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Best workflow for software development with many release versions
So you'll have to maintain two parallel stable branches. While git makes branching reasonably easy, maintaining parallel versions of your software consumes significant resources. Expect this to be painful in any case. Some general hints concerning this scenario: Estimate the lifespan of the two parallel stable branches. The longer they live, the more effort it will cost you in the end. Think about how much activity you expect on which of the branches. In particular, is the 1.0 series just for the occasional importand bug fix, or will there be significant development activity there. In the latter case, you should try to keep both branches as close to each other as you possibly can. I can imagine two variants: 1.0.x only gets rare important bugfixes. Then, the develop branch should be

Categories : GIT

Software Testing at the Earlier Stages of Development Cycle
One point made in the first article should be expanded upon, in light of the following management adage: Management gets what management monitors. "Quality is built-in, not added on." is from the article. The same could be said for security, performance, reliability, reusability and portability, but, unlike quality, those can be tested for. If any of those attributes of a project are important for management, then they should be monitored from the get go. In terms of project management, establishing your test scaffolding early also sets expectations of your project team early -- when you add stuff, you add regression tests for that stuff. Parenthetical note about performance testing: It is important not to optimize too early. However, if you don't know what your baseline is, or even if

Categories : Testing

Cannot assign "u''": "Company.parent" must be a "Company" instance
The error message says you are trying to set a relationship with a string but Django expects the value to be an instance of the Company model. You should assign the foreign key fields with a real model instance instead of only the primary key. I've spotted a few places in the code where you are assigning a PK: new_company.parent = my_company_id Where the model expects it to be an instance: new_company.parent = Company.objects.get(id=my_company_id) I really don't remember if this works, but you can try: new_company.parent_id = int(my_company_id) This would spare a trip to the database.

Categories : Django

Python software development (CSV to Pandas to SQL or CSV to SQL to Pandas)
Right now, pandas's support for manipulating CSV files is far beyond that of its ability to manipulate SQL databases, though there is a significant effort right now to improve the latter by leaps and bounds! Take a look at the read_csv docs. This is one of the most flexible, fast, and generally powerful text file readers/writers out there for data analysis applications. On the other hand read_sql can only write to sqlite databases and doesn't store the index. With read_csv you can even read MultiIndex objects (hierarchical indexes)! If you aren't tied to a database, then I would recommend that you look into using pandas HDF5 for persistence. I use this all the time and it works great. In summary, I would recommend the first choice you listed if you must use a database since writing an

Categories : Python

is there software for jar file copy protection, or licensing software
Copy protection can't prevent your file to be copied but you can make it fail when it is run on unlicensed machines. Selection of a copy protection mechanism is a matter of budget and time. There are many companies with many products. You can go with not yet cracked technologies like iLok etc. This is applicable for very high revenue cases. But if your target audience is less than 1000 people then a simple in-house solution might work. Consequence of a complex method is typically many calls to support line and unhappy customers. Things got a lot easier after clients are all connected to internet. You can make some simple parts to run on server which a cracker would never dive into for a replacement. Or the app might download the contents from server after installation. Latter is what I d

Categories : Misc

How do C programmers work with the MSDN API examples which are in C++?
The examples aren't really there for people to directly copy&paste them. They're just examples. Even if the example is in C++, it gets the point across both for C as well as C++ because both languages share a lot of syntax. And since WINAPI is a C API, even when used with C++, the example code is going to be quite compatible with C; there aren't any classes or templates or anything else C++-related in WINAPI. As for the reason MS is doing this, it's because Visual Studio is a C++ environment. Yes, there's a C89 compiler included, but it's just for backwards compatibility.

Categories : C

How do programmers test their algorithm in TopCoder or other competitions?
There's a time element to Top Coder, so it's not possible to test every combination within that constraint. They probably do the best they can and rely on experience for the rest, just as one does in real life. I don't know that it's ever possible to guarantee that a significant piece of code is error free forever.

Categories : Algorithm

Issues with Ajax Json response for non-english URL or text in PHP, real Challenge for programmers?
Wow, I found the solution. Just use PHP function mb_convert_encoding before sending back ajax-json response. I thank all for taking time to analyze this problem. PHP coding at sending back JSON response: <?php // Add this line as we are sending back html with non-english response before the last two lines. $ress =$info = mb_convert_encoding($ress, "HTML-ENTITIES", "UTF-8"); $data = array("result"=>$ress); echo json_encode($data); ?>

Categories : PHP

Get software's information in WiX from software
The WiX.chm documents all the standard binder variables at the bottom of the topic titled Linker (light). It does not appear the those pieces of information are available. However, it might be something you could work with the WiX toolset community with to get the code added.

Categories : Wix

Windows going crazy after typing Romanian characters using a Romanian Programmers layout while remapping Alt/Ctrl/Win with Autohotkey
If your right Alt key is an Alt-Gr key it will be intepreted as LControl & RAlt which triggers your script. Also it looks like you got an endless loop there. Look at this example, this should work better for you. The $ before hotkeys prevents that the key you "Send" triggers the next hotkey. The * makes sure the key also works when pressed with other keys. $*LWin::Send {LAlt Down} $*LWin Up::Send {LAlt Up} $*LCtrl::Send {LWin Down} $*LCtrl Up::Send {LWin Up} $*LAlt::Send {LControl Down} $*LAlt Up::Send {LControl Up} This remapping might still kill your Alt-Gr key if your keyboard drivers sends "LControl & RAlt" internally. You can fix this creating a special hotkey either for Alt-Gr or - if the romanian keyboard has only a few Alt-Gr combinations, define those as hotkeys.

Categories : Windows

Do any standards and practices exist for applying acceptance test driven development to non-development tasks?
Take a look at this post in StackExchange: Agile methodologies such as Scrum in non-software development projects Also there is a nice article called "Scrum is not just for software" written by the Agile Alliance (note that this is a PDF download)

Categories : Misc

How To Use One Device Between Developers
We have mutiple test devices and all our machines use the same developer certificate, just export the public and private key of the certificate on the machine that requested the certificate. Then just use the same profile on all machines, You can now just connect any device to the machine how share the certificate and it will work. You can let Xcode handle the certificates and profiles, just create account for each developers and add the devices to to the profile from Xcode. Every user wil have there own certificate and profiles, but the devices can be shared by all.

Categories : IOS

The type 'Company.Model.User' and the type 'Company.Core.Model.User' both have the same simple name of 'User' and so cannot be used in the same model
First read Table type mappings The hierarchical implementation model options need to be understood first. Then look at the IGNORE option. You may or may not need depending on chosen approach. requires ignore ??? modelBuilder.Ignore<BaseXYZ>() Ef is currently trying to include your base class to support an included Type that inherits from a NON abstract class.

Categories : Entity Framework

Browser for Developers no cache
if you are using Chrome from the menu on right when you click on it there is option called New incognito window using this you 'll have browser with no Cache, it 'll be more like you are a spy and don't want to get caught by anything. In ff you can get the same by -- File==>New private window

Categories : Caching

amazon API key for android developers
Amazon documentation is very good .. also they have forum... where guys from amazon support answer such questions. You should: Login to developer.amazon.com Click on APPS & SERVICES .. then on Security Profiles... select security profile of your game Click on API Keys. Generate a new Key (Add New Key button). Key Name - anything, package - your app package, MD5 signature: keytool -exportcert -alias androiddebugkey -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore -list -v create a file api_key.txt in your assets folder (of your android project) and put API key generated there (that very long string) Please Note: That API key is changing everytime you visit that page.. that's ok.. they're all valid.

Categories : Android

Merging files that were amended by two developers
Patterns Version control systems don't assume any specific patterns. You can use them to implement different workflows and it is up to your developers to use best practice. However, branching and merging could be considered fundamental concepts and used by most teams in their workflows. Branching in Subversion is not a very natural operation compared to e.g. Git. Basically it's just a copy of another directory (most likely /trunk). So you could say that Subversion doesn't even assume that you use branching at all. There is not even a svn command dedicated to branching. Merges and auto-merge Two revisions of a single class can be merged. For Subversion they are nothing more than text files. It won't recognize any substructures like classes. The merge algorithm will most likely be able

Categories : Svn

Sharing and working on project with SVN between two developers
You could go for almost any of the distributed VCSs - eclipse has plug-ins for most of them - Mercurial (hg) and HgEclipse git and egit Bazaar with BzzrEclipse. Personally I would go for Mercurial as being lighter weight but that is just my opinion if you are familiar with git then by all means go for it. The only other question is whether you are going to use a server, either your own or one of the many on-line one, a shared directory on one of your machines as the master or by exchanging patches - all the above tools should support any of those workflows from within Eclipse once you have done the initial setting up.

Categories : Eclipse

How to upgrade Eclipse for Java EE Developers?
Add the update URL to your available sites: Window > Preferences > Install/Update > Available Software Sites > Add... KEPLER = http://download.eclipse.org/releases/kepler/ LUNA = http://download.eclipse.org/releases/luna/ Then tell Eclipse to look for updates: Help > Check for updates. After the installation, Eclipse will restart and show the old splash screen. Next time you manually stop/start Eclipse it will correctly show the correct splash screen.

Categories : Java

How to create and share a git branch with other developers?
First, create and checkout your new branch locally: git checkout -b myBranch Then push your new branch to the remote: git push -u origin myBranch Now your friends can check it out: git checkout myBranch Have a look at the documentation for checkout and push for more details and options.

Categories : GIT

Dll signed by unknown company?
Strong names are not quite enough to do what you want. You need digital signatures. The blog below has some good information on the differences and why they serve different purposes. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ericlippert/archive/2009/09/03/what-s-the-difference-part-five-certificate-signing-vs-strong-naming.aspx

Categories : C#

LinkedIn API get all employees in company?
You can use the 'company-name' field selector and set the 'current-company' field selector to True in order to retrieve employees in your network: GET http://api.linkedin.com/v1/people-search?company-name=Apple&current-company=true This will fetch all employees at Apple who are currently working there. But ,People Search API is a part of LinkedIn's Vetted API Access Program. You must apply here and get LinkedIn's approval before using this API.

Categories : Api

LinkedIn-j get Company Updates
There is no method to get the company updates in linkedin-j. They did not update in this API. You would try to use http://api.linkedin.com/v1/companies/{id}/updates?event-type=status-update through your code refer this for more detail Refer this for how to send request to Linked In and get results

Categories : Java

Share Xcode project between multiple developers
Check this question How to set up an SCM in Xcode?. There you will get links about how to setup SCM for xcode

Categories : Xcode

How to enforce developers to update validation methods?
This is why code reviews are important. If you set standards like this in your project, you need to have code reviewed by a peer to check for things like this before you can call a task done. If something is easy to forget, implement policy that makes 2 developers have to forget it.

Categories : Java

How to pull from a fellow developers repository using Mercurial
The hg help urls output has these examples: Valid URLs are of the form: local/filesystem/path[#revision] file://local/filesystem/path[#revision] http://[user[:pass]@]host[:port]/[path][#revision] https://[user[:pass]@]host[:port]/[path][#revision] ssh://[user@]host[:port]/[path][#revision] and a lot of info about what can be used for each component (host can be anything that your dns resolver resolves or a ipv4 or ipv6 address. I beleive on windows systems UNC paths count. Also, you appear to have some confusion about when you can use ssh. You can use ssh:// URLs to access repositories on the file systems of systems that are running ssh servers. If they're running hg serve then you can access them using the http:// URL that hg serve gives you when you start it. It's usua

Categories : Windows

TFS 2012 - Developers can not create folders under projects
According to Microsoft, if a person has check-in/checkout permission then he will be able to add new files/folders to TFS. Now has your developers created a workspace and mapped the server files/folders to their local machine? You can only add files and create folders if you have configured your workspace.

Categories : Tfs

Error when starting Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers
You're likely to have the Mercurial plugin installed. Even though you're not actually using it it is probably trying to initialize itself without success. You can check this by choosing Help -> Install new software... and then the What is already installed link. In the Installed software tab you should find an entry for MercurialEclipse. If you do not plan to use Mercurial at all you might consider uninstalling this plugin. Otherwise, if you have Mercurial installed on your computer and you do not want to uninstall the MercurialEclipse plugin choose Window -> Preferences..., expand the Team -> Mercurial node and check that the Mercurial Executable: field points to where Mercurial is installed on your system.

Categories : Java

Centralize Windows Phone 8 Resources for developers
Windows Phone 8 development is almost exactly the same as Windows Phone 7 development, especially if you're just starting out. WP8 has a few differences, and some extra features (e.g. NFC), but overall the links on that page are a great start. The fundamentals are identical, and any examples made for WP7 should work on WP8.

Categories : Windows Phone 8

How php developers choose default constants values?
This all comes down to binary: [E_ERROR] => 1 //000000000000001 [E_WARNING] => 2 //000000000000010 [E_PARSE] => 4 //000000000000100 [E_NOTICE] => 8 //000000000001000 [E_CORE_ERROR] => 16 //000000000010000 [E_CORE_WARNING] => 32 //000000000100000 [E_COMPILE_ERROR] => 64 //000000001000000 [E_COMPILE_WARNING] => 128 //000000010000000 [E_USER_ERROR] => 256 //000000100000000 [E_USER_WARNING] => 512 //000001000000000 [E_USER_NOTICE] => 1024 //000010000000000 [E_STRICT] => 2048 //000100000000000 [E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR] => 4096 //001000000000000 [E_DEPRECATED] => 8192 //010000000000000 [E_USER_DEPRECATED] => 16384 //1000

Categories : PHP

How to split an application so multiple developers can work on it together?
However, no one talks about how to actually *logically divide*an application (WPF or ASP.Net MVC) so that multiple people can work on it. You don't really need to divide an application so that multiple people can work on it: you can also use a Team Foundation Server. There's also a free version available for 5 users or fewer. Tutorial: Getting Started with TFS in VS2010

Categories : C#

Is there a way of communicating a specific sparse checkout between developers?
Find a scripting language that is available on every developer's PC (bash, ANT, Python), write a script that does what you want (including asking for parameters when that's necessary) and commit the script. Scripts are a great way to archive knowledge of build steps in a project. [EDIT] I don't see how you could protect sensitive files in this way. Even if the original sparse checkout doesn't contain them, I can always tell Subversion later to do a full checkout. If sensitive files are an issue, I suggest to use several repositories to protect them. If you just want to save disk space, you can use custom properties. But even then, you might have to checkout everything (not sure whether Subversion can tell you the property of a file that you didn't checkout) and then run a script to clea

Categories : Svn

As XNA is being retired, now what will be the official gaming platform for .NET developers?
From the linked article, DirectX (which of course XNA is built on): It appears the future of game development on Microsoft platforms will be exclusively on DirectX. Speaking to Polygon, a Microsoft rep said that "Microsoft is actively investing in DirectX as the unified graphics foundation for all of our platforms, including Windows, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone." SharpDX is a C# wrapper for DirectX. Also, most graphics/game engines have DirectX support (Ogre3D, Unity, etc).

Categories : Dotnet

Connecting to my company mail server
You could you outlook.com's web based interface to connect to POP3 accounts, similar to what you do in outlook express. Similarly you could add your email as additional account in gmail too.

Categories : Email

MS Access 2003 Company Report
[table].[CompanyID] & "-" & [table].[LoBID] http://www.techonthenet.com/access/queries/concatenate.php

Categories : Mysql

C#/SQL, I Would like to select all projects on a specific company
Don't set the comboBox2.Text property instead add the project name to the combobox2.Items. { SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(connString); conn.Open(); string query = "select project_name from JO.dbo.Proj left join JO.dbo.Comp on Proj.company_id = Comp.company_id where company_name = '" + comboBox1.SelectedItem + "'"; SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(query, conn); SqlDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader(); if (reader.HasRows) { comboBox2.Items.Clear(); while (reader.Read()) { comboBox2.Items.Add(reader["project_name"].ToString()); } reader.Close(); } conn.Close(); conn.Dispose(); }

Categories : C#

How to choose the company database name of QuickBooks
The BeginSession call should be replaced with the file name that the user selected with your open file dialog. I would also suggest using OpenConnection2 if you're using the newest SDK. Here's a sample, though I've not really used Silverlight: OpenFileDialog dlg = new OpenFileDialog(); dlg.Filter = "QuickBooks Files (*.qbw)|*.qbw"; if(dlg.ShowDialog() == true) { sessionManager.OpenConnection2("","Account sample", ENConnectionType.ctLocalQBD); sessionManager.BeginSession(dlg.File.FileName, ENOpenMode.omDontCare); }

Categories : Misc

Java Web Start: Company Database
Most definitely your firewall blocks the connections to your database when they are initiated from the outside. This is a good thing because you generally don't want to expose a database to the Internet. One hacky way to do it would be to implement some kind of JDBC over HTTP to tunnel the database requests. Basically you'd use a JDBC driver that redirects the SQL requests to a web server. A better way would be to refactor your code (I presume that would be a lot of work though...) If you manage to abstract the data access layer, you can replace it by something more suitable for a web access, for instance a Web Service. Finally a drastic option is to transform your client/database application into a webapp.

Categories : Java

Find employee tenure for a company
i think this will solve the problem as you can see, you should use is like this: DATEADD(year, -1, GETDATE()) you should also get the GETDATE() to a parameter

Categories : SQL

The import com.company.projectname.R cannot be resolved
Try to clean the project, sometimes clean my projects have solved my problems on Eclipse/Android. If it doesn't work, you can see there if it corresponds with what you did: Question like yours

Categories : Android

Query to return the developers (DevID) who have not logged in for a month
To get the list of developers that haven't logged in for the last month, you should be able to use: select DevID from yt group by developers having max(lastlogin) < DateAdd(mm,-1,cast(GETDATE() as date)); See SQL Fiddle with Demo If you want to know when the developers last logged in, then you could use a subquery: select t.DevID, t.UserName, t.lastlogin from yt t inner join ( select DevID, max(lastlogin) lastlogin from yt group by DevID having max(lastlogin) < DateAdd(mm,-1,cast(GETDATE() as date)) ) t2 on t.DevID = t2.DevID and t.lastlogin = t2.lastlogin; See SQL Fiddle with Demo

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