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Interface DLL form app crashing

You never assign to Form_DLL. This means that when you call FreeF, you then perform FreeAndNil(Form_DLL). Since Form_DLL is nil, this does nothing, and the form still exists.

Fix that by changing LoadModule:

function LoadModule:IBaseModuleInterface;stdcall;
  Assert(not Assigned(Form_DLL));

Although, I'd probably change the design completely by removing Form_DLL altogether. The host app maintains a reference to the form, on which the call to Free can be made. In other words, remove Form_DLL and implement FreeF like this:

procedure TForm_DLL.FreeF;
  Free; // or Destroy

Or even better, use reference counted interfaces on the implementing object and let aModuleIntf:=nil take the form down.

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