Unfortunately I can't help you go through the steps because I don't have access to an Exchange Online account, but hopefully these resources will solve your problem. The reason there isn't information about this in the Exchange Online docs is that it's actually something that needs to be done in Forefront. Here are the basic steps: Configure a Send Connector in Forefront In Exchange Online/Office 365, mailboxes are protected by Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE). If you are an Office 365 E plan user, please refer to the following steps: Log in to Office 365 MOP page with admin account. Click Manage under Exchange tab. Click Manage My Organization->Mail Control->Rules, click the link "Configure IP safelist

Categories : Misc

Emailing data in outlook
Your code is completely correct except that you need to pass html type to MIMEText: msg = MIMEText("%s" % body, 'html') I've tested it with my gmail account, seen html code in the message without setting html type. Alternatively, you can use mailer package as suggested here.

Categories : Python

Outlook Interop Exception
have you tried this? Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.Application myApp = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.Application(); Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.NameSpace mapiNameSpace = myApp.GetNamespace("MAPI");

Categories : C#

Outlook.com put extra p around my spaces
Outlook has trouble rendering html emails correctly. There is a little hack that might help you: <style type="text/css"> .ExternalClass p (Or whatever, you can target pretty much anything here) {line-height: 50%; margin:0;} </style> This will talk to outlook's native stylesheets and adjust those, since outlook applies the .ExternalClass class to your email. Here is some important information on the subject: http://www.emailonacid.com/blog/details/C13/line_height_and_outlook.com Many will say that all styling in html-emails has to be inline. This is true to an extent because some clients will strip the head and body tags from your email. But for those that don't, like outlook, it is a valuable space for work arounds. Hope this helps.

Categories : HTML

Filtering Outlook items using C#
I used the code below and it works perfectly. I probably use too much 'IncludeRecurrences = false' but it works ;) I had to do that, or it acts weird (I think 'IncludeRecurrences' compares things differently) Just put the calendar as first parameter and pDateToRead as the date you want. (For example) var calendar = outlook.GetNamespace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder(OlDefaultFolders.olFolderCalendar); var calendarItems = GetCalendarItemsOnDate(calendar, DateTime.Today); Actual method: public static IEnumerable<Outlook.AppointmentItem> GetCalendarItemsOnDate(this Outlook.MAPIFolder pCalendarFolder, DateTime pDateToRead) { var filter = "( [Start] >= '" + pDateToRead.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy") + "'" + " AND " + " [End] < '" + pDateToRead.AddDays(1).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy") + "'

Categories : C#

Can't send mail from Outlook via C#
I think the error message “The item has been moved or deleted” is telling you the mail is already sent, so you should not change its "To" and send again. Please try to create the MailItem inside for-loop, or add all the address into mail item before sending the mail.

Categories : C#

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