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Applying AlertDialog Styles
Check whether this helps. Instead of AlertDialog.Builder confirm = new AlertDialog.Builder(this, R.style.fd_dialog); use this AlertDialog.Builder confirm = new AlertDialog.Builder(youractivity.this, R.style.fd_dialog);

Categories : Java

Styles are only applying to one anchor on refresh
You are comparing data-petid to an array of favorites when the page is loaded: if($(this).attr('data-petid') == favorite){ Instead you should be doing something like this: var petid = $(this).attr('data-petid'); if ( favorite.indexOf(petid) !== -1 ) { // set styles... Of course, you'll need to make sure that favorite is an array before calling indexOf, but you seem to have a handle on that.

Categories : Jquery

AngularJS ng-class not applying css styles
I think this will work: <a href="timeEntry.php" ng-class="{inactive:userRole.admin}">Link</a> you can also have multiple conditions in the object, just put commas between them. The format is cssClass:<boolean expression>

Categories : Angularjs

knockout.js applying styles to dropdown options
You should be able to keep track of the value of the selectedView observable and test against it's displayName property. If it is possible I would recommend making displayName an observable though. http://jsfiddle.net/p5T8V/ <select id="views" data-bind=" options: viewers(), optionsText: 'displayName', optionsValues: 'id', value: selectedView, style: { color: ( $parent.selectedView().displayName == 'not ok') ? 'red' : 'black' } "> <span data-bind="text: selectedView().displayName" /> Putting that span at the bottom will allow you see the value of selectedView().displayName. The reason you need to add $parent in your style is that you are binding the element to selectedView. There may be a more efficient way using something like $(this).displayName

Categories : Javascript

Styles from .css file not applying but do so from local .jsp tag