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Windows 8.1 Device Manager now showing ACER Device rather than Android Device for Google Nexus 7

My Windows 8.1 PC did the automatic update which included the "ACER ADB Interface update for Windows 8.1" drivers. This happened while I was away and this afternoon when I came home I was asked to re-boot the PC to enable updates to be applied.

Since the updates were applied I have not been able to connect my Nexus 7 (2012) as a "MTP USB Device". I have spent hours trying to find a solution including doing a factory re-set on the tablet.

The tablet connected successfully before I went away! That was a clue. So I did a Windows Restore to an earlier restore point. What do you know? The Nexus 7 now connected just like it did before.

I then checked for Windows Updates but carefully looked at what was being updated. The ACER ADB update was listed as an "additional update". I have marked it to be forgotten and then applied the other updates. So far so good.

So after all that; try restoring your system to an earlier restore point and select not to install the ACER ADB update.

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