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Android studio isn't starting

I also faced this problem. I have solve my problem as follows:

  1. Go to folder where android-studio is installed. (C:Program Files (x86)Androidandroid-studio)
  2. Now go back to previous folder. (C:Program Files (x86)Android)
  3. Right click on the android-studio folder and go to properties.
  4. Now in Properties window, go to Security Tab.
  5. Click the Edit Button
  6. Now, a new window will open, here you click the Users(your-username-or-your-group-name)
  7. Now, from the List below, Check "Allow" in front of "Full control"
  8. Now press "OK", then again "OK"..
  9. Its done.. Now you can use Android Studio easily instead of Running it As Administrator every time..

For details please visit this page

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