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Does Akka have a built-in solution to collect answers from a Broadcast router?

The answer kind of depends on what you mean by "collecting" the answers.

If you need to aggregate them (which it sounds like you do), that would eventually need to happen in one actor. This means that your 1 million answers will all queue up on the single actor and it will become a hotspot.

If you can tolerate slightly slower reads, another possibility is to have multiple counter actors, which are themselves part of a router (lets say RoundRobin for now). This divides up the counting to multiple actors, but now to get the real total count you would have to ask all of the actors and aggregate them at read time. This strategy could be beneficial if you want to record a lot of "answers", but only read them occasionally when latency may be less important.

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Batch file fails when solution is built by Jenkis, but works when solution is built via command line
At the end, it seems that the issue was that there was a duplicate workspace folder. 1 was updated, and the other 1 was built, resulting the tested workspace did not get latest updates. according to this link this was due to the way jenkins behaves with multiple configurations.

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Solution not getting built in team explorer when I add project outside the solution folder
Your workspace mapping for the build definition must include the new project. The build is telling you the truth - it can't find the .csproj file because only those files in the workspace mappings will be fetched - and that doesn't include your new project.

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How to collect types from current solution using Visual Studio Extension?
I'm not sure if I understand you correctly, but if I am this will make it: var assembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly(); IEnumerable<Type> types = assembly.DefinedTypes.Where(t => IsImplementingIDisposable(t)) .Select(t => t.UnderlyingSystemType); ........ private static bool IsImplementingIDisposable(TypeInfo t) { return typeof(IDisposable).

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Find a solution for broadcast and receive file via wifi?
please follow this http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/connectivity/wifip2p.html. That allows you to discover devices on wifi with you, then send data to them via normal sockets. There is a wifi-direct sample app with the SDK. please use this code to attach file with intent File sd = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(); File fileDir= new File(sd, "dir_path"); Intent email = new In

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c# express built solution with firebird database has an error when run
I found the solution to my problem. Weirdly enough it is now working. These are what I did. I changed my connection string based on https://www.connectionstrings.com/firebird/ posted by Ojay I copied the app.config file to my release folder Weirdly enough my antivirus (norton) is blocking my processes when I'm trying to build my exe so I disabled my anti virus temporarily.

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