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Delphi Chromium Embedded CEF3: inspect element

The TChromium object does not expose the "inspect element" item in the context menu but it is possible to select dom elements using the magnifying glass in the developer tool.

Feel free to post a comment if you know how to expose the "inspect element" item in the context menu.

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Delphi Chromium Embedded - version of Chromium?
I'm not sure how you figure you have version 3.06 of Delphi Chromium Embedded. That project doesn't have version numbers. Maybe you're looking at the binary downloads it last updated in October 2011, which are from revision 306 of the main Chromium Embedded Framework project. As of today, the latest revision of CEF is r1617; r306 is comparatively ancient. Use DCEF3. It's an entirely separate pro

Categories : Delphi
fail to install chromium embedded on C++ Builder from Delphi files
You're installing the selected component into the IDE's default custom-component package. That package evidently makes reference to the TOutline component, but that component isn't defined in the package. Normally, TOutline is in the vclsmp package, so add vclsmp to your component package's requires list. Preferably, use a different and more typical technique for installing the Chromium control.

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DCEF3 - Delphi Chromium Embedded - communication between Javascript and application code
There is a guiclient demo if official source code to do this. Look at main.pas file. The code below is a class extension : class function TTestExtension.hello: string; begin Result := 'Hello from Delphi'; end; The code below register the extension class : TCefRTTIExtension.Register('app', TTestExtension); The code below call your native code from a HTML page : <script> alert ( app.

Categories : Delphi
Chromium Embedded Framework won't build or run
I assume you are referring to either the cef_simple or the cef_client projects that come bundled with the libraries... Fix Set the macro value for CEF_ENABLE_SANDBOX to 0 in cef_simple.cpp and cefclient_win.cpp What's happening The error indicates that a library you are linking to is not compatible with simple_app.obj. In this case, this library (cef_sandbox.lib) is built with _MSC_VER 1800 (

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Delphi Chromium Local Storage
Add the following at the end of your unit: initialization CefCache := 'e: empcef'; CefCache will be used at the initialisation of the dcef in ceflib.pas on line 7772.

Categories : Delphi
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