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diskpart select by disk label

As there is missing valid drive letter in some lines of the Diskpart output (list volume, column ltr), then tokens in line #19

For /F "Tokens=1,2,3*" %%I In ('Diskpart /S "%_OFile1%"^|Findstr
/I /R /C:"Disk [0-9]" /C:"Volume [0-9]"') Do (

display as follows (and we have our culprit now):

%%I    %%J  %%K      %%L
Volume 0    D        USBBOOT      UDF    DVD-ROM      329 MB ...
Volume 1    Windows  NTFS   Partition     40 GB  Healthy
Volume 2    Recovery NTFS   Partition     19 GB  Healthy
Volume 3    Z        WINPE        FAT32  Removable   7632 MB ...

Therefore you could use next snippet code (instead of lines 19..26) in your script:

For /F "Tokens=1*" %%I In ('Diskpart /S "%_OFile1%"^|Findstr /I
/R /C:"Disk [0-9]" /C:"Volume [0-9]"') Do (
  If /I %%I==Disk (
    Set _Tmp=%%J:
) Else (
    Set _Label=%%J
    Set _Label=!_Label:~10,11!
>>"%_OFile2%" Echo.!_Tmp!%%J:!_Label!

Care this change interferes _Tmp variable!

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