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Does Intellij Ultimate 12 support Python/Django?

I tried installing the Python plugin, but it just doesn't seem to work under IntelliJ 12.1.6.

Out of curiosity, you say it does not work in 12.1.6, but you link to a forum post from 14 Feb 2013, the day 12.0.4 was the released. So I'm not sure how that's relevant.

Has Jetbrains abandoned the plugin in favor of PyCharms?

The PHP plug-in is basically PyCharm's code bundled for IntelliJ IDEA. I highly doubt JetBrains is abandoning the plug-in. IntelliJ IDEA is its flagship polyglot IDE. And given they released a new version of it less then 2 weeks ago, that's a pretty good sign it is not abandoned.

I'm a little confused as to what versions of the Python plug-in you have tried. You indicate in your above comment "versions 1216 and 1294". I'm not seeing how those values map the the plug-in version. The latest version of the Python plug-in is v3.0.1 which is for IDEA 13 (currently in EAP/beta). The latest plug-in for IDEA 12 (build 129-*) is v2.10.2 released 2013-08-26.

If you are manually downloading the plug-in, you need to pay attention to the "Since build" and "Until build" values. (If you only upgrade from within the Plug-in Manager within IDEA< this is all managed for you.) IDEA 12.1.x builds are on the 129.* branch. IDEA 12.0.x was the 123.* branch. And IDEA 13 is the 133.* branch (with some early releases on the 130.* and 131.* branches). So for 12.1.x, the only compatible plug-ins are:

All others are either for earlier versions of IDEA or for the upcoming IDEA 13. IDEA v12.1.6 with Python Plug-in v2.10.2 works fine for me.

Can you verify the plug-in version? If it still does not work, can you provide some more detail on what is not working.

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