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Elastic Beanstalk's Elastic Load Balancer name
Unfortunately the answer is no to the first 2. The last one, you are able to do it, but it more or less goes against the flow of Elastic beanstalk. You would need to create your own ELB with whatever name you like and then put it in front ot the instance that is created by beanstalk. You would need need to delete the ELB that beanstalk created so that it's not sitting there costing you money. I can't remember if beanstalk boots its environments via an AutoScaling group, but if it does, you'll need to associate that AutoScaling group with your new ELB. After creating and syncing all of that up, you need to point your CNAME to your new custom made ELB. That should work.

Categories : Amazon

Selenium Limitation
What you are describing is not Selenium limitations but just common chalenges of test automation that you will have to face. About Slowness that make test cases fail. You basically have 2 strategies to make your test cases to pass. First one is to slow down the speed of execution of your test case (there are commands in Selenium lib for that). That's not great as your test suite will end up very long. Second way is to use "wait until element is present" technique. With that function, you can wait until a button is visible on the screen before asking selenium to click on it. About test cases that depend one on the other. Here what you want to do is to break big and/or interdependent test cases into small and independent test cases. For example you could have TC1 that test that when clicki

Categories : Selenium

What is the limitation of Actionscript 2.0?
AS2 is no longer supported in Flash Professional, so if Flash Pro is part of your design cycle or you ever want it to be, that's obviously a big limitation. (Adobe has said that the Flash Player will continue to support AS2, though, so if you don't use Flash Pro to develop you can still get by). In terms of functions/behaviors that exist in AS3 but not AS2, Stage3D is one. I'll leave it to someone else to make a list, but basically, AS3 is the better (and definitely faster) choice for any situation I can think of.

Categories : Actionscript

Why 2 GB and not 4 GB on 32 bits limitation?
It is due to virtual address space organization. Part of 4 GB address space is reserved for operating system (kernel space), so only part (user space, usually 2GB or 3GB) is available to the process itself. Memory mapped files must fit into this limitation.

Categories : Mongodb

What is the memory limitation for JNI in Android?
I don't think you need to know the memory limitation in JNI. Try to allocate the memory you need, if return null that means no memory available. if you wanna do image processing, you have to decode image first. limit your bitmap size(width, height), otherwise you will run out of your memory. You'd better cache image data for re-use. Don't keep lots of bitmap in memory. Recycle useless bitmap to increase available memory. Be careful to control your memory, you won't meet out of memory exception.

Categories : Android

Only one callback at a time - WCF limitation?
Could you try to make an async proxy? When you left click on you're project then clic add Service Reference, then check Generate asynchronous operations. You will have a client that use event to callback returns. And if I'm not wrong, each callback are done in different threads.

Categories : Wcf

OpenMP and memory limitation
OpenMP is very dumb when it comes to monitoring memory usage and you would have to implement it by yourself. A good strategy would be to obtain the amount of usable memory and then to divide it by the memory requirement per thread in order to get the upper limit of the number of threads that can process data concurrently. Once you know that number, you could force the parallel region to run with that many threads using the num_threads clause: int max_threads = mem_size / mem_per_thread; #pragma omp parallel for num_threads(max_threads) for (...) { } Now the hard question is how to obtain the amount of usable memory, especially given that virtually all modern operating systems implement virtual memory. One solution would be to leave that to the end user, e.g. provide a parameter in your

Categories : C++

How to overcome javascript's 56-bit limitation
You might simply convert the pointers to doubles in the C side (see this related question) , and communicate with JavaScript only doubles. There won't be any loss this way as you'll only deal with IEEE754 double precision numbers whose possible values are the same both side. But experience shows that exchanging pointers between programs is usually a bad idea (obviously it introduces a strong coupling, for a start), so I would use some kind of ID, which is what you do with your hashmap.

Categories : Javascript

SQL Server 2005 FOR XML limitation
I have a feeling you're exceeding the size of data SSMS is allowing to be displayed. Try adjusting the size in SSMS here: Tools -> Options -> Query Results -> SQL Srver -> Results to Grid -> XML data Change 2MB to something larger

Categories : Xml

Is there join number limitation in SQLite?
Maximum Number Of Tables In A Join SQLite does not support joins containing more than 64 tables. This limit arises from the fact that the SQLite code generator uses bitmaps with one bit per join-table in the query optimizer. SQLite uses a very efficient O(N²) greedy algorithm for determining the order of tables in a join and so a large join can be prepared quickly. Hence, there is no mechanism to raise or lower the limit on the number of tables in a join. see :http://www.sqlite.org/limits.html

Categories : Sqlite

Any way to bypass namedtuple 255 arguments limitation?
namedtuple out of the box doesn't support what you are trying to do. So the following might achieve the goal, which might change from 400 to 450 arguments, or lesser and saner. def customtuple(*keys): class string: _keys = keys _dict = {} def __init__(self, *args): args = list(args) if len(args) != len(self._keys): raise Exception("No go forward") for key in range(len(args)): self._dict[self._keys[key]] = args[key] def __setattr__(self, *args): raise BaseException("Not allowed") def __getattr__(self, arg): try: return self._dict[arg] except: ra

Categories : Python

Cassandra ColumnFamily Counter Limitation
Yes you are absolutely correct in your understanding. Always maintain separate column family for maintaining the counter. Also since in counter column familiy's new feature to have some normal column as a part of compound key gives us an added advantage.

Categories : Cassandra

how to plot a part of map but with limitation arround it
It is a little unclear to me what exactly you want to do. Do you just want to make a map with a specific set of lon/lat boundaries? Do you need to plot data on top of it? Do you need to control the appearance to make it look like the example you give (with line boundaries & minimal geographic information)? The ggmap package may get you started on this. The syntax goes like this: require(ggmap) # The location argument defines the center of the map exampleMap <- get_map(location = c(lon = -95, lat = 30), zoom=5) ggmap(exampleMap) You can then add data to the map if you like (exactly how is left as an exercise to the motivated student!)

Categories : R

JMeter - Limitation in HTTPRequest parameter
In my opinion, you may have reached the maximum URL lenght (is 8K). You may try if a more recent version has increased this limit, but probably even a real browser will find the same limitation. A complete discussion about maximum URL length can be find here.

Categories : Http

What would be a fix or migration for phpMyAdmin's 20,000 row limitation and is anything really unstable?
If you're using InnoDB tables, approximate counts are one of its "things", as described here. It has nothing really to do with phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin is just a frontend for the database and it relies on the data given by the database; if the database can only supply approximate counts quickly, then that's it. And since phpMyAdmin is only a tool to simplify basic interactions with the database, I don't see the big issue. It shouldn't be your primary tool to browse through 800 pages of data to begin with. But, if you'd follow the hints provided by phpMyAdmin, you'd end up with a solution here.

Categories : PHP

Access limitation to files in website
Store the files outside of the web root and give them a key (not the file name). Create a handler to serve up the files. When a request is made for a file, ensure that the requested file id is valid, and the current user has access to the requested file. If everything is ok, read the file contents and write them to the http response.

Categories : Asp Net

matlab nchoosek limitation workaround
If you are willing to create a matrix of 314457495-by-8 elements you can create your own function. A recursive solution would be function R = nck(v, k) if k==1, R = v(:); elseif k==numel(v), R = v(:)'; else R0 = nck(v(1:end-1),k); R1 = nck(v(1:end-1),k-1); R = [R0; R1, v(end)*ones(size(R1,1),1)]; end R = sortrows(R); end

Categories : Matlab

DataTable Select Method Limitation
ORA-01795 is an Oracle database specific error. I think that clearly indicates there is a limitation in Oracle's Data Provider implementation. I don't believe there is a hard limitation on the DataTable Select method. Maybe you can use a Reflector tool to examine the source code.

Categories : C#

Compilation hitting virtual memory limitation in g++ 4.7.1?
In 32-bit application (including compilers), you typically get somewhere between 2 and 3GB that is available for usermode in virtual space. This is caused by a combination of memory space being reserved, memory space fragmentation (there is virtual memory available, just not a big enough chunk to hold whatever size block that new or malloc is requesting), and "memory reservation", where process has allocated a fairly large chunk of memory, but it's not actually using all of it, so it's not "populated". Any particular reason you can't use a 64-bit GCC to generate 32-bit code - using -M32? That would be my solution.

Categories : C++

Frequent OVER_QUERY_LIMIT using Google Places API KEY even before the No. of limitation
If you are using mobile connection your problem may reside in your mobile operator. The vast majority of operators use a technique called NAT overloading and assign the same external IP to a number of devices. If your operator assigns a very large number of devices to a single IP and a number of them uses similar services, everyone will have a problem, as all requests will appear to stem from the same IP. This question has interesting answers to this problem, that I encountered too.

Categories : Google Maps

Rails - has_secure_password with password AND PIN - password_digest limitation
I'm trying to do something similar. What I'm going with so far is to compare the entered PIN with the PIN of the person they're claiming to be. So, the form looks sort of like: <%= form_for SoftSession.new do |f| %> <%= f.hidden_field :person_id, value: person.id %> <%= f.label(:pin, "PIN") %> <%= f.text_field :pin %> <%= f.submit %> <% end %> and the controller looks like: pin = params[:soft_session][:pin] person = Person.find(params[:soft_session][:person_id]) if pin == Person.pin # go ahead and do stuff! else # nope. end I don't have any idea how secure this is, but maybe it's ok for this purpose.

Categories : Ruby On Rails

Visitor pattern vs downcasting with a limitation on the input type
The answer clearly depends on what you are trying to achieve here. The visitor pattern is used to work with composed objects like e.g. trees and calls itself on subobjects of that composition. In your example, that would be a text that contains texts and images that contain texts and images... That clearly does not seem to make much sense, so if you are in fact working with texts and images, visitor might not be what you need, and you should provide some more information on what you are trying to achieve. To your different codes: looks good, it is a valid visitor implementation. The visitor will work on any composite that does not contain images. looks bad, due to the dynamic_cast. The whole thing about visitor pattern is to avoid such casts, and this one is not extendable. Consider e.

Categories : C++

Quantity limitation for dialog window selecting files?
I think I can see where the issue is. I have done a little debugging and found that the data type returned into filez is a unicode string (where you seem to be expecting a list or tuple). You will need to convert this before your loop. If none of your file names contain spaces this should just be a simple matter of: file_list = files.split() However, if this is not the case then the above will not work and and filenames that contain spaces with be enclosed with curly braces {}. This may actually be a bug according to this page. However, a work around is also suggested to convert the string to a tuple: file_list= master.tk.splitlist(filez) Hope this helps.

Categories : Python

I need a solution for Java's limitation in calculating and storing big numbers
You can use the Java BigInteger class. And a simple example: import java.math.BigInteger; BigInteger k = BigInteger.valueOf(10000L); k = k.pow(10000); //k is now 10000^10000 System.out.println(k.toString()); It's important to know that the class is immutable. You can also look into the similar BigDecimal class for arbitrary precision signed decimal numbers.

Categories : Java

Limitation in the number of posts to fetch with Blogger API (error 400)
I think that the API is limited to only pull 20 results as a maximum. So in order to fetch more than 20 results you have to use the pageToken parameter as specified in Bloggers's reference API. Your first request should include the nextPageToken so you will have it in the response. Than use this token to retrieve the next page and so on. Your first request must be like this : https://www.googleapis.com/blogger/v3/blogs/3089072491354463482/posts?maxResults=20&fields=items%28title%29%2CnextPageToken&key=AIzaSyAJO5J-pRCaGOIeRLIJfvAPwxpMLKvwebU Here is the expected result : { "nextPageToken": "CgkIChignPaz5ycQ-rn0pIfipe8q", "items": [ { "title": "El Caballero" }, { "title": "Une traversée de frontière… étonnante!" }, { "title": "Hasta luego querida Arge

Categories : HTML

PHP: how to safely work around PHP multiple class extension limitation
the way i do it is with a model class, which is used to call references to database, session and crypt classes, does the method calls, gets values back, and processes business logic, then returns the data to view. simply put, your website should be: root -assets --css --img --js -modules --home_page --register_page --login_page -includes --session_class --crypt_class --database_class index go go go

Categories : PHP

Does random forest in R have a limitation of size of training data?
One alternative you could try if you can't use a machine with more memory is: train separate models on subsets of the data (say 10 separate subsets) and then combine the output of each model in a sensible way (the easiest way to do this is averaging the predictions of the 10 models but there are other ways to ensemble models http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ensemble_learning). Technically you would be using all your data without hitting the memory restriction, but depending on the size of the resulting subsets of the data the resulting models might be too weak to be of any use.

Categories : R

Deezer APsI: example of non-streamable song for country limitation
[EDIT to complete/correct answer] When a track isn't available in the current country of the user, the deezer api set the flag "readable" to false and the SDK Player skip automatically the track unavailable (switch automatically to 30s preview). The differences isn't huge between countries. If you want to use the current country of the premium user and not the location of your server, don't forget to add the &access_token=TOKEN in each request. If you want to be sure to have the perfect geolocated content for all users (Premium, Freemium and unlogged), it's better to request the api from the client side and not the server side. FYI: We are currently reviewing this behavior to optimize and standardize that. A same track can have many ids with different country rights (ex : http://w

Categories : Misc

Is there a limitation when applying the style via the class attribute in javascript?
You should be using className and not class. lbl.className = 'label'; Modern Day browsers support classList lbl.classList.add("label");

Categories : Javascript

Is there any character length limitation for HTML5 title tooltip in IE9 and chrome
Amit, Few points, I am not sure if IE9 supports HTML5 (refer WikiPedia I am not sure if Title attribute is different in HTML5 and HTML4.01 In HTML 4.01, the title attribute length in IE is restricted to 512 (refer http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/library/ie/ms534683(v=vs.85)) Hope that helps and sorry if I have misunderstood your question :-) -Milind

Categories : HTML

Android devices GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE limitation, safe texture size
1024x1024 is about the safest you can go on any device, especially on older ones. Newer devices shouldn't have any problem, although I've seen recent devices (I recall a Galaxy Nexus, the newest ICS update fixed that though) render white quads with texture sizes of size 2048x1024. If you're targeting new devices and want to keep older ones compatible, it shouldn't hurt to split your tilesets. After all, you aren't likely to do too many context switches if you use two or three spritesheets for background, etc.

Categories : Android

Working in the Background continuously by avoiding application 10 min time limitation
@rckoenes is right in his short answer, but in iOS7 you can do that, on Apple's developer portal: Keep the content of your app up-to-date by adopting the new multitasking APIs in iOS 7. The new services allow your app to update information and download content in the background without draining the battery unnecessarily. The updates can happen at opportunistic times and are intelligently scheduled according to usage, so your app can update content in the background just when your users need it.

Categories : Iphone

Is it possible to put 'number of chosen checkboxes limitation' in multiple forms into the loop?
Well, You could simply create an array of max allowed values : var maxAllowed = [2, 3, 3]; and iterate : for (var i = 0; i < maxAllowed.length; i++) { $(document).ready(function () { var j = i; $("input[name='Question" + (j + 1) + "']").change(function () { var cnt = $("input[name='Question" + (j + 1) + "']:checked").length; if (cnt > maxAllowed[j]) { $(this).prop("checked", ""); alert('Choose max. ' + maxAllowed[j] + ' answers!'); } }); }); } Edit : There seemed to be a closure error in my previous code. Sorry

Categories : Javascript

Is there any file number limitation when you select multiple files with wxFileDialog?
It's a limitation of the underlying Windows common file dialog, which (allegedly) has a 65535-character buffer for the list of filenames. See for instance Shameful limitation: File Open dialog cannot return more than 1000 files.

Categories : Python

Doeas analytics have 3 months limitation to search engine optimization screen
The Search Engine Optimization reports in Google Analytics are populated with data from Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). You can only view 90 days (3 months) of historical data in GWT, which explains this behavior. More info here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35252

Categories : Google Analytics

XMPP packet data maximum limitation with using open fire server in iOS
From the code, it seems to be one MB https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/blob/6cc1e42df094fa36c94968745409921022bff6cf/src/java/org/jivesoftware/openfire/nio/XMLLightweightParser.java, line 110 // Set default max buffer size to 1MB. If limit is reached then close connection maxBufferSize = JiveGlobals.getIntProperty(MAX_PROPERTY_NAME, 1048576);

Categories : IOS

Cronjobs and AWS Elastic Beanstalk
You should configure them through .ebextensions, ask explained here: http://aws.typepad.com/aws/2012/10/customize-elastic-beanstalk-using-configuration-files.html See similar question: AWS Elastic Beanstalk, running a cronjob

Categories : Amazon

Scale for Elastic MapReduce (EMR)?
If you're spinning up an EMR job, that essentially means you're asking Amazon to provide you an on-demand cluster of N machines, and the simple fact of provisioning and giving you these machines can easily take several minutes, not to mention that these machines need to be setup, can have bootstrap actions, and so on. I've rarely seen EMR jobs (even big ones) take more than 10 minutes to have the cluster ready, but I've also rarely seen a cluster be up in less than a couple minutes. If you have a job that you're running frequently (for example every hour), then the cost of setting up and shutting down your EMR cluster might be too big, in this case it would be a good idea to create your cluster with some reserved instances on EC2. With reserved instances, you will have your own cluster al

Categories : Hadoop

How to Flash CS5 AS3 Random Elastic?
Something like this ? var properties:Array = ['rotationX', 'rotationY', 'rotationZ', 'rotation']; var eases:Array = [Elastic.easeIn, Elastic.easeInOut, Elastic.easeOut, Bounce.easeIn, Back.easeOut]; function completeHandler(event:Event):void { uiLoader.x = (back.width - uiLoader.content.width) >> 1; uiLoader.y = (back.height - uiLoader.content.height) >> 1; new Tween(mc, getRandom(properties), getRandom(eases), 90, 0, 4, true); } function getRandom(array:Array):* { return array[Math.floor(Math.random() * array.length)]; } EDIT : I had a look at the doc (I usualy use greensock's tweens). You should to: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/fl/transitions/Tween.html I edited the code.

Categories : Actionscript

Elastic Search [PUT] error
For some reason, adding the ID to the index, despite the fact that it is shown in the starting documentation: (http://pyes.readthedocs.org/en/latest/manual/usage.html) doesn't work, and in fact causes this error. Once I removed the video_counter argument to index, this worked perfectly.

Categories : Python

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