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C# Cancel Windows Shutdown
private void Form1_FormClosing(object sender, FormClosingEventArgs e) { if (e.CloseReason.Equals(CloseReason.WindowsShutDown)) { MessageBox.Show("Cancelling Windows shutdown"); e.Cancel = true; } }

Categories : C#

How to renew a Safari Developer Certificate in windows
OK heres the process for Windows XP / Windows 7, if you need to renew your Safari Developers Certificate. 1) Create a text file named certreq.txt with the following contents [NewRequest] Subject="cn=Safari Developer,o=User" RequestType=pkcs10 KeyLength=2048 Exportable=TRUE 2) Open a command prompt, change to the directory where certreq.txt is and type the following command certreq -new certreq.txt cert.pem 3) Now login to the Safari Developers Member Center and then go to the request a certificate page, its currently at: https://developer.apple.com/account/safari/certificate/certificateRequest.action 4) Click the Continue Button 5) Click the Choose File button, locate the cert.pem file you generated earlier and upload it 6) They should then present you with a certificate file t

Categories : Windows

RadBusyIndicator A web call and a DispatcherTimer locking my UI. Need cancel button Windows phone
The answer is to use a BackgroundWorker this was the hack I came up with BackgroundWorker bw = new BackgroundWoker(); private void login_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { bw.DoWork += (sender3,args3) => { timer.Tick += (sender2, args) => { if (classes.WebDataAccess.LoginBag.propBag.Count > 1) { .... This prevents the timer from locking the UI up.

Categories : C#

GUI client for SVN for Windows that integrates with Visual Web Developer 2010 & older Express editions
Try TortoiseSVN. It's the best standalone SVN client for Windows. Microsoft does not allow to use 3rd party extensions with Visual Studio Express / Visual Web Developer.

Categories : Svn

How Can Be Used the Command Line of Developer Command Prompt in Vim on Windows?
You need to setup your PATH, INCLUDE and LIB environment variables. You could do that by running D:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0VCvcvarsall.bat (or wherever it is located on your installation) in the same prompt you're running vim, or even manually setting these environment variables (here is a list of all values for VS2008 and Windows SDK: Using Visual Studio's 'cl' from a normal command line). However, you just can't run the bat file from vim directly, because it will open another Prompt, so the environment variables will be set only for that new prompt. The other option is just to create bat file which you can put it inside your PATH, for example cvim: call "D:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0VCvcvarsall.bat" "C:Program Files (x86)Vimvim74g

Categories : C++

Restarting firefox using the developer console (shift+F2) makes every restarted window have the developer console open
The Developer Toolbar is a global thing, just like any other toolbar (e.g. Nav Bar or Bookmarks Bar). Firefox will remember the visiblity state and will restore it when opening new windows, either the usual way, or after a restart.

Categories : Firefox

Cannot cancel a task via CancellationTokenSource.Cancel()
I think you're probably expecting too much of CancellationToken. As regards Tasks, I think the CancellationToken is only used when determining whether to start the task when a slot is available for the task. Once the task is started, the task framework cannot simply abort the delegate call when the CancellationToken is cancelled. In order to fully cancel something like this, the code that is called by the Task framework (DoPosting) must be written to be aware of the CancellationToken and must check the state of that token directly at appropriate points in the code.

Categories : C#

How to cancel an event without using e.Cancel method?
You can't. WinForms events are just multicast delegates then they can't be canceled (in the sense of stop propagation of the event) unless this situation is handled by the object that exposes the event (but I'm now aware of any object that supports this, usually events are notifications). That said, some events has argument with a Cancel property, it's used by the object to cancel the action that should be performed because of that event. Again if the implementation does not provide that property there is not anything you can do to change this behavior. In your case you should override the OnCellClick method of DataGridView to handle that in the way you prefer (if you do not call the base class then cell won't get the click event and CellClick event won't be fired).

Categories : C#

Why the backgroundworker cancel button dosent cancel the backgroundworker operation?
Because your DoWork event checks the CancellationPending property before it starts doing all the heavy work. The correct way is to check this property inside the loop. Also note that if you're copying just a few, but very very large files, and want to cancel even while it is busy copying a file, you need to write out code that can be cancelled that does the copying as well.

Categories : C#

Can one apply iOS Developer Program ($99/year) and iOS Developer Enterprise Program ($299/year) at the same time?
Nope. Its not possible. If you are already registered for iOS Developer program then you want to go for the Enterprise program then you have to contact Apple for that. Contact Apple If you are already registered for the iOS Enterprise program then you must have to setup new account for iOS developer program. Q : I am already enrolled in the iOS Developer Enterprise Program. Can I add the iOS Developer Program to my existing account? A : No. If you would like to distribute apps on the App Store, you must set up a new Apple ID to enroll in the iOS Developer Program. For more info refer Program Enrollment

Categories : IOS

Button Cancel causes validation...I dont want validation on Cancel Button
Solved it: $('form').find("[data-valmsg-summary=true]") .removeClass("validation-summary-errors") .addClass("validation-summary-valid") .find("ul").empty(); Somehow, only this solution I found HERE worked for me. It's not even the correct answer marked in that post.

Categories : Jquery

Are Windows-GUI calls (creating visible windows, etc.) allowed in a Windows-Service?
GUI elements from a Windows Service are shown on Session 0. On Windows XP & 2003, users were allowed to log in to Session 0 and interact normally with the windows created by a service, but Microsoft put a knife in the heart of interactive services in Vista (and beyond) by isolating Session 0. So, to answer your specific questions: Is a process running in the context of a Service (the Service itself or any process it starts) "allowed" to make Windows API calls that display a visible GUI? Will most Windows API calls (e.g. creating and showing a window, using Shell_NotifyIcon, etc.) behave the same in the invisible session of the service? Yes, GUI calls are allowed and should succeed as normal. The only notable exceptions that I know of are those related to tray icons b

Categories : Windows

ADO application compiled in Windows 7 runs in Windows 7 does not run in Windows XP, msado15.dll
I have found the solution. See the bolded section for my exact solution, although this may also solve others. (Taken from this website) Notes •Consider the scenario where you are a C++ developer, and you include the following line of code in the application: #import msado15.dll Consider the scenario that you are not using MSJRO, and you recompile the application on Windows Vista, on Windows Server 2008, or on later versions of Windows. The compiled application must run in Windows Vista, in Windows Server 2008, or in later versions of Windows. In this scenario, you must change #import msado15.dll to the following: #import msado60.tlb Consider the scenario that you are using MSJRO, and you recompile an application that must run in Windows Vista, in Windows Se

Categories : C++

Facebook app developer
Yes...I think if you are authorized user added in the app settings then you can access the app using https://developers.facebook.com/apps/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX?app_id=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX- is your app id Login into your facebook account first.

Categories : Facebook

Get More Apps by developer
Besides comments above, you could simply jump to App Store.app for searching Apps by the artist name, using this: [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"itms-apps://itunes.com/apps/[artist name]"]];

Categories : IOS

Developer API key issue for AOL
It looks as if the AOL Open Auth API has been discontinued. http://www.programmableweb.com/api/aol-open-auth http://www.programmableweb.com/api/aol-open-mail All links that used to point to its documentation now point to the main aol.com website. I also just called AOL and the technical support representative was unable to find any information at all on any developer APIs. Sorry, looks like you're out of luck.

Categories : Misc

Best way to cancel asynctask
What I have done in the past is set a synchronized boolean that the async task and its caller can see. When I want to cancel the async task I set the boolean to false (normally named active). Inside the async task, I check the flag at various points and if it is ever false (meaning it has been cancelled) then I just return without completing the rest of the task. Without seeing your specific situation it is hard to be more specific. Hope it helps, Mike

Categories : Java

Can't cancel set.interval
HTTP request is made Error response comes back Interval 1 is created calling checkConnection every 10 seconds HTTP request is made Error response comes back Interval 2 is created calling checkConnection every 10 seconds HTTP request is made Success response comes back Interval 2 is cancelled … but interval 1 is still running. Don't start the interval inside the error response. Either do it as the means by which you start the very first run of checkConnection or use setTimeout instead. setTimeout is probably better as it will avoid race conditions in which the request takes more than 10 seconds to get a response.

Categories : Javascript

How to cancel AWS 1.4.6 AmazonServiceRequest in iOS
I am one of the maintainers of the AWS SDK for iOS. The cancel method has been available on AmazonServiceRequest since version 1.4.4 as seen in GitHub. You may want to verify that you don't have an older version of the SDK in your Framework search path. You can verify the version of the SDK you are using with the code metioned on the AWS Mobile Developer Blog. Can you let us know why you are unable to use the latest version of the SDK? Is there something we can change to help make it possible for you to upgrade?

Categories : IOS

How can I cancel a Form_Load?
I'd make the loading of the form itself conditional instead of canceling it: try { // Do your validation stuff here... // The form will only show if the validation didn't throw. Application.Run(new Form1()); } catch (Exception) { TextFile file = new TextFile(); string info = datei.ReadFile("user_log"); MessageBox.Show(info); } This is more efficient since the loading of the form is skipped altogether.

Categories : C#

GWT: A way to cancel PlaceChangeEvent?
You can do it a little bit differently I think. Let's say that you want a place called SecuredPlace to be accessible only after login. You have a corresponding SecuredActivity. What you can do is, when you start your SecuredActivity, you check if your user is logged in. If not you do placeController.goTo(new LoginPlace ()). If the user is logged in then you continue. As the start is called by the framework there is no way to skip this step which in my opinion makes it secured enough. But you should implement your security on network calls to your backend not on places. Every time you call the backend, you check that user is authenticated and has the right credentials. If not you can intercept the callback, check that it is a 403 error and then redirect automatically to your login page.

Categories : Gwt

How Do I Cancel Out A CSS Property?
The best way is to make a more specific CSS rule, such as: body #topSurround a:hover { color: transparent; } Specificity is an important CSS concept, as described in this article: http://coding.smashingmagazine.com/2007/07/27/css-specificity-things-you-should-know/

Categories : CSS

What's the GWT Developer Plugin Protocol
A typical development mode session can be seen below: What's the exact protocol of this process? Development mode uses a special engine to run your app as a mix of both Java bytecode and native JavaScript. The official docs itself very clear about what happens when you run the app. When you starting running Which means that you are interacting with your GWT application without it having been translated into JavaScript. Anytime you edit, run, and debug applications from a Java integrated development environment (IDE), you are working in development mode. When an application is running in development mode, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is actually executing the application code as compiled Java bytecode, using GWT plumbing to connect to a browser window. This means that the de

Categories : Java

WP8 In-App list in the Developer Dashboard
Go to your application profile on the Dashboard, select "Products", then click the "Add in-app product" link:

Categories : Windows

not being recongnized by IE F12 developer tool
The end tag for a <p> is optional A <p> cannot contain a <div> When you open the <div> you end the <p> implicitly. Then when you try to close it with </p>, it is already closed.

Categories : HTML

Cannot export developer ID signed Mac app
You've done the right part in xcode, the only place that might be the problem is the Dev portal. Check your Dev certs in there if needs be you may have to remove those and request them again then sync them with xcode. That has worked for me before and might work out for you.

Categories : Xcode

Export to a file from SQL Developer?
You can just write a query in SQL Developer: select /*csv*/ * from tableName Then copy/paste the results to a new file. This question how to export query result to csv in Oracle SQL Developer? also has several other suggestions.

Categories : SQL

SQL Query in Oracle SQL Developer
Don't join the tables. as you require to get the data from only one table and table structure are same then you can have multiple unions -- In oracle database you can not have column name as date, I am assuming that date column name is c_date- select ItemID, c_Date, and UserCode from Jul1 where UserCode = 'Automation' AND c_date = trunc(sysdate) -1 union all select ItemID, c_Date, and UserCode from Jul2 where UserCode = 'Automation' AND c_date = trunc(sysdate) -1 union all select ItemID, c_Date, and UserCode from Jul3 where UserCode = 'Automation' AND c_date = trunc(sysdate) -1 union all select ItemID, c_Date, and UserCode from Jul4 where UserCode = 'Automation' AND c_date = trunc(sysdate) -1 *sysdate is system function which will return the current date with time value.

Categories : SQL

Drop all tables sql developer
You can write a script, specifically, loop, in which you select Table_name from user_tables and iterate this loop , and use "execute immediate" command to drop them. But I would suggest this - in sql tool do select 'drop table ' || table_name || ';' from user_tables where table_name like 'TBL_%' Then you copy output of this query and paste into your sql editor, and execute. Remember, if sql+ is your editor, if you paste them all, they will start execute. May be you want to use notepad to review and edit it first. But you can't just drop more than one table in one single command. Check this link for other options associated with drop table http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14200/statements_9003.htm

Categories : Oracle

XCode developer data
Click where it says "currently matches 'iPhone Developer..." and verify that the checked option is under the "Automatic Profile Selector" heading. If it is, your personal info shouldn't be in the Xcode project. You can verify this further by searching the PROJECTNAME.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj file for occurrences of your information. For further confirmation, you can grep your project directory with grep -ilR SIGNING_IDENTITY_HERE * which should reveal any occurrences of the signing identity. You can cross-reference this output with the files ignored by git to assess your risk.

Categories : IOS

Not able to filter column in Sql Developer
In SQL Developer Version, after running a query you can bring up filter on column dialogue box by one of two methods: Click on the column heading (EMPLOYEE_ID in the screen shot below) Right click on column heading (Again EMPLOYEE_ID) and select "Filter Column"

Categories : Oracle

How to open developer options using ADB?
OK, I found a way: adb shell am start -S com.android.settings/.Settings$DevelopmentSettingsActivity I used this : https://github.com/android/platform_packages_apps_settings/blob/master/AndroidManifest.xml to find the name of the Activity I needed. Now I have to figure out how to choose the stay awake option by createing a touch event or something...

Categories : Android

Best TFS Template for Single Developer
For that I would go with the Scrum template, and only track requirements and bugs, not tasks. Use the built in Kanban board to display the status to anyone that needs to see it. (I choose the Scrum template here because the bug work item type is in the requirements category by default). Alternatively, if the people who need to be made aware of the status of your work are all collocate with you, a physical Kanban board might serve your needs better. This is the method I usually prefer.

Categories : Tfs

Sending an iPhone app to another developer
Yes, There is a way for sure. Have you heard about TestFlight ? It's a beautiful tool to send your beta apps over the air with ease. It's simple, painless, and magical. It provides app management, distribution, tracking, and centralized feedback as well as crash reporting. You can integrate it in your App easily by following the steps given here : How to use TestFlight to distribute your beta app ?

Categories : Iphone

XGpio_SetDataDirection, Xilinx, C developer
You can find/generate Microblaze drivers' API documentation right from your design. E.g. in Xilinx Platform Studio right clicking on Microblaze core should bring you menu item Driver / View API Documentation. From there you can navigate to xgpio driver and for XGpio_SetDataDirection you should see something like this: void XGpio_SetDataDirection (XGpio * InstancePtr, unsigned Channel, u32 DirectionMask ) Set the input/output direction of all discrete signals for the specified GPIO channel. Parameters: InstancePtr is a pointer to an XGpio instance to be worked on. Channel contains the channel of the GPIO (1 or 2) to operate on. DirectionMask

Categories : C

On clicking CancelBtn cancel changes
There are number of approaches: One of the you've mentioned - just throw away modified object and get new one with unchanged properties from store. Memento/Caretaker pattern. Memento is an object, that takes the snapshot of original values, and Caretaker is an object, that can rollback changes, using snapshot, stored in Memento (also, you may consider Undo/Redo as an evolution of this pattern). You could modify a copy of object, and if the user wants to save changes, you should apply property values from copy to original. This requires object-to-object mappers (e.g. Automapper), as the manual copying of property values is error prone.

Categories : C#

Ok and Cancel Button Not showing
Your fileTextbox.Location.Y is zero, so subtracting 80 puts in above the form. Try fileTextBox.Bottom + 4 or something like that. Using the designer to create this dialog form is probably the better route to take. Along with the placement of the controls, you can use Anchors to make the controls relate to the size of the form.

Categories : C#

Cancel Rails DB connection
One possible way to do this is to use middleware. A good resource for setting up your own middleware is http://railscasts.com/episodes/151-rack-middleware?view=asciicast However, I'm not convinced that the problem you're experiencing is because of too many connections to Postgres. This is just a hunch, but I think your problem may lie elsewhere.

Categories : Ruby On Rails

How i can i cancel the subscritpion for my subscribers
To cancel your customer's recurring payment profile: 1.Log in to your PayPal account. 2.Click Profile near the top of the page. 3.Click My selling tools. 4.Click Update beside "My automatic payments." 5.Click "Active" under Overview to display all active payments. 6.Tick the checkbox beside the name(s) of the customer(s) whose profile(s) you want to cancel. 7.Click Cancel beside "Actions."

Categories : Paypal

Does the htaccess rules add up or cancel each other?
htaccess files are linear .. Meaning the directive nearest the bottom of the page will override a directive above it if they are the same, IE: AllowOverride All Then AllowOverride None The AllowOverRide None would be the one the file "executes" since it is below AllowOverride All .. Conversely, an .htaccess file with the same directives but in a sub-directory will override the the .htaccess directives in the directory above if the directives exist in both .htaccess files.

Categories : Htaccess

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