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Why doesn't my BroadcastReceiver's onReceive get called when the BroadcastReceiver is an inner class?

Why is that?

you are got major fundamental mistake about how to send and receive broadcast mechanism works:

you are providing to alarm manager a PendingIntent to start broadcast, but in practice - you providing it intent without any Action specified.

sending broadcast without an action is meaningless!!!

you should add to the intentAlarm object an custom action string that identify your broadcast, and register your AlarmReceiver receiver programatically with an IntentFilter that handles this custom action:

 Intent intentAlarm = new Intent(CUSTOM_ACTION_STRING);

(you should hold reference to an instance of your AlarmReceiver class. that's the mAlarmReceiver ...) add to the Activity onResume() callback registration to the broadcast:

public void onResume() {

    registerReceiver(mAlarmReceiver , new

don't forget also to unregister the receiver:

public void onPause() {


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